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30 June 2020

Nimitz Strike Group Participates in Second Dual-Carrier Operation in a Week

US, NATO allies start anti-submarine warfare exercise Dynamic Mongoose

Unusual Satellite Image Shows Russia’s Newest Submarine’s First Operational Move

29 June 2020

Army facilitates Navy ship-to-shore virtual health capability

Knesset panel votes against submarine affair probe

History Hell: These 5 Submarine Accidents Were True Disasters

27 June 2020

Japan Officially Ends Aegis Ashore Plans After National Security Council Deliberations

Navy Sets Rules for Sailor Moves During Pandemic

Changing Conditions Require New Arctic Strategy, International Code of Conduct

26 June 2020

Congress aims to strip funding for the US Navy's next-gen large surface combatant

Navy Establishes COVID-19 Surveillance Testing Program

Dolphins spotted swimming alongside submarine in Florida

25 June 2020

Dodging Virus, Navy Ships Break Record for Staying at Sea

L3Harris KEO to build electro-optical photonics masts to aid stealth of Virginia-class attack submarines

Report to Congress on Columbia-class Nuclear Ballistic Missile Submarine Program

24 June 2020

Timeline: Theodore Roosevelt COVID-19 Outbreak Investigation

First Operational Navy V-22 Arrives at New COD Squadron

USS Nitze Conducts Freedom of Navigation Operation off Venezuela

23 June 2020

The US Navy and Marine Corps should acquire Army watercraft

Cold Spray 3D Printing Technology Could Revolutionize Submarine Repairs

Navy awards $10 billion contract for next-generation Columbia-class submarine made by Electric Boat

22 June 2020

Japan Has A Plan For Dismantling China’s Submarine Fleet

Unique Warship Is Still The Most Futuristic Looking Of Any Navy

Cold Spray 3D Printing Technology Could Revolutionize Submarine Repairs

20 June 2020

No Reinstatement, Not Now Nor In Future For Fired Carrier Commander

Unusual Object Remains at the Sinpo South Shipyard, Possible Midget Submarine

Navy, Industry Eager to Develop Bigger Robo-Ships

19 June 2020

Nukes, Nubs And Coners: The Unique Social Hierarchy Aboard A Nuclear Submarine

Three U.S. Navy Flattops Sail Toward China As War Of Words Escalates

Lack of Future Fleet Plans, Public Strategy Hurting Navy's Bottom Line in Upcoming Defense Bills

18 June 2020

USS John McCain Back to Operations Almost 3 Years After Fatal Collision

Blue Ridge conducts submarine familiarization with USS Asheville

Nukes, Nubs And Coners: The Unique Social Hierarchy Aboard A Nuclear Submarine

17 June 2020

America's most secret submarine undocks from Puget Sound Naval Shipyard

Feds: Subpar submarine steel went to Navy contractors for years

16 June 2020

With the future of the US Navy's carrier air wing murky, Congress demands a plan

Guard kills trespassing suspect at military facility used by Navy SEALs on Kodiak Island

Investigation finds foundry metallurgist covered up submarine steel test failures

15 June 2020

USS Fitzgerald Leaves Ingalls Shipbuilding for New Homeport In San Diego, 3 Years After Fatal Collision

Senate Bill to Purge Confederate Names from US Military Could Affect Two Navy Ships

Marines Look to Two New Ship Classes to Define Future of Amphibious Operations

13 June 2020

Fire on French nuclear submarine extinguished after 14 hours

French Navy conducts test fire of M51 ballistic missile from Le Temeraire SSBN ballistic missile submarine

Naval Chiefs at Russian submarine ceremony ignore coronavirus safety rules

12 June 2020

Why The Navy’s Latest Narco Submarine Seizure Is A Big Deal

Senate panel pushes to step up the pace for submarine work

Fire Abroad French Nuclear Submarine; Reactor, Personnel Safe

11 June 2020

If the US Navy isn’t careful, its new unmanned tanker drone could face a 3-year delay

Three Chinese nationals sentenced for taking photos on Navy base

Report to Congress on US Navy Destroyer Programs

10 June 2020

Report to Congress on Gerald R. Ford Carrier Program

Marines Look to Two New Ship Classes to Define Future of Amphibious Operations

Russia’s Newest Submarine, Khabarovsk, Could Redefine Underwater Warfare

09 June 2020

Saab Surface Ship and Submarine Successfully Fired Lightweight Torpedo

Judge sentences 80-year-old Catholic activist for breaking into nuclear submarine base

Charges surface against man who used submarine to ferry drugs across Detroit River

08 June 2020

Navy sends another guided-missile destroyer through Taiwan Strait

Report to Congress on Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance for Great Power Competition

Pandemic gives Navy 'opportunity' to revise its long-term plans

06 June 2020

3 Chinese Nationals Sentenced for Taking Navy Base Pics

ECA Group to supply SNDC for South Korean submarine

GAO: Navy Needs More Risk Awareness to Prevent Cost, Schedule Overruns

05 June 2020

Fair winds and following seas to the Navy's P-3C

Navy Lacks 'Clear Theory of Victory' Needed to Build New Fleet, Experts Tell House Panel

Iran releases U.S. Navy veteran held for two years

04 June 2020

5 Unseen Eyes Helping The Navy Hunt Narco Submarines

Report to Congress on Navy Force Structure

SEEN OFF WEST SEATTLE: Submarine, northbound

03 June 2020

Defense Contractors Remain Upbeat About 2021

Australia turns to 3D printing to maintain its submarine fleet

COVID Pandemic a Barrier to Navy's Oversight of Columbia Submarine Industrial Base

02 June 2020

USS Henry M. Jackson (SSBN 730) deployed on its 100th strategic deterrent patrol.

Sevmash shipyard handed over SSBN "Knyaz Vladimir" to Northern Fleet

Pandemic Hits Navy’s New Nuke Submarine Program

01 June 2020

The Navy’s “Light Amphibious Warship” Will Sink Without Better Justification

US Navy embraces robot ships, but some unresolved issues are holding them back

An Irishman’s Diary on the Nautilus – a polar submarine in Ireland