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  1. SHMF - a dedicated Silent Hunter mods host
  2. My Periscope vs SH5's Periscope
  3. SH5 Popular Mods, Tools, Technical advice & Tactical tips
  4. [REQ] Real Flooding
  5. [REQ] inside lighting
  6. [TEC] Thread Prefix Guidelines
  7. Mod TODOS...so far
  8. Modable or not,modable
  9. [REQ] Python Scripting Tutorials / Docs
  10. Key Mod ideas.
  11. First person harbor mods
  12. [REL] Solution Solver Source Code
  13. [REQ] - Replace glowing crew with cursor change
  14. Possible ship mod, need some input
  15. Please fix the subs on rails issue
  16. Make the bulbs also red!!!
  17. [REL] Command Keys
  18. [REL] Free Cam Tweak
  19. [REL] Accurate German Flags
  20. [REL]No Damn Bubbles, No Damn Halo Mod
  21. [REQ] The trees are about 10 x too big .
  22. JSGME
  23. A little bit on mod tools
  24. [TEC] Mod Tools, HowTo
  25. [REG] Change the pictures on the wall.
  26. [REQ] fix the VIIB conning tower
  27. [REQ] Move the guy standing at the UZO
  28. [REQ] pitch and roll in bad weather.
  29. What's your captains name? (in-game leader board)
  30. [TEC] Terrain editor discussion .
  31. What can and cannot be scripted?
  32. [REL] Manual for Terrain Editor
  33. what 3D Model Tools for SH5?
  34. [TEC] In-Game whiz weel
  35. [REQ] 6 Dials / 4 Gauges
  36. Will they work for SH3/4?
  37. [REL] Advanced Shift Keys for SH5
  38. [REQ] Functional Salvo Spread Angle
  39. [REQ] Natural Sinking/Ship Death
  40. [WIP] Historical Emblems for Type VII's
  41. See how they broke down the menu_1024_768.cfg
  42. minitweaker, tweak files any chance to get them updated to sh5 files?
  43. [REQ] correct wardroom in sh-5.
  44. Interface REWORKED: How to script?
  45. [REG] Need a good compass.
  46. [REQ] Invert Mouse Axis
  47. [REL] Less Annoying Footsteps
  48. [REG] Need a working clock.
  49. Gameplay settings work fine
  50. [QUE]Fire & explosion graphics
  51. [REQ]Brighter heading numbers in parascope.
  52. [REL] No XO face in the Persicope Screen
  53. Get rid of intro.
  54. [TEC] Submarine Crew
  55. There should be an acronym for tweeks
  56. Please use the correct location for Readme files
  57. [REQ] telegraph sounds for SH3?
  58. No Hydrophone on Surface
  59. [REL] quick fix to add SH3 style compass to interface
  60. [REL] Remove Into and Logo screens
  61. [REQ] Clickable Interior Dials
  62. [Tec] Python Script to renumber items in .ini files
  63. Creating Custom Missions
  64. [REQ] Better Enemy AI
  65. [REL] Morale Mod (Your crew is actually obedient!)
  66. [REL] Bad Weather Guns V1.0
  67. [TEC] Menu Editor
  68. cant run it
  69. Thanks to the modders...
  70. Shortcut mods ???
  71. [TEC] How to open the Editors?
  72. [REQ] Someway to change stations without first person moving
  73. A Lot of garbage from SH3 & SH4 in SH5 Directory
  74. How to go up the ladders
  75. [PATCH] DIALOG ICON LESS INVASIVE back to No Damn Bubbles, No Damn Halo Mod
  76. [REL] Keyboard Layout Guide
  77. [REL] No crosshair
  78. [REL] Blue underwater impurity v1.0
  79. [TEC] What additional tools are needed?...
