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30 September 2019

Navy Says Goodbye to the 'Blueberry' Camouflage Uniform

Electric Boat facing mounting challenges as sub work ramps up

Indian Navy set to induct submarine INS Khanderi today

28 September 2019

Navy Nightmare: Meet the 1 Thing That Could Make Submarines Obsolete

Did the Navy Plan to Build Underwater Submarine Bases to Battle Russia?

This U.S. Navy Submarine Has Nazi 'DNA': Meet the Tench-Class

27 September 2019

Old Cold War-era submarine won’t become an artificial reef in Palm Beach County

Smooth Sailing for the Columbia Class?: Navy Working to Keep Sub on Track for 2028 Delivery

The nuclear submarine Thresher was said to be America’s best. Then tragedy struck.

26 September 2019

Sweden out, South Korea in for Rs 45,000 crore submarine project

The defense secretary praised the 'readiness' of an attack submarine that hasn't been on a mission since 2015

'Drug smuggling' sub nabbed with 6 tons of cocaine worth $165 million; 4 arrested

25 September 2019

Iran's Strange Navy of Small, Fast Boats Is No Joke

Navy investigates shooting death of Marine sentry at Georgia submarine base

Submarine carrying 12,000 pounds of cocaine worth $165M seized by Coast Guard

24 September 2019

Satellite images suggest North Korea working on missile submarine

3 Navy Sailors Stationed Aboard USS George H.W. Bush Died by Suicide Last Week, Four Since July

This Russian Missile Submarine Split In Two and Sits 18000 Feet Below the Waves

23 September 2019

Why the Navy Will No Longer Use Touch Screens Controls on Their Ships

Inside the New Cruise Ship that Has Two Helicopters and a Submarine

Remembering Australia's First Submarine

21 September 2019

Tucson Changes Hands Following a Successful Deployment

U.S. Navy and Marine Corps Want Small Ships to Land Troops in a War

All of the Powerful and Advanced New Submarines the Navy Is Building

20 September 2019

The US Navy's new autonomous refueling drone takes historic first flight

The US Navy Has a Water Problem

All of the Powerful and Advanced New Submarines the Navy Is Building

19 September 2019

Navy carrier strike group deploys - without its aircraft carrier

The Navy Is Creating a New Senior Leader Position to Attack Maintenance Backlog

Those UFO videos are real, the Navy says, but please stop saying ‘UFO’

18 September 2019

HMS Northumberland takes part in a mock submarine hunt

U.K.-Flagged Tanker Held by Iran to Be Released ‘in Days': Iran

Iran says it seized another tanker in the Gulf after Aramco attacks

17 September 2019

Canadian and his firm plead guilty to transferring U.S. Navy rescue-sub data to China

Alfa: Russia's 'Race Car' Submarines Were Faster and Could Out-dive Anything

China's First Nuclear Submarines Were Underwater 'Train-wrecks'

16 September 2019

A Big Deal: The Navy Wants 3 New Virginia-Class Submarines Every Year

China lays keel for Thailand's first S26T submarine

Video of launching of cruise missile by Russia's submarine in Pacific ocean published

14 September 2019

IDF's naval-training personnel offer glimpse into world of advanced submarine warfare
israeli submarine

General Dynamics Taps New Leader for Electric Boat

New submarine facility will define Connecticut’s economy

13 September 2019

China To Help Bangladesh Build Submarine Base, Senior Official Says

Navy's oldest attack sub sails around the world for final deployment

Taiwan Wants Updated Submarine Force

12 September 2019

INS Khanderi: All you need to know about India's 2nd Scorpene-class submarine

General Atomics to Build Navy Submarine Bearing Support Structures

Albany native takes command of Navy submarine squadron

11 September 2019

Russian Navy Receiving Over Half Dozen Submarines

US Navy makes a major breakthrough in autonomous weaponry

Navy officer helped test equipment for first ballistic missile submarines

10 September 2019

Navy revs up information warfare to stop enemy missiles, weapons

Second deadly Scorpene submarine to be commissioned this