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11-25-13, 04:39 AM
Hi all,

please don't hesitate to post any ideas/suggestions you wish to see in this game. As I said this will be available for almost all platforms which have a CPU and GPU on it. ;)

I can't promise that every feature makes it into the first release but there will be a time after the first release as we want to continue the development and add more features later.

02-12-17, 04:21 AM
Please difficulty normal, hard... and sim! Submarine acelerate! Submarine is not Formula One! Please sonar sound and oder... If it possible better graphic. Thanks.

02-12-17, 04:38 AM
Hi Seba
The coming update will satisfy you :)
We fixed the most of your wish-list with the coming update (sub accelerate, sonar-ping, destroyer a.i., graphics, and other ...)



02-12-17, 09:29 AM
Thank you very much for great news. I have hope silent depth will be my the best game :D

02-13-17, 01:39 PM
Please. Remove question: Engage (ship spoted)? Please Add Radar/hydrophone/sonar station. Add simply navigation map. easy to navigate on the map. drawing trajectory target and angles wyznaczajacychh goal. MANUAL TDC :Kaleun_Thumbs_Up: ! I want Silent Hunter 4. And... ships sinking... :timeout: time sinking to fast and model sinking. He broke in half, sinking the bow or the stern ... as it is generally goes down and it is within five seconds. randomness greater depth the explosion depth charges. First impression? As I wrote ... disaster! Crash Dive with worse graphics. But I do not regret the money spent. I look forward to updating the game to come closer to our beloved simulator PC. I recommend everyone to invest and support the authors. Silent Hunter 3 at the beginning it was hopeless. Only fashion made him a real simulator. Similarly, with 4 and 5 częscią. News about update accelerated my heartbeat and hope XD His way. Thank you for the good job you are doing. Best wishes. As beta testers need to write to;) Im sorry i now. My english poor XD

02-16-17, 06:02 AM
I want Silent Hunter 4.

:doh: :o


Buy it and install it? :D:up:

02-16-17, 07:11 AM
It was a joke. In fact, I want sh5 :Kaleun_Wink: I realize that not everyone has strong outfits to have great graphics. Personally, I have a tablet Nvidia shield so graphics do not care. But the same gameplay mechanics could be similar to what we have in SH4. Added radar and hydrophone position that was nice and removed the question of whether you want to join? Joining the fight when the ship was detected should be automatic. Manual calculations calculator for torpedo. So full satisfaction of hitting the target. At the moment? Pull out the periscope. Hold the pinch. Press the button. Target Zero sunk ... fun. What to buy SH4 is Hmmm ... I have all Silent Hunter. The next thing I referred to earlier is the time dives into the water, or scooping speed: D My car has a smaller acceleration of your ship in the game: D I do not write to discourage you only expect Silent Depth will in future be extended simulator. I bought and have no regrets, because even at this stage of production can be seen that the game has potential. I'm looking forward to the update and I hope there will be more. Best wishes.:Kaleun_Salute: One question. Are you planning to interior 3d okętu underwater? I have seen pictures where you can see inside?

02-19-17, 03:34 PM
Enemy ships sinking too fast! No rescure boat... No Oil...

02-21-17, 12:12 PM
Do they? It depends where you hit.

We do all what we think it will be improve gameplay. We do not want to make a clone version of the very good SH4.

And with all respect Seba, our game is a smartphone game no pc simulation. Please be fair at all and do not kidding around in the threads to make the game bad. It is the only 3d submarine simulation in the stores where you have most of the features of a pc sub sim. :03:



02-22-17, 02:00 PM
Your answer is as Ubisoft's opinion on the Silen Hunter ... There is a new silent hunter? That you should be satisfied. Only that the only mod done with silent hunter best game. Not Silent Depth is not the only one. You forgot about Crash Dive. At this stage Crash Dive more playable. The game itself is the same. Mark where you sail. View destination. Press the button. target sunk ... If announce that Silent Depth will be simulator cells to keep his word. The smartphone is not PC? Oh no. But will result in some level of graphics and certainly the math. From what you can see it more you focus on the fact that your game has appeared on all platforms ... Concentrate to fine-tune game! In the end, you want money for it. I hope you do not got told that as I do not like it you give me money ...

If you have forgotten:


Crash Dive:


Yours and wait for the update.

Somehow recent rash of simulators ... heeeehhhh only PC:

u boat on android and this 3D:


and yet:


So please ... do not write that Silent Depth is the only 3D simulator for smartphones in the stores where you have most of the features of a pc sub sim...

Either you do it or simulator will only curiosity. Big boom because the simulator will be the likes of Silent Hunter or another ... the way a toy.

I am fair ... I'm waiting for the update.

Simulator whether shooting game? Think about it...
Yes my friend... I and more people waiting for clone SH4. Not for clone Crash Dive...

02-23-17, 08:56 AM
So you mentioned a yet non existing game (WOTA, which btw. I'd LOVE to play!), a PC game (meh, that's miles beyond what you can do on a mobile device), an Android game which is basically a map, then another Android game which seems to have more a fantasy like action setting and then finally crash dive (which is a nice game too!).

So when you say that our game is a crash dive clone you might not have detected the outer camera view yet. ;) Sure, not a killer feature though.
You have a full functional submarine, usable gun, many tiny details, a bridge view... But, I agree, our game is not perfect. We still work on that and will deliver updates. But, yes, we are far (I mean far far) away from being able to even think remotely about to live from what we did the last 4 years. This is not a rant btw, we're fine the way it is but it also means that it takes time.