  80. [REL] Old Style SH Controls (familiar 3 dials) for UI v1.3.1
  81. [REL] Ny Hydrophone on Surface
  82. patch v 1.01 SILENT HUNTER 5
  83. Can anyone open these?
  84. [REQ] Correct names on map
  85. [REL] Improved Engine Sounds
  86. [REQ]Target Identification by officer
  87. [WIP] SH5 True Dynamic Campaign
  88. Periscopes
  89. [TEC] Menu Files link to Pages file
  90. File locations/index references for 10.5cm, 88mm, 37mm & 20mm ammo/guns
  91. Is there a totorial on how to mod for non programmer???
  92. [WIP]Aditional Airplanes and New Planesounds
  93. [TEC]SH5 large waves suck .
  94. [REL] All Torpedo and Weapon/Sensor Upgrades
  95. [REL] new UI for SH5 (BETA)
  96. [WIP] Gramophone with shuffle mode
  97. Time to start merging some tweaks/mods?
  98. Released mods must have SH5 version number .
  99. [WIP] D6 AI Detection
  100. [REG] CaptainPictures?
  101. Steam and Mods - need help
  102. [TEC] Anyone dealt with animations?
  103. [REL] Faster Running
  104. [REQ] change pictures/ posters and manual red-light
  105. [REQ] Gun ammo and reloading times
  106. German wave!
  107. [REQ] My AI Crew can see to far
  108. [TEC] Goblin Editor Manual?
  109. 1500m bearing overlay
  110. [REL] Harder AI MOD 1.0 By Germanator
  111. [REQ] Calling tomi and crew! (i think i's typ II time)
  112. [REL] SH5 Collectors edition map
  113. [TEC] Captains room?
  114. [REL] Dive button depth fix
  115. [TEC] Mission Editor Discussion
  116. [REQ] E-Motors higher pitch sound...
  117. Keyboard Configurator like SHIV mod? will it work?
  118. Root folder for Generic Mod Enabler in Windows 7
  119. [TEC] How not to have the double same name folder when zipping
  120. [REL] Das Boot Sound Mod
  121. [REL] Slower calmer Water MOD 0.5
  122. [REQ]Nuclear Sub With Modern Interior
  123. [REQ] Abilities mod
  124. Things that would be useful to change
  125. [REL] Pascal's Caps and Uniforms Mod
  126. [REL] Adjusted Running - Walking Speeds v1.0
  127. will campaingns work
  128. [REL] Alternative SH5 Printable Map
  129. [REQ] Empty Campaign Files
  130. Key commands
  131. [TEC] Can anyone point me to perrescope files ????
  132. [REL] 4 Men on Bridge DEMO
  133. [REL] Church's SHV 1.1 Key Commands and F1 Help Layout
  134. [TEC] JoneSoft Generic Mod Enabler (JSGME) User Guide
  135. [WIP] SH3-Style Repair Screen
  136. Adding new ships to SH5
  137. [REQ] British playable Submarine
  138. Rain water on screen
  139. Italian version, but crew is really german?
  140. [TEC] How to edit gr2 3D data?
  141. Looking for table to edit commands.cfg?
  142. [REQ] Zoom function in free cam
  143. [REL] software: silent hunter mod extractor
  144. [REL] Drifter's Damage Control Screen
  145. [REQ] Increase number of players in a LAN session
  146. Green Crosslines?
  147. [REL] Capthelms Audio Mod
  148. I changed some grafic in original DDS-file but how to save?
  149. [TEC] How to convert DDS files for editing
  150. [REQ] Please bring back TDC
  151. Music mod for grammafoon
  152. [REL] Remove Lock/Break Lock and Switch Target in UZO/Periscopes
  153. [req] 1500M Bearing overlay for Uboats
  154. [REQ] TAI map resize
  155. [REQ] Higher Gun & Torpedo Damage
  156. [TEC} ATTN: Campaign scripters. Special note on crew ratings
  157. [REL] jimimadrid's Tools
  158. [TEC] Comparing tool for merging mods
  159. [REL] MightyFine Crew Mod
  160. Docking your boat.... or not!
  161. [REQ] Making crew interaction work for us
  162. Horrible Thought
  163. [REQ] Bring back old targeting
  164. [REL] Main Menu "Das Boot" (video) themes
  166. [Tec] Unused(?) animations
  167. Changing crew titles
  168. [TEC] Crew Scripting
  169. [REQ] Adding Kreigsmarine Grid to Nav and TAI maps
  170. To all you modders: our salvation!
  171. [REQ] u-boat skins!
