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31 July 2020

In the North Atlantic, NATO navies are practicing to take on a wave of Russian submarines

Navy Folding MQ-25A Tanker into Larger Unmanned Campaign; Test Flights to Resume This Summer

General Atomics Awarded $32 Million IDIQ Contract for Submarine Hardware

30 July 2020

US Navy mocks Iran as 'experts' at building fake aircraft carriers

USS Halsey Completes PASSEX with Guatemalan Navy

It's the mileage, not the years: Military says it plans to keep subs afloat past retirement dates

29 July 2020

Iran's navy shoots missile at mock-up of US aircraft carrier in the Strait of Hormuz

Most detailed submarine map of the Arctic Ocean

Sailor Gets OK to Grow 4-Inch Beard, Pushes Navy to Grant Career-Length Waiver

28 July 2020

Meet the elite Royal Navy team that gets sent in if submariners are in danger

Report on Armed Conflict in Syria and U.S. Response

Expeditionary Seabase USS Hershel ‘Woody’ Williams Deploys for AFRICOM

27 July 2020

Check Out This Sailor Holding A Laser Rifle Aboard The Nuclear Submarine USS Minnesota

Navy's newest amphib leaves Mississippi for San Diego port

Russian latest nuclear-powered sub to enter state trials in August

25 July 2020

Boeing preps for next test of US Navy's future aerial tanker drone

Last new Egyptian Type 209 submarine to be delivered in 2021

U.S. Navy ships, submarines in Hawaii to sortie as Douglas approaches state

24 July 2020

Navy Verifies USS Gerald R. Ford’s Sixth Advanced Weapons Elevator

NASSCO Awarded $10M for USS Bonhomme Richard Clean Up; CNO Praises Firefighter Response

Senate Passes FY 2021 Defense Authorization Bill by Large Margin

23 July 2020

US Navy's top officer reveals grim new details of the damage to Bonhomme Richard

US Navy to develop drone deployment strategy

How Navy submarines, usually an ideal place for disease to spread, have managed to keep COVID-19 at bay

22 July 2020

US Navy to develop drone deployment strategy

Navy Funds Development of New Sonobuoy to Track Quiet Submarines

US Navy takes delivery of new, more powerful radar

21 July 2020

Rethinking the US Navy's Carrier Fleet

Russia starts construction of two more nuclear-powered super-subs

The Royal Navy Are Escorting A Russian Submarine In English Channel

20 July 2020

Texas coronavirus hot spots get help from U.S. Navy teams

US Navy orders General Dynamics NASSCO to stop work after small fire on USS Kearsarge

Here's how the US Navy hunts submarines from the air

18 July 2020

Pandemic Changing Navy, Marine Corps Training Needs

Future Of USS Bonhomme Richard Still Uncertain As Navy Assesses Damage

Royal Navy nuclear submarine almost collided with ferry after speed miscalculation, report finds

17 July 2020

The US Navy’s top officer wants answers on the Bonhomme Richard fire

NATO Crafting All-Domain, Euro-Atlantic Strategy As Threats to Alliance Shift

Norwegian car carrier collided with Korean submarine

16 July 2020

On Day 4, Fire Crews on USS Bonhomme Richard Battle Hot Spots and Flare Ups

Is Social Distancing Effective? Navy Considers Employee-Tracking Wearables to Find Out.

USS Vermont submarine crew members get plaques

15 July 2020

Global Aerospace Corporation patents a submarine rescue system

North Channel submarine near-miss endangered ferry passengers

14 July 2020

USS Bonhomme Richard on fire at Naval Base San Diego

Parties Unite in the House Behind More Submarine Construction

Global Aerospace Corporation patents a submarine rescue system

13 July 2020

Crews Continue To Fight Raging Fire Aboard Navy Ship On San Diego Bay (VIDEO)

1,000-degree blaze continues to rage aboard Navy ship in San Diego

11 July 2020

State Department Approves $23B Japanese F-35 Fighter Deal

Could a Navy Hospital ship come to the Coastal Bend to help as hospitals approach capacity?

A powerful Russian nuclear submarine spotted entering the Baltic Sea

10 July 2020

USS Theodore Roosevelt Returns to San Diego Following Deployment Interrupted by Outbreak

Theodore Roosevelt Air Wing Flies Off Ahead of Carrier’s Return to San Diego

Navy, Air Force troops train with UAE pilots to thwart fast-boat attacks in the Persian Gulf

09 July 2020

Well, That's One Way To Tow a 2,300-Ton Submarine

Carrier Truman Enters Shipyard for Short Repair Period After Back-to-Back Deployments

Navy fires program manager for troubled Ford aircraft carrier

08 July 2020

Russia Is Using Treaty Clause To Change Submarine Balance In Mediterranean

China Deploys New Missile Submarines

House Appropriations Bill Includes Funding for Second Virginia-Class Submarine

07 July 2020

Report to Congress on Capabilities of Russian Armed Forces

Submarine base welcomes new most lethal vessel

Russia Is Using Treaty Clause To Change Submarine Balance In Mediterranean

06 July 2020

Chinese tabloid tweets about ‘aircraft carrier killer’ missiles, US Navy responds

Russian Navy’s Spy Submarine Losharik 1 Year After Fatal Accident

Widow of Navy SEAL tells story of grief, acceptance

04 July 2020

US Navy to send two aircraft carriers and several warships to South China Sea

Political Commissars on Chinese Warships Play Crucial Role in Interactions With Foreign Vessels

Navy Littoral Combat Ship Still Missing Cruise Missile Nine Months After Launching One

03 July 2020

USS Fitzgerald Arrives in San Diego; USS McCampbell Leaves Japan for Lengthy Upgrade Period

US Navy's first 4 littoral combat ships to leave the fleet in 9 months

Navy Removes Ford Carrier Program Manager, Citing Performance Over Time

02 July 2020

Spotted! Satellites Spot Russia’s Newest Submarine Heading Out for 'Combat Training'

Russian Submarines Test NATO in Icy North Atlantic

USS Montgomery Deployment Proves Out Changes Made in LCS Program Overhaul

01 July 2020

The Cultural Differences Between Serving On America's Three Types Of Nuclear Submarines

NATO Anti-Submarine Exercise Dynamic Mongoose Kicks Off With US Destroyer, SSN

Chinese Navy Submarines Could Become A Reality In Indian Ocean