I don't have any illusions that the sales would climb up anytime soon we deliver a content update. So we just could leave it as it is and move on. We won't of course. :)

When you complain about the incredible low price of $7.99 (no joke here, that's the price of one and a half star bucks coffees) well... The mobile stores are ridiculous destroyed with tons of free-to-play **** where the players pay hundreds of bucks over weeks/months and not even notice it usually. But when someone has a one time up-front payment for a full game and future free updates it's usually called rip-off. I get that. Yay.

02-23-17, 12:16 PM




02-23-17, 12:49 PM
Made me laugh argument, that is the view from the outside :D That's why this game is coming to PC simulation known XD. My posts are not intended to critique your work only under the premise try to make a fully playable simulator. Motivate the next update. Only you really hope to welcome hundreds of hours spent in front of smartphones;) It is known that it will not be as powerful as a PC because of the restrictions but do not exaggerate with low yield smartphones;) What about the interior 3D? On facebook you can see photos depicting the interior view of the submarine. Regards and I waiting for upgrade :)

P.S. Please think about an optical viewfinder for canon

02-24-17, 03:49 AM
You have a strange way of "motivate" people. ;)

02-24-17, 03:59 PM
Ok. :Kaleun_Cheers: I waiting for update :Kaleun_Salute:

02-26-17, 04:11 AM
Whining Contd ... add the long time between pressing the fire and firing torpedoes. It would be nice if you can press the icon to torpedo launcher flooding water before firing. You would then flooded launchers that can fire off a salvo. The American ships fired a salvo was on a launch at each successive torpedoes. I sit at home all the time and tests Your game. As a fan of simulators captures what is which deviate strongly from the simulation. He started from the silent service. What I mind is still very weak or no sound! While the graphics as such is no sound annoying. Sounds of sonar, Compressed air during the shot, the screams of the crew or the sound of leaks on our climate builds the ships! Please add the next modes arcade mode game simulation. Sure it's not the end of mojegp writing so arm yourselves with patience.:Kaleun_Salute:

03-03-17, 09:33 AM
.... the screams of the crew or the sound of leaks ...

:doh: strange.
I will not longer participate on the discussion here.

03-04-17, 03:30 PM
Please take list update.

03-09-17, 03:08 PM

03-09-17, 04:35 PM
If you stop expecting small indie efforts to be DCS: Submarine you won't be disappointed.

04-12-17, 04:12 AM
Graphics? Nice... AI enemy is very better. But how can is possible when i underrwater and silent run enemy spotted me from 4sm? more bugs! No sound sonar! Accelerate submarine as jet fighter!!!! On surface to underwather 10 sec!!!! Simulator? No... Shooter!!!!! Only inside 3d is beautifull job. :/

04-12-17, 05:43 AM
seba, seba, seba... Actually I don't know what to do with you. Shall I delete your posts? Do you enjoy life? Do you see all negative?

Those points are not new and still in work. We do this PART TIME, and yes, if I had worked all the hours at McDonald's I would have earned more than with this tiny game, so please, move on, buy another game, let me know if you want your money back, you'll get it.

We're still passionate to our small game and we will continue to update it. It's not a question of "if" but just of "when".

04-12-17, 11:26 AM
No.no. no. Please next update. I see positive too. You see only positive? Very bad. No I... Only you see Simulator. I see shooter. Maby next update give Simulator.

04-12-17, 03:09 PM
If you are ignorant about genres you shouldn't be throwing around terms like that. Silent Depth isn't a shooter. Silent Hunter iOS is a shooter. It's fast-paced, arcady and has simple 'twitch' controls.

Silent Depth is a simulator. It's just not the kind of simulator you want it to be.

05-23-17, 12:11 PM
Submarne have rocket engine. Fastest than formula1 bolid! No sonar sound... I waiting update? Julhem... Simulator submarne? No. Simulator rocket boat. We have very big problem with speed boat! You want do better graphics but you dont do better gamepaly.

05-24-17, 02:56 AM
There's this thing called suspension of disbelief. Use it.

08-14-17, 07:31 AM
Multiplatform ss**** game. No simulator.

Onkel Neal
08-17-17, 06:09 AM
No one said it was a simulator, it's a mobile game.

08-20-17, 08:41 AM
Hi Neal,
why it is not a simulator? :o

Silent Depth is a simulation game that runs under a mobile device.

02-06-18, 09:22 PM
Wow, just working through my mandatary 120 days of mess duty...they have me on the helm for battlestations...love the game!!!

I read most of the above...only thing left out...make my room tilt when going deep or acending.

: )

03-17-18, 03:20 PM
One yera ago I talk you... your game are arcade game. No simulator... And? Nothing. Silent depth is dead. Because is no simulator. No update. Its have more bugs. Thanks for hope but its imposible simulator for phone. I

03-17-18, 04:31 PM
Do not use *******ing w*rds with aster*cks, that's the same thing as vulgar languge
kindly observe the forum posting rule if U please...Sir.

03-19-18, 02:46 AM
So... your beloved Dangerous Waters is dead then as well because it did not get updates for over a decade now. Is that your logic? Really? :timeout:

seba, believe it or not, we still work on it. But yeah, it's hard time wise. You know (well probably you do NOT know) having a family with kids and a quite time consuming job it's always a bit difficult to plan progress ahead (and financially it's not worth it at all).

I still don't get what your point is here. You made it very clear that you don't like our game. I'm fine with that. There are people out there who like it. But it's often the case that single complainers make more noise than the satisfied crowd. Anyway, I offer you again that you get your money back so you can buy a pizza. Drop me your PayPal address and I will send it immediately.

03-20-18, 05:36 AM
But it's often the case that single complainers make more noise than the satisfied crowd.


04-12-19, 09:00 AM
Manual/auto TDC

random failures

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