  172. Silent Hunter 5 Wiki
  173. [REL] Capthelms Remove Mouse Crosshair Mod
  174. No UMark
  175. [REL] More Powerful Torpedoes
  176. [REQ] change of U- number on your boat in the campaign.
  177. Began production ====Environment MOD
  178. [REL] Critical hits for deck gun
  179. Problem with Observation Persicope
  180. [REQ] Flag on the deck
  181. Can we bring back the old style explosions
  182. [REQ] Flag on the deck
  183. [REL] More Powerful U-boat Shells
  184. [Rel] The always recurring Minichrono Mod..
  185. too much armed merchants - where to change ?
  186. [REQ] Mouse
  187. [REL] Reduced crew abilities
  188. Ship photographs
  189. So what shall we do about the Aircraft ? :)
  190. [REQ]CO2 problem and crew reaction fix
  191. [REL] Improved Atlantic Waves
  192. [REL] Pacos German Folklore SubEmblems Mod
  193. Deck and Flack gun's
  194. [REQ] Sounds for commands
  195. [REQ] No explosion purple lens flares
  196. [TEC] Adding independent engines control
  197. [REQ] Ships on Horizon and realistic Sinking
  198. [REQ] Colors for marking maps!
  199. [WIP] MightyFine Crew Mod 1.1
  200. Anyway to tweak the speed of the subs
  201. [TEC] Torpedo Dud Rates
  202. [REQ]Down U-Boat acceleration
  203. change english to german?
  204. [REL] Capthelms Lighting Effects mod for sh5
  205. [PROB] Flickering at 3D-Models cause of mods?
  206. Operation Monsoon on SH4
  207. [REQ]No colored contact on maps
  208. speed up
  209. Use SH5 to make Updated/Improved SH3?
  210. [REQ] Generic Target ID
  211. "Failed to connect to Ubisoft Master Servers"
  212. [REQ] Crew running forwd in crash dive
  213. A suggestion for proper documentation
  214. [REL] Drifter's Brown Interface Colors
  215. [WIP] Large uboat clock mod
  216. [REL] AI & Uboat tweaks
  217. [REQ] Auto-Pause Game in TC mode
  218. Enemy Warship Spotted!
  219. Jimi Madrid! Your gramophone song randomizer.
  220. [REQ]Das Boot Enginesound
  221. GOBLIN - Dat is damaged after saving...
  222. [REL] Critical hits for torpedos
  223. Magical Disapearing Uboat Camo
  224. The Priorities for Modding...your Opinion?
  225. [REQ] bring back the band at port.
  226. [REL] Conning Tower Compass Fix
  227. [REQ] Darker map tools
  228. [REL] Uniforms
  229. noob question
  230. REQ: Move Use/Talk Cursor to Bottom of Screen
  231. Sound Files- Firing Tubes
  232. [REL] Ail mods: Smoke, Clouds, Moon, DeckWave
  233. [REQ] Sub Caustic effects
  234. [REQ] How to get the sound guy to report range?
  235. [TEC] Skwasjer, a new S3D in sight?
  236. [REL] Radio Paris
  237. [REQ] working sonar reports
  238. [REQ] Diesel sound frequence
  239. [REQ] Engine Exhaust
  240. [REL] "Muss I Denn" playing inside bunker
  241. [REQ] Kriegsmarine grid map?
  242. [TEC] How to edit DAT Files?
  243. Fill up empty ports Mod Pls
  244. [REQ] Adding all uboats to all ports in 1939
  245. [TEC] Custom Key mapping, the hard way...
  246. [REQ] Expanded stock UI
  247. Tutorials
  248. Real OCEAN in SH5
  249. you want Funelsmoke ?
  250. Enemy crews what happened to them?