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  1. SHIV Mission Editor
  2. SH4 Mission Editor
  3. Mission editor questions
  4. Mission Editor
  5. Expect new missions soon!
  6. Mission Making Question
  7. Any way to set torp loadout in Editor
  8. [WIP] Schulz's mission package
  9. SH4 Mission Editor: Where to save the mission files?
  10. mission editor ?
  11. Mission Editor, "Parameters menu" Bug?
  12. Mission Editor Question
  13. Need help with Mission Editor
  14. Who is working on campaign layers?
  15. Mission Editor Questions
  16. Mission Editor Suggestion
  17. Prior created Navalbase sticky to loc
  18. how to create a GI drop off team?
  19. [FAQ] Where is the mission editor?
  20. How to lock sub class?
  21. [FAQ] Mission won't show up in quick mission screen
  22. New forum
  23. First Topic for new forum/editing flow chart
  24. *** List of Missions ***
  25. Mission briefings.
  26. Ready For Your Enjoyment
  27. SH4 Mission editor not as good ?
  28. MP mission ready for you to download!
  29. Laying mines is a bit different in SH4
  30. Editor Weirdness
  31. [FAQ] Place names and harbors in SH4 Mission Editor
  32. Who is the Author of the SH3 editor online Tutorial
  33. Can you comment out stuff in a mis file?
  34. Sticky request: SH III -> SH 4 Editor Changelog
  35. Another Question re the Editor
  36. [TEC] Alternate Ship Routes
  37. Is there a manual somewhere?
  38. Another mp mission for you..
  39. SH4 Fast 90 practice missions.
  40. Mission Creation Standardization
  41. Trying my hand at a mission for SH4
  42. New War Patrol scenario
  43. [Tec] Objectives, triggers and events.
  44. Do the dates in the Names.cfg file control appearance?
  45. [Tec] Base stop objectives.
  46. Lost a .mis file, help!
  47. New At Modding/Using Mission Editor
  48. How Do You Create A TGA File For Single Missions
  49. No Ship Contacts In Aleutians
  50. Photo Recon-Min Photo Value Threshold
  51. 5 New Custom Missions
  52. How move or delete an unit?
  53. Placing mine fields
  54. How do I edit weapons data in SH4?
  55. How to edit (and save) a campaign file?
  56. Triggers and Events
  57. How to edit depth on campaing map?
  58. Playable Sub Names
  59. Where is my Naval Base??
  60. New Missions Are Available
  61. Should this SH3 Stickies also be stickied here?
  62. Mission Editor a CPU Hog??!!
  63. Mission Editor Tutorial
  64. A way to post missions as a mod
  65. Group formations information.
  66. antisub net
  67. Mission Results Log ?
  68. Ship Speeds in SH4 mission files
  69. How do I Spawn a ship?
  70. Harbor Bases don't show up in ME!!??
  71. [REQ] Help with Historical Missions
  72. Text size for port objects?
  73. mission ends too soon
  74. How do you use the Time Lapse/Animation in the ME?
  75. Scripted Layer Question (help!)
  76. Fast radio message
  77. How to remove campaign layers
  78. 3 New Missions: Snacko's Harbor Attacks
  79. Radar in Single Missions
  80. Noob question
  81. aaaarrrrrrgggggghhhhhh
  82. Coral Sea Patrol
  83. Suggested IJN ship substitution list
  84. AI-sub spawning rate in campaign
  85. Coning Tower View Help
  86. New Mission "Mackerel's Mission"
  87. New Custom Missions are Available
  88. Suggested Dynamic Campaign tool name?
  89. I add a Gato for the Player's sub, but I get a Gar?
  90. Custom Missions and Resources
  91. New Flotilla or Sub base?
  92. Any MP mission?
  93. How do I order objectives,triggers and events?
  94. 1.3 Improved orders panel and "green lamp mod"
  95. Mission ends early
  96. Moon Phases - Sun rise and set times for 1939 to 1945
  97. single missions are all screwed up and so am i
  98. Trigger help?
  99. War Patrols vs Quick Missions SH4
  100. enemy ships crash and burn into own sub nets
  101. cant get planes to move
  102. how do i get carriers to launch aircraft?
  103. Never saw this happen before!!
  104. The moon
  105. The moon
  106. Practice mission
  107. Sh4 mission editor question
  108. sh4 mission editor
  109. can we delete escorts from standard mission?
  110. SH4 Submarine Instruments -RAR file
  111. SH4 Submarine Instruments -RAR file
  112. Photo mission requirements?
  113. Won't let me save new mission?
  114. Help with scripted campaign layers
  115. [TEC] Anyone understand DynamicMiss.cfg?
  116. I Can Show You How To Make Mission Editor Work
  117. naval bases?
  118. naval bases?
  119. mission editor explained!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  120. multiplayer maps
  121. Help Please Modding
  122. mission editor manual found!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  123. 11 new multiplayer maps!!
