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31 October 2019

Russia's new submarine test-fires ballistic missile

Unable to meet carrier demand, Navy looks at 'Lightning Carriers'

USS Olympia's around-the-world voyage ends in Bremerton

30 October 2019

New nonprofit hopes to transport World War II submarine to Louisville

Russian subs honing stealth skills in major North Atlantic drill, says Norwegian intel

The Navy just used a drone to deliver supplies to a submarine at sea for the first time

29 October 2019

Future USS Delaware delivered to the Navy

North Korea’s Submarines are not yet a Threat

The Navy usually names aircraft carriers after presidents — here's why Jimmy Carter got a submarine

28 October 2019

Maybe It’s Time for Tiny Submarines?

Troubled Navy Secretary Attacks Congress As His Most Expensive Ship Goes To Sea

Navy commissions newest warship

26 October 2019

Navy Leader Denies the Service Is Blaming Shipbuilder for Carrier Ford’s Many Problems

Jury convicts 7 Catholic pacifists of breaking into nuclear submarine base

U.S. Navy Submarines May Have Stealth Problems, But They’re Not Alone

24 October 2019

'Executing the plan' — How a CO's warship romance got him canned

Darwin should be a forward operating base for Australia's submarines

Russia offers Philippines help building submarine force

23 October 2019

Turkey just launched a homemade submarine program

Group signs third subcontract for RAN Attack-class submarine program

Impact Watch this submarine play tag with a shark from the darkest depths of the ocean

22 October 2019

Australia should bring forward planned submarine technology review

Naval tech trends: Submarine leads Twitter mentions in Q3 2019

Russian nuclear submarine aborts ballistic missile test

21 October 2019

What Does Japan's New Attack Submarines Have In Common with Your iPhone?

Turkey To Go Its Own Way With Submarines

A bird struck a Navy ‘doomsday’ plane. It caused millions in damage

19 October 2019

Are Diesel-Powered Submarines Better Than America’s Leading Nuclear Fleet?
deisel sub vs nuke sub

This Is What Happens When a U.S. Navy Attack Submarine Crashes Into a 'Mountain'

Putin Oversees Nuclear Submarine Drills Across Russia

18 October 2019

Report to Congress on US Navy Ship Names

This Is Japan's Plan To Counter China's Massive Submarine Buildup

This Is 1 Stealth Submarine the U.S. Navy Doesn't Have

17 October 2019

The Making Of A Submarine Hunting U.S. Navy S-3 Viking Crewman

U.S. Navy Admiral Hails China’s Professionalism in Disputed Seas

Manitowoc, dare to brave the haunted sub at Wisconsin Maritime Museum this weekend

15 October 2019

Here’s a believable explanation of those UFO videos released by the Navy

Russia's submarines are getting harder to find, and the Navy is sending more people to keep an eye on them

See This Old Russian Submarine? It Can Out Run Anything Underwater.

14 October 2019

U.S. Navy Submarines May Have Stealth Problems, But They’re Not Alone

Inside Big Navy's war on beards

This New Submarine Could Be a Real Killer (And No, Its Not American)

12 October 2019

Russia's New Submarines Are Dangerous. But How Would They Be Used in War?

'You’re only ever 15 minutes away from launching a missile': What it was like to be a Cold War submariner

DSME awarded contract to design, build upgraded KSS-III-class submarine

11 October 2019

Iranian officials say two rockets struck an Iranian tanker traveling through the Red Sea off the coast of Saudi Arabia

CBO: Navy's Next Nuclear Attack Submarine Could Cost $5.5B a Hull

The Navy named its next warship after this city

10 October 2019

Navy plans training exercise on Thursday

Australia's new frigates will be fit for the future. Our submarines should be too

Living on a nuclear submarine does your head in

09 October 2019

Whistleblower says Navy shipbuilders ignored nuclear submarine testing procedures for years

Navy Pilot Says ‘Dark Mass’ Made Torpedo Disappear

During War Games, an Indian Diesel Submarine Sank a U.S. Nuclear Submarine

08 October 2019

Last Navy F/A-18C Hornet makes final flight

North Korean Trade Workers See Through Submarine Missile Test Propaganda

Russia's New Submarines Are Dangerous. But How Would They Be Used in War?

07 October 2019

Virginia-class nuclear sub is painted pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

French submarine 'fits' Phillipines Navy requirement

New Attack Submarine, Future USS Oregon, Is Christened

05 October 2019

New Virginia-Class Submarines to Hold More Missiles
Virginia class attacksub

Is This New Submarine the World’s Best Aquatic War Machine?

Artificial Reef Near Sarasota Honors Lost Submarines And Those Who Served On Them

04 October 2019

Explainer: North Korea's suspected submarine missile 'pushes the envelope'

Whistleblower Accuses Shipbuilder of Falsifying Submarine Stealth Coating Tests

Luxury ship with two helicopters and a submarine visits Norfolk

03 October 2019

The Navy is getting its torpedomen back

North Korea says it successfully tested new submarine-launched ballistic missile

Navy to christen newest attack submarine, USS Oregon

01 October 2019

India commissions second Project 75 submarine

Australia hid documents about submarine deal to avoid offending Japan

The US Navy’s Submarine Periscope Controls Are $30 Xbox Controllers