View Full Version : 2010 SUBSIM April Fool scam

  1. Damn 1st April crud?
  2. So umm... uhh... xbox?
  3. Guess the forums are being hacked....
  4. Very funny, Neal!
  5. Sure hope this is an intentional April Fool's prank
  6. Ummmm... What the *******?
  7. I lik guitar heroz
  8. SH 5 and DC 2 coming out?
  9. Cant deal with the Green! Stop the ....Green, must....log........off
  10. I stared at my screen for about one minute ...
  11. X Box Rulzzz!
  12. Has link changed?
  13. Mr. White doesnt want to be Mr. Green!
  14. This must be the most hilarious April's fool ever!
  15. It's too darned quiet Corruthers!
  16. You had me there!
  17. ANNOUNCEMENT: SILENT HUNTER 5.1 for XBOX (April Fool joke)
  18. Uhm sh-5 is called halo now?
  19. Thought you'd been hacked by Xbox fiends!
  20. NEAL!!! Answer your email!
  21. WTH?
  22. Monkey Island? ROFL
  23. Is this a joke?
  24. Got the Red Ring of Death... Again!
  25. X-Box Gamer Den? Bye-bye
  26. get rid of da spam here!!!!111
  27. Well, this sucks...
  28. What happening with the forum???
  29. sh5 forum where ?
  30. God gonna getcha fer dat Neal
  31. April Fool!