  124. Strange problem with the Editor on Vista !
  125. Choosing A Specific Submarine????
  126. How Do You Make A Photo Recon Mission Work?
  127. Reffiting bases for multiplayer
  128. Scaling ME Window On Desktop
  129. SM 06 photo recon is way way overdone!
  130. Choose the Sub's Equipment in Mission Editor
  131. [REQ] NSM needs work. Realism Gods angered...
  132. Get message "Ready to Launch Troops" and CTD
  133. Surface Battle
  134. Spy satellite mod for sh4
  135. Radio Messages Multiplayer
  136. [TEC] Mission Editor and Campaign Tips
  137. Lifeguard Duty Multiplayer
  138. Can you change a harbor from US to JAP?
  139. Mission parameters dialog box
  140. Mission Patrols in the Aleutian Islands
  141. Triggers
  142. A Compilation Of Missions
  143. {req}a lifeguard mission
  144. Need help please
  145. Really Need Some Help With A Mission I'm Working On
  146. SH4 Misson Editior Exasperation !!
  147. 1st Custom Mission
  148. SH4 Mission Editor Tips
  149. mines in mission editor
  150. New mission (Invasion)
  151. Death From Above
  152. [TEC] Random units
  153. Setting the player's submarine
  154. since when did the navy start recruiting medics
  155. SH4 Single mission series
  156. Evolve From Entry Date.
  157. New mission for U-boat addon?
  158. Minelayer with depth charge racks.
  159. SH4 Message Creation
  160. [TEC]Tactical bases
  161. REQ; Simple TDC practice mission
  162. Base stops
  163. Mission question
  164. Contact warning
  165. Spawning a Random Group
  166. torpedo plane
  167. Will 3rd party missions work with RSRD phase III...???
  168. help with triggers please!!!
  169. Name of the boat in a single mission
  170. First Mission
  171. Sub Crew and Weapons
  172. [REL] New single mission
  173. Fighters
  174. Shipping lanes
  175. Smaller Nomographs?
  176. [rel] Sleeping Giant
  177. Adding Allied Submarines to a mission. Why is it worthless ?
  178. Mission compatability
  179. Fubuki DD Missions
  180. Pocket Battleship Mission
  181. Battle of River Plate for GrafSpee
  182. Top Ten Ace Captains missions uploaded
  183. [REL] Battle of the Barents Sea
  184. Clemson Multiplayer Mission
  185. IJN sub missions
  186. [REQ] Battle of Savo Island
  187. [REL] Battle of the Sibuyan Sea
  188. Mission to hunt down IJN AI Sub?
  189. IJN Campaign - notes and infos
  190. MP misions
  191. [req] movie mission
  192. German Multi Missions
  193. Playable KGV
  194. Anyone Willing to take up the task
  195. Here's How to Get Japanese Planes to Drop Torps
  196. Weather in Mission Editor
  197. Gato Class in Mission Editor
  198. [REL]The Battle of Surigao Strait
  199. Letters ”ge” after the “mis” files
  200. AI subs
  201. Submarine loadout
  202. Wake Island Mission and some questions
  203. Aircraft not engaging..
  204. Top Ten US Navy Submarine Captains Missions
  205. Problem with German MP map
  206. 2 campaign questions!
  207. For my British campaign?!
  208. Just watched "silent service" History channel documentary
  209. Coastal bunkers
  210. Calling All Mission Builders.........
  211. Good mission tutorial
  212. SHIV Custom Mission Library
  213. Playable Ships
  214. Does This Happen To you ?
  215. request for help
  216. looking for No-Grain effect
  217. damaged vessels
  218. Request for well made single missions and patrols
  219. How to get the periscope's "ticking" sound back?
  220. Air Bases
  221. Calling all mission editors
  222. [HELP] Maya Intercept remaking
  223. Faq needed for sh4 editor?here it is
  224. Mission Editor
  225. Is it possible
  226. Practise missions?
  227. Working On New Custom Mission......Need Help
  228. Where are U-boat training missions accessible???
  229. help with downloaded missions
  230. Lots of links are broken
  231. "34 great new missions" mod has issues
  232. SM12_PALAU_GAUNTLET.rar
  233. how to place specific sub type in single mission?
  234. fellow surface ship won't maneuver when attacked why?
  235. CAP Over Task Force
  236. New mission question
  237. New Mission Is Ready.
  238. Missions wanted to test site and train staff!
  239. Setting a Minefield In A Mission
  240. Adding traffic in Campaign.
  241. the ubi tokyo express and FOTRS
  242. Question..custom ship names
  243. tambor198's stock v1.5 missions pack
  244. tambor198's TMO+RSRDC missions pack
  245. Mission Building Tips, Tricks, and Advice
  246. [rel] operation tiger
  247. What happens if you...
  248. spawn rates and reporting, air attacks
  249. need the experts to fix some old missions
  250. Exactly how does one do an extensive air attack?