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31 July 2008

Nautilus marks 50th Arctic anniversary

Russian Klub Passes Its Exams

India to acquire underwater land attack missiles

Navy May Need Bigger Aegis BMD Fleet

US axes captain of nuclear ship bound for Japan

30 July 2008

Japan’s Waters Crowded With Subs

INS Sindhuvijay finally heads for home

Oil prices may force Japan navy to cancel exercises

SKorea navy holds massive exercise near disputed islets

29 July 2008

First-In-Class Freedom Begins Builder's Trials

Russia's fastest sub to be scrapped

South Korea plans major naval exercise

Indian submarine to join navy after delayed refit in Russia

Russian sub sets new depth record

Massive Rimpac exercise ends today

Navy commander fired after running ship aground

28 July 2008

Wrecked WWI U-boat relocated in English Channel

Russia to rejuvenate its navy

First World War submarine moved after 90 years

US Navy & Army dive units raise sunken Russian submarine

Wartime submarine wreck was "shipping hazard" in English Channel

27 July 2008

Russia to have 5-6 aircraft carriers in Northern, Pacific Fleets

Hunt for the Grunion

Russia to celebrate Navy Day

26 July 2008

Salvage teams raise sunken Russian sub

25 July 2008

Anti-submarine warfare skills are tested in Northern Eagle

Russia begins production of new aircraft carriers

Russian Navy prioritizes construction of nuclear submarines

Sunken Russian sub set to be raised today

Russia wants Black Sea Fleet in Ukraine beyond 2017

U.S. Navy seeks 8 DDG-51s to replace scrapped ship

Senators decry Navy decision on destroyers

Maverick's back: Cruise jumps on Top Gun II
Top Gun 2

24 July 2008

Australia's newest Mk-48 torpedo sinks U.S. warship

Russian Navy aircraft test new weapons in Arctic

Wayward sub hit seabed

Aussie sub sinks US warship

Unique Navy sub calls it a career

Navy tests unmanned underwater vehicle in Honolulu Harbor

US Navy explains plan to scrap DDG-1000 destroyer

23 July 2008

DDG 1000 program will end at two ships

Back to the future with the Royal Navy

U.S. Navy Conducts Flight Test of Tomahawk Block IV Missile

22 July 2008

USS Providence Celebrates USS Nautilus' 50th Anniversary of North Pole Crossing [Hi-res Photo]

Anti-sub training goes global

The Indo-Chinese War At Sea

Run Silent, Run Cheap

21 July 2008

Russia and US hold joint exercise in Barents Sea

Dive Team Could Try To Raise Sub Today

Researchers dig graveyard for her secrets

Russian green group says sub dives in Lake Baikal pose no threat

Expedition diving on sunken U-boats off NC coast

19 July 2008

France offers India partnership to export submarines

Navy wants carrier in Japan by late September

US helped Mexico find drug submarine

Navy's Fighter Jet Shortage May Be Worse Than Expected

18 July 2008

Elite Mexican troops rappel
Mexico busts drug sub
onto the deck of mysterious submarine

Smugglers take the sub way

Chinese Iron Coffin - homemade sub

17 July 2008

DDG 1000 destroyer facing major cuts

Senator: Navy has not decided to scrap DDG-1000

Send her Victorious

PLA Navy expanding East Sea Fleet bases

Joint Operation to Salvage Soviet Sub Nears Completion

Progress made in technology transfer for India's Scorpene subs

India's naval chief holds discussions with French Submarine companies

Navy names two Virginia-class submarines

Mexico intercepts drug sub

15 July 2008

Congress honors historic submarine Nautilus
USS Nautilus

Canada's navy hunts modern pirates

Navy to scrap DDG-1000?

Submarine to be named for North Dakota

14 July 2008

U.S. 4th Fleet Officially Re-established

The Real Sub Capital

Boeing’s P-8 gets its wings

Indian carrierborne MiG handover inches closer

U.S. unmanned submarine nearing halfway to Spain

Newest Aegis missile combines Navy, Air Force technology

Russian navy boosts combat presence in Arctic

Russia warships resume presence in Arctic areas

12 July 2008

Tech transfer likely to delay India's Scorpene sub

Iran Tests Fastest Subsurface Missile

Royal Navy sub torpedos Dragon Edinburgh Cup

That round thing in the sky? Just the Navy's blimp

Yellow submarine: Unmanned sub studies ocean

11 July 2008

China's missiles target carriers

Retired sub crews see Astute

Galveston a pawn in Battleship Texas fight

Bases battle over title of "Submarine Capital of the World"

10 July 2008

USS Kitty Hawk to Participate in RIMPAC 2008

Rimpac Exercise Attracts Ten Nations

Push for air back-up on Australian Navy's new ships

Where old nukes go to die

U.S. Carrier Stranded In The Pacific

Video: U.S. Navy's shiphandling trainer

Russian ships at the mercy of pirates

Naval Defenses Against Iranian Missiles

"Great Prophet III" vs US Navy

U.S. Navy To No Longer Sponsor NASCAR’s Number 88

09 July 2008

Finnish Navy Marks 90th Anniversary

British submarine in dire straits

Iran threat: We will burn American navy and set Israel alight

Tiny Iraq navy to flex muscle as oil guardian

08 July 2008

Iran holds military maneuvers in Persian Gulf

Iran says would strike Israel, US navy if attacked

U.S. and UK forces end Gulf exercise amid Iran threat

07 July 2008

Navy tests MidEast Aegis systems

Carrier deal set in stone

The New Submarine War In The Pacific

Indian Navy to operate UAVs

Navy Commander Says Iran Expected To Attack US, Israel

US holds navy exercise after Iran comments on Gulf

Former Nautilus crew looks back on polar feat

Ahoy mates: A voyage on the good ship Montpelier

Canadian, German veterans gather to mark sinking of warship

Sunken WWI sub to be moved from Dover Straits

05 July 2008

Indonesian Navy finds it hard to have a squadron of submarines

Iranian Commander Warns of Shutting Persian Gulf Oil Lane

US Navy to Iran: We come in peace

03 July 2008

North Korea attacks RIMPAC exercise

Call to submerge Australia's naval force

Nautilus, Submarine Museum kick-off Golden Year

India to get Russian nuclear submarine after 17 yr wait

Royal Navy signs deal to build biggest ever UK super-carriers

02 July 2008

Chávez calls the US Navy Fourth Fleet a threat

MFTA: The US Navy’s New Towed Array

U.S. Navy Runs From Reality

US Navy: Iran won't be allowed to close Hormuz

01 July 2008

Flotsam and Jetsam: Trailing a nuclear submarine in the Mediterranean

Murder charge after bombing of US navy ship