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19 February 2020

Navy Confirms Global Strike Hypersonic Weapon Will First Deploy on Virginia Attack Subs

Undeclared Submarine Arms Race Takes Hold In Asia

Acting SECNAV Kicks off Navy 'Night Court' Cost Savings Drive with Aim to Save $40 Billion

18 February 2020

Navy preps its new USS Ford carrier for massive ocean warfare

This Russian Submarine Is More Than a Match for the U.S. Navy

Report: U.S. Sealift Lacks Personnel, Hulls, National Strategy

17 February 2020

Guided-Missile Cruiser USS Chancellorsville Transits Taiwan Strait

Navy Tests Whether Drone Ship Can Protect Norfolk Station

Australia, France reaffirm commitment on Attack-class submarine project

15 February 2020

Navy Budgeting $1.1B for 2nd Frigate as Timeline Slows

Watch the US Navy's next carrier leave dry dock

Navy Launches Unarmed Nuclear Missile from Submarine Cruising Off San Diego

14 February 2020

Fixing first four littoral combat ships not worth it, US Navy says

The US Navy is planning to get serious about a next-generation large surface combatant

Navy is in talks to get early screenings of new 'Top Gun'

13 February 2020

Electronic warfare (EW) submarines radar

USS Washington submarine returns to Norfolk after maiden deployment

12 February 2020

The Navy Wants Money To Get Started On Its Future SSN(X) Attack Submarine

As China expands navy, US begins stockpiling ship-killing missiles

Sailors aboard USS Oklahoma City Receive Battle ‘E’ Award

11 February 2020

Pentagon budget 2021: US Navy proposed budget procures first Columbia submarine

SEEN OFF WEST SEATTLE: Submarine in the sunshine

Trump plan to cut submarine production won’t fly

10 February 2020

Defense Secretary Mark Esper on how the Navy can get to 355 ships

Albacore Park announces 2020 Winter Lecture Series

Navy requests Bath-built destroyer replace submarine in 2021 budget

08 February 2020

Effort underway to save USS Bremerton sail as monument

Navy Sets Date for Crucial Hypersonic Weapons Flight Test

Naval Station Mayport's Newest Warship Welcomed by US Navy

06 February 2020

The US Navy Wants to Arm Nuclear Submarines With Laser Cannons

Navy swaps submarine for destroyer in 2021 budget request shift

Russian Submarine Activity Has Picked Up in Atlantic, Navy 3-Star Says

05 February 2020

Britain receives first ‘Poseidon’ aircraft in bid to restore submarine-hunting muscle

Submarine builder to hire thousands as production ramps up

Qatar To Acquire Submarines In New Twist In Gulf States’ Big Naval Expansion

04 February 2020

North Korea’s Next Submarine May Make Nuclear Talks Even Harder

Navy To Greatly Expand P-8 Poseidon's Mission With New Missiles, Mines, Bombs, And Decoys

Russian Navy Akula-class Submarine K-154 Tigr to Complete Overhaul in 2023

03 February 2020

Meet the Navy's barrier removal guy

In 2005, a Navy Submarine Crashed Into an Underwater Mountain—and Still Managed to Limp Home

Don't Sleep on China's Increasingly Powerful Submarine Fleet

02 February 2020

With laser weapons coming, the US Navy's newest super carrier has space and power to spare

01 February 2020

SECNAV Modly Wants Navy 'All Ahead Full' on Hypersonic Weapons in 2020

Pentagon Deploys 1st Low-Yield Nuclear Warhead-Armed Submarine

Indonesia's Submarine Capabilities in the Headlines with New Sea Trials