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31 December 2019

US Navy Countdown 2020: New boots, new uniforms, new boss!

Battleship Texas' new home may be announced sooner than you think

Troubles delay Russia's prestigious ballistic missile sub

30 December 2019

Indian Navy planning to build six nuclear attack submarines

The Navy Is Planning To Use Drone Swarms In the Next Big War

The U.S. Navy Wants Robot Ships That Talk Like Humans

28 December 2019

Proposal for sweeping cuts to US Navy shipbuilding, force structure could herald a new strategy

Volunteer Group Hopes To Restore, Relocate Submarine U.S.S. Ling

Submarine to explore why Antarctic glacier is melting so quickly

27 December 2019

The Navy Wants Special Fabrics That Can Monitor A Pilot's Health

Russia launches Nuclear-Powered Yasen-M Class Submarine Novosibirsk

US submarine has Christmas stopover in Gib

26 December 2019

Sevmash floats out second Yasen-M class nuclear attack submarine

Pearl Harbor Could Get First New Dry Dock Since 1943

Turkey launches first of six new submarines

24 December 2019

Russia Has a Christmas Gift for the U.S. Navy: Its Deadliest Submarine Ever

Soviet mini-sub discovered in Jarfjord by Norwegian special forces in 1990

U.S. Navy will name new submarine the USS Arizona, recalling ship at Pearl Harbor

23 December 2019

US Navy to dive deep into its maintenance woes

US Navy Bans TikTok, Citing 'Cybersecurity Threat'

Navy confirms fire erupted on San Diego ship

22 December 2019

Israel Navy says it successfully carried out submarine rescue drill with Italy

Turkey’s first-generation submarine Piri Reis hits the seas

Airborne Device Detects Multiple Submerged Submarines

21 December 2019

The US Navy gets its large unmanned surface vessels in 2020 with strings attached

Submarine USS Minnesota returns to Connecticut just in time for the holidays

Navy Admiral: Russian Submarine Activity Highest US Has Seen In a Long Time

19 December 2019

General Dynamics to support US and British submarine weapons systems

Navy Needs Unmanned ISR, Tankers to Counter Russia

The sunken S-4 was not alone

18 December 2019

The first black sailor to rise through the enlisted ranks and take command of a sub has died

Russian spy ship spotted off the Bahamas, Coast Guard warns

17 December 2019

Netherlands shortlists firms for submarine replacement program

Navy Pilots Demand More Be Armed on Bases in Letter to Lawmakers and Military Brass

Reflections on a submarine disaster

16 December 2019

Why China Wants Its Navy to Patrol the Atlantic Ocean

Floating Dock with submarine sank in Russian Naval Base in Sevastopol

15 December 2019

Fire That Scorched Russian Carrier Could Happen At U.S. Navy Shipyards, Too

Russian missile submarine partially sank in Japan sea

Modernized by Turkey, Pakistan's Agosta 90B submarine to launch soon

14 December 2019

Peruvian authorities seize narco-submarine carrying over a ton of cocaine

No, These Aren't Starships In Space Dock, They Are Nuclear Submarines Under Construction

Planning your next career move? Check out this Navy website!

12 December 2019

Navy prepares its new Ford-class carriers for F-35C stealth attack

Navy aircraft to assist in search for missing Chilean plane

Report to Congress on Virginia-Class Attack Submarine Program

11 December 2019

Nuclear deterrent still the US Navy's top priority, no matter the consequences, top officer says

Submarines, fighter jet engines and helicopters: Billions of dollars from Washington are budgeted for Connecti

4 things to know about the US Navy's new deadly (and expensive) attack subs

10 December 2019

After Early Stumbles, Navy, Newport News Might Be Turning the Corner on Private Yard Sub Repairs

Navy releases newest uniform reg reforms

Navy Block V submarine deal brings new attack ops and strategies

09 December 2019

Pensacola victim shot standing watch fresh from Navy boot camp

Thai Navy to 'monitor' Myanmar sub

The Submarines That Sank Themselves During World War II

08 December 2019

Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day 2019: What happened during fateful attack 78 years ago?

Watch: Event Commemorates The 78th anniversary Of The Attack On Pearl Harbor

Navy to Hold Large Scale Fleet Exercises In Summer 2020

07 December 2019

The sailor behind the Pearl Harbor shooting reportedly came from a troubled submarine

Philippines Submarine Quest: What's in the French Option?

Russia's First Yasen-MAttack Submarine Test Fires Torpedoes During Sea Trials

06 December 2019

The US Navy and Air Force have teamed up on a new 'Manhattan Project'

The Russian Navy in Late 2019 Surged a Huge Number of Submarines Into the Atlantic

Passing the torch: New submarine to be named the USS Massachusetts

05 December 2019

Navy Officials: Dry Dock Availability Will Be Ready for Submarine Force Growth

Jobs impact of new submarine contract hard to calculate at Electric Boat

Navy Maintenance: Persistent and Substantial Ship and Submarine Maintenance Delays Hinder Efforts to Rebuild Readiness

04 December 2019

Electric Boat will build 9 more submarines for the Navy in huge $22 billion deal. So what happens next?

Navy Changes Tour Lengths for 50,000 Sailors and Boosts Reenlistment Bonuses

Sub Builders Confident Young Workforce Can Keep Virginia Attack Boats On Track

03 December 2019

U.S. Navy Plans To Stop Buying P-8 Poseidon Sub Hunters Despite Growing Undersea Threat

Spanish police arrest captain of the ‘narco-submarine’

General Dynamics lands $22.2-billion submarine contract

02 December 2019

Naval Group unveils Dutch submarine community development program

Australia's attack-class submarine programme to cost $152bn

China to suspend US Navy visits to Hong Kong over bill

01 December 2019

Critical test for submarine-launched nuclear missile this weekend

Navy infrastructure plan will cost ‘billions’ more than expected, report says

Time for Taiwan to Scrap the Indigenous Diesel Submarine