What kind of subsim skipper are you?

Everyone brags about how many tons he has sunk, or his polished firing point procedures. Talk is cheap. Subsim, in conjunction with NASA and the National Academy of Sciences, has formulated a simple quiz that will define the kind of subsim skipper you are. All questions must be answered. No use arguing with the results, this quiz is 100% foolproof. I did mention NASA, right?

Good hunting!

Be sure to answer all questions!

How many torpedoes constitutes a salvo?
One will do

Three to six
I fill the sky and sea with ordnance

What is the optimum firing range?
Under 800 meters

Under 1500 meters
Under half a mile
Within 6 miles

What do you do when a ship is sighted?
Reduce speed and go deep

Plot an intercept course and open outer doors
Bring all guns to bear
Save the game before attacking

Who wins in a fight? Andre the Giant, Pam Anderson, or Snoopy?
Andre the Giant

Pam Anderson
Line 'em all up, I'll take them down!

How do you rate the importance of graphics in a subsim?
I have to see to play, don't I?

Lots of shiny colors makes me happy
Shades of grey for me, please
Someone left an egg on the table...
As long as the radioactive glow is convincing, I'm good.

How do you feel about silent running?
An important evasion tactic

An important attack tactic
A last resort
Just another detail

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

Peaches and cream
Spice apple

How would you swipe a candy bar off a table guarded by three mean dogs?
Find some way to grab it without getting too close, maybe use a long pole.

Try to sneak in unnoticed and snatch it, and run away.
Bring it on, dogs!
Does the bar have nuts?

How does Y2K affect your sub?
I have to keep an eye on the electronics

There are no WMDs on my vessel.
No Y2K worries for a lifetime.
It could reset all my 900 numbers

Your favorite sub book is...?
Hunt for Red October

Run Silent, Run Deep
Silent Victory
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

When you hear a man singing, it reminds you of....
My college days

My first wife's ex-brother
A John Wayne movie
I got nothin' here

How does the weather affect your gameplay?
A great deal, I always keep an eye on the glass.

Nothing is more thrilling than riding storm waves in the Atlantic.
I operate independent of the weather.
It adds to the thrill of the hunt.

Adam and Eve were run out of Eden because...
they were city folks.

the Lord demanded tonnage.
too much periscope exposure.
it was part of a bigger plan.

When you hear splashes, you...
brace for impact.

adjust elevation
process the wavelength.
Order flank speed and right full rudder.

If you were a member of the USS Enterprise, you would be...

a Klingon

Direction of incoming sound is derived from time delay of signal on individual hydrophones.
If the delay is shorter by sin(45)=0.707 it means....

you have been detected.

the target is 45 degrees from the array axis
this question makes my head hurt
you have a false sound transient

Have you ever gone to the movies with an animal?

Does my wife count?

Which car appeals to you?

Shelby Mustang
Range Rover

How many tons does a C2 cargo ship displace?


Are you easily angered?

You wouldn't like me when I'm mad
Isn't everyone?

Describe your management style...
Hands on, direct intervention

I like to order my minions to do my bidding
Aggressive and with lots of guns
I like to analyze the situation from every angle





2007 SUBSIM Review