World Naval News Archives

30 April 2020

Russia Threatens Massive Response if US Deploys Low-Yield Nukes on Subs

USS Minnesota submarine wins award as best ship in the Atlantic Fleet

Pandemic Isn't Slowing Down Columbia-Class Submarine Construction

29 April 2020

US Navy adds stealth destroyer, new Arleigh Burke-class warship to the fleet

Coronavirus: Royal Navy submarine lockdown party captain sacked

Navy Fires Head of Aviation Training School

28 April 2020

Russian military submarine heads to Syria amid new naval buildup

Carrier USS Nimitz Underway for Final Rounds of Training Ahead of Deployment

US Navy attack submarine to be named for Vermont

27 April 2020

USS Kidd, the second Navy ship with a coronavirus outbreak at sea, heads home to Everett

Navy hospital ship Comfort offloads few remaining patients before NYC exit

Nevada fight over bombing range pits tribes vs. Navy

25 April 2020

Navy recommends Capt. Brett Crozier be reinstated

Megadestroyer Zumwalt Delivered to the Navy After Years of Setbacks

Chinese navy commissions nuclear-powered submarine

24 April 2020

Iran Guard commander threatens US Navy after Trump tweet

26 Navy Battle Force Ships Have Had COVID-19 Cases

Coronavirus: Royal Navy submarine crew had lockdown party

23 April 2020

Pentagon Leaders Say Trump Tweet on Iranian Attack Boats Was ‘Important Warning’

Navy Applying USS Gerald Ford Advanced Weapons Elevators Lessons to Rest of Carrier Class

St. Petersburg submarine expects upgrade for new arms trials

22 April 2020

Chinese Navy Launches New Assault Carrier

Taiwan navy races to trace 700 sailors on Pacific 'goodwill' tour after Covid-19 cases emerge

Navy puts surgical mask on its logo & social media responses go about as expected

21 April 2020

Defense Department study calls for cutting 2 of the US Navy’s aircraft carriers

Reinstate? Reassign? Navy to decide fate of fired aircraft carrier captain

How Submarines Regularly 'Fight To The Death' Off The Bahamas

20 April 2020

This Is The World's Fastest Production Submarine's Crazy Molten Metal Cooled Reactor

DoD Watchdog Wants to Know if Navy's P-8 Spy Plane Can Track Russian Subs

Video shows Russian fighter's 'unsafe' intercept of US Navy aircraft

19 April 2020

Amid pandemic, why USS Nimitz is critical to the country's defense

More Than 1,000 Sailors Test Positive for COVID-19; Service Has Highest Share of Active Duty Infections

Without the usual fanfare, a new submarine enters the U.S. Navy's fleet

18 April 2020

US Navy Receives 1st Virginia-class Block IV Nuclear-Powered Attack Submarine from GDEB

Electric Boat delivers newest Virginia-class submarine to the Navy

Navy launching investigation into COVID-19 outbreak on Theodore Roosevelt

17 April 2020

Navy Acquisition ‘Managing Downside Risk,’ Seeking ‘Upside Opportunity’

Ford’s 5th Weapons Elevator Done With Testing; All 11 Should Be Done By Next Summer’s Shock Trials

Russia to test its first submarine-based hypersonic missiles

16 April 2020

Navy may reinstate fired Capt. Brett Crozier to his former command

Russian jet buzzes Navy P-8 Poseidon within 25 feet, intercept lasts 42 minutes

The Navy Hospital Ship Mercy Has Few Patients; Now Some Crew Have Coronavirus

15 April 2020

Coronavirus: 7 infected on Navy hospital ship Mercy in L.A. port

Almost 600 Theodore Roosevelt sailors have COVID-19, 4 hospitalized, Navy says

Book brings back memories of visit to USS Boise submarine

14 April 2020

First submarine named ‘Delaware’ begins operations

Navy reports first coronavirus death from Roosevelt crew

The US Navy is taking extreme measures to preserve its carrier surge

13 April 2020

US Navy should turn to unmanned systems to track and destroy submarines

America Doesn't Want Russia To Learn What It's Seawolf Submarine Is Doing Beneath The Arctic Ice

How to Escape From a Sunken Submarine

12 April 2020

Uncertainty surrounds Navy leadership's future after latest dramatic resignation

Mental Toughness Begins With Purpose Says US Navy SEAL

Pentagon May Relocate One of its 2 Navy Hospital Ships

11 April 2020

Fifty-Seven Years Later: America’s Worst Nuclear Submarine Disaster

The US Navy has moved over 3000 sailors off the coronavirus-stricken aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt

Research papers point to PLAN's next-generation submarine technologies

10 April 2020

Egypt receives third submarine from Germany

Veneer of China’s Charm Offensive Cracked By Vietnamese Fishing Boat Incident

Navy Leaders Sink Ship Names Proposed in SECNAV Modly’s Last Days

08 April 2020

A Crisis Inside the Navy

Acting Navy secretary resigns over handling of virus-stricken aircraft carrier

Navy Calls for Face Masks for All Military and Civilians on Base

07 April 2020

Quarantined in tiny hotel rooms? Welcome to our world, say submarine workers

Royal Navy submarine Audacious sets sail for home base

The U.S. Navy Could Have Had a Much Better Nuclear Submarine

06 April 2020

Captain Cozier, Fired from the Carrier Theodore Roosevelt, Has Coronavirus

Russian Navy confirms 5 new attack submarines will sail for Northern Fleet

US Navy welcomes 1st submarine named after Delaware

05 April 2020

It’s Hardly Shocking the Navy Fired a Commander for Warning of Coronavirus Threat. It’s Part of a Pattern.

Navy sailor dies in accident onboard under-construction nuclear submarine

US Navy Commissions Attack Submarine USS Delaware

04 April 2020

USS Bataan Enters Persian Gulf; Carrier Truman Now in the Mediterranean

The Navy Fired Captain Crozier After His Letter on the Coronavirus. Hear How the Crew Responded.

India set to deliver Myanmar's first submarine

03 April 2020

Iran's Next Super Weapon: Nuclear Submarines?

Russia Offers India Three Refurbished Kilo-Class Submarines

Will the U.S. Navy's Columbia Missile Submarine Program Get Delayed?

02 April 2020

Marines Won’t Cut Planned F-35 Buy Totals for Now, But External Review Could Change That

Indonesia re-thinks USD900 million submarine contract with South Korea

Russia is designing a super-submarine to beat the U.S. Navy’s Virginia-class sub

01 April 2020

'It's part of our deal': Submarine crews at sea are likely unaware of the coronavirus pandemic

Some Nuclear Submarine Crews May Not Even Know About the Pandemic

Navy Working to Fight Carrier Roosevelt COVID-19 Outbreak on Guam