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31 January 2020

US Navy deploys low-yield Trident W76-2 nuclear submarine warhead

Navy deploys submarine with new nuclear weapon

Navy seeks unmanned fleet, but Congress needs convincing

30 January 2020

Report to Congress on Navy Force Structure

General Dynamics tops profit estimates; submarine order beefs up backlog

U.S. Has Deployed New, Small Nukes On Submarine, According To Group

29 January 2020

Did this Navy chief deploy her security team without magazines for their weapons?

Indonesia Names Submarine after Weapon from Mahabharata Epic

Wreck of the Titanic Was Struck by US Research Submarine, Court Told

28 January 2020

Navy 'moves-out' on operating 11 aircraft carriers

Navy to hold public meetings on potential redevelopment of NAVWAR facilities in San Diego into transit hub

Jokowi inspects KRI Alugoro, first 'Southeast Asian country' assembled submarine

26 January 2020

Germany's Type 212 Submarine Is Making Berlin A Naval Power Again

What Happens if a Battleship and Submarine Had a Baby?

Navy Hints at Cuts to Submarine Force-Level Goal

24 January 2020

Navy Striving for 71% On-Time Ship Maintenance This Year, No Extensions By End of 2021

How to Prepare for Navy PFT Changes 2020

Nuclear missiles submarine-launched Trident II

23 January 2020

Russia's Navy Is Having A Submarine Problem (And There Is No Easy Solution)

Ok, 'Boomer': This Is the Deadliest Submarine Monster Lurking the Deep

Dutch Navy allows female sailors in submarine services

22 January 2020

How The U.S. Navy’s Aging Sealift Fleet Could Lose America’s Next War In Eurasia

First woman enters Japan's submarine academy

Indonesia completes diving trials on first locally assembled submarine

21 January 2020

Navy Hits 2019 Enlisted Sailor Retention Targets

RoK Navy KSS-III submarine Steering Console successfully tested at sea

India Tests K-4 Submarine-Launched Missile, Pushing Its Sea-Based Deterrent Forward

20 January 2020

The Navy and Marines Want a New Land-Based, Ship-Killing Missile

Is Russia's Submarine Force Dying?

India Test Fires Intermediate-Range, Submarine-Launched Ballistic Missile

18 January 2020

US Navy dropping live bombs in middle of Florida

Navy builds aircraft carrier drone headquarters

Navy to name aircraft carrier for Pearl Harbor hero Doris Miller

17 January 2020

Meet "AIP" Submarines: Some of the Most Powerful and Affordable Naval Weapons Ever Made

Lockheed awarded $19.3M for Virginia-class submarine Block V hulls

Submarine report reveals Defence advised to consider other options (AUS)

16 January 2020

Why are Chinese fishermen finding so many 'submarine spies'?

Thailand is Sending Submarine Crew to Train in China

Australia needs these submarines — how late will they be?

15 January 2020

The Navy’s Smallest Warship Gets a Big Laser Gun

Indonesian Navy requests anti-submarine, surface kits for five more Panthers

Australian $35 Billion French Submarine Contract Is Already Nine Months Late

14 January 2020

French company asked for 15-month extension on design of Australia's new submarine fleet

Russian artist marries Danish submarine killer

Indian Navy, Ministry of Defence in a tussle over biggest submarine project

13 January 2020

Nine Years After Testing An Atomic Bomb, America Had Its First Nuclear Submarine

America Couldn't Have Won World War II Without Britain's Submarines

Toledo native takes over command of Navy submarine squadron

11 January 2020

Here's How Taiwan Could Still Build Its Own Submarines

Does the US Navy have its robot-warship concept all wrong?

China's Navy Is Getting Stronger, But What About Its Torpedoes?

10 January 2020

Indonesia sends more warships, submarine to Natuna as China backs down

Russian warship 'aggressively approached' US destroyer in Arabian Sea (VIDEO)

Australian navy delivers 800 gallons of beer to thirsty town after supply lines cut by fires

09 January 2020

The surface Navy needs to fundamentally reshape itself to defeat the Chinese threat, study finds

USS Delaware submarine to be commissioned in Wilmington on April 4

Gosport diving tower used to simulate submarine escapes to be retired

08 January 2020

History Lesson: How the U.S. Captured One of Hitler's Submarines

Did A Russian Built Submarine 'Sink' A U.S. Navy Sub Back in 2015?

SAR Imagery Reveals the Presence of Concealed Submarine at North Korea's Sinpo Naval Base

07 January 2020

Carrier Lincoln Is Finally Headed Home. But Families Say the Navy Broke Trust

The underwater threat: The Chinese are coming!

Russia Launches New Yasen-M Nuclear Attack Submarine

06 January 2020

Japan Navy Keeps Plan for Mideast Deployment Amid Iran Tension

Russia Launches New Yasen-M Nuclear Attack Submarine

The 2020s Will Change The World Submarine Balance

04 January 2020

Veteran Sonarman Explains Why Pump-jets Are Superior To Props On Modern Submarines

Iran's Navy Wouldn't Stand A Chance Against America

SAR Imagery Reveals the Presence of Concealed Submarine at North Korea's Sinpo Naval Base

03 January 2020

Report to Congress on Virginia-class Attack Submarine Program

Leak may reveal Russia’s answer to the Virginia class attack submarine

Fleet commander directs US Navy's surface force to develop concepts for unmanned ships

02 January 2020

Argentina Is Getting Four Ex-U.S. Navy P-3C Patrol Planes

Navy's Atlantic-based 2nd Fleet command now fully operational

Navy Block V submarine deal brings new attack ops and strategies

01 January 2020

Troubles delay Russia’s prestigious ballistic missile sub

US Navy declares new fleet created to confront Russia fully operational

Magnets? A Whacky Cold War Plan To Stop Russian Submarines Is Revealed