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  1. Introducing Pacific Fleet: new action sim for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch
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  12. Pacific Fleet now available on Kindle
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  26. I'm seriously impressed
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  28. Strategy Playing BoTA as RN?
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  31. Help With Wind re: Gunnery
  32. Episodic AAR of Germany Campaign
  33. Forget Episodic...Here's AAR of Battle Off Curacao
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  35. Miss, no straddle
  36. Death of the Queen Elizabeth
  37. Dynamic Campaign (running reports)
  38. Can't disengage with Uboat
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  41. Auto calc battle option?
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  57. Am I cheating?
  58. Is this game good?
  59. How do you deal with subs?
  60. RE: Destroying a sub (for real) with depth charges and aircraft strikes.
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  63. Pacific Fleet
  64. Awesome WW2 Atlantic War SIM Game, Great Battleship Duels, Thank You Killerfish!
  65. Has the Merchanr freeze bug been fixed or still working on it?
  66. Darn this Merchant Freeze Screen Bug is on My New Android Samsung Note 8 too!
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  68. BotA BB battle
  69. Hedgehog??
  70. Gneisenau ship model