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30 November 2019

Navy's top personnel officer: Beards? Maybe!!

Is the Spanish coast littered with single-use ‘narco-submarines’?

Critical test for submarine-launched nuclear missile this weekend

28 November 2019

WM native takes command of U.S. Navy submarine

Families remember WWII sailors lost on submarine U.S.S. Grayback

Coke float: Spain’s Civil Guard salvages the ‘narco-submarine’

27 November 2019

Not Unexpected: First Trans-Atlantic Drug Submarine

'Frogman against frogman': Case against Navy SEAL sparks debate

Five Navy sailors assigned to USS Iowa submarine welcomed to spend Thanksgiving with Iowa families

26 November 2019

Will China's Growing Spy Drones Cause Problems for the Navy?

Spanish police resume efforts to tow drug submarine to port

Australia's Naval Group seeks weapon discharge system for submarines

25 November 2019

Navy Boss Richard Spencer Is Fired Over Repeated Missteps: New Nominee Already Picked

Spain intercepts submarine loaded with cocaine

Chinese Submarines Thought To Be Catching Up With U.S. Navy

23 November 2019

U.S. nuclear sub loads torpedoes in Norway before sailing to track Russian subs

Navy's first woman to bomb ISIS opens up: 'I can't believe this is going on'

Japan Launches Final Soryu Class Submarine

22 November 2019

Navy Says JO Ship-Driving Skills Show Modest Improvement as GAO Raises Questions on New Training Regimes

Ohio Guided Missile Submarines Were Designed To Be Drone-Carrying Clandestine Command Centers

Taiwan's Difficult-Yet-Viable Indigenous Submarine Project Needs Cross-Party Support

20 November 2019

A Navy carrier strike group just rolled up on Iran's doorstep

48-Year-Old Soviet Submarine Docked Next to the Queen Mary Is Being Sold to Anonymous Buyer

Wargaming is raising money to save historic submarine USS Batfish

19 November 2019

Japan’s Got a Stealthy New Submarine (With Some Very Interesting 'Batteries')

75 Years Ago the USS Grayback Was Lost in the Pacific Ocean: This is the Doomed Submarine's Epic Story.

US sub fleet trains with Peru to improve anti-submarine warfare

18 November 2019

The new seal for the Navy's next aircraft carrier contains a hint about big changes coming to naval aviation

Air Force and Army veteran duo aim to restore WWII submarine

Has the U.S. Navy Created Its Ultimate Weapon?

17 November 2019

Navy UFO mystery deepens amid disclosure that 'unknown individuals' told officers to erase evidence

Watch Russian Submariners Train To Escape A Burning Submarine Through A Torpedo Tube

US Navy converts Los Angeles-class submarine into moored training ship

15 November 2019

Japanese Navy May Have Gained Tactical Edge With New Submarine

Navy Officers Say 'Unknown Individuals' Made Them Erase Evidence of 2004 UFO Encounter

Navy verifies lost sub rediscovered

13 November 2019

USS Harry S. Truman repairs complete after electrical issue sidelined carrier for months

New strategic submarine tests torpedoes in northern waters

Muskogee War Memorial Park hosting trivia night to save historic World War II submarine

12 November 2019

Available Submarine Billets Outpaced By Demand From Female Sailors

WWII US submarine wreck discovered 75 years after it sank

Russian submarine spotted in Israeli territorial waters

10 November 2019

Mysterious Laser Turret Appears On US Navy Destroyer USS Dewey

Death by Drones: The Reason the Navy's Nuclear Submarines Could Be in Trouble

Australia's Futuristic Submarine Could Be A Real Budget Buster

09 November 2019

Meet the 29SS: Japan's New Stealth Submarine

The Navy's Next Submarine Is Going To Redefine the Word 'Stealth'

Which city wants to become the new home for battleship Texas?

08 November 2019

The Navy SEALs Chose the Amazing Sig Sauer P226

Navy to christen 'USNS Newport' on Saturday, ship honors the city of Newport and its contributions

GD slates Columbia submarine construction to start next year

06 November 2019

Yes, North Korea Does Have a Nuclear-Missile Submarine

Submarine Shortage! America's Shipyards Can't Build Boats Fast Enough

Electric Boat, Navy Agree to a Minimum of 9 Submarines over Next 5 Years

05 November 2019

US Navy to slash the number of Virginia-class attack subs in long-delayed Block V contract

WW II submarine discovered 77 years after it vanished in the Mediterranean

General Dynamics gets multibillion-dollar Navy submarine deal

04 November 2019

China Thinks a Nuclear Submarine Can Sink Half of An Aircraft Carrier Battle Group

Trump's Naval Dream Seems Sunk: America Can't Afford a 355 Ship Navy

U.S. Navy Beware! Russian Submarines Surge Into the Atlantic

02 November 2019

The Navy's oldest nuclear-powered attack sub just arrived in port for the last time

Russia just tested an ICBM near the site of its deadly nuclear missile accident

Missing WWII submarine found in 'fantastic condition'

01 November 2019

Highlights: A conversation with the Secretary of the Navy

Borei-A class submarine fires SLBM for first time

Lost WW2 British submarine found sunk off the coast of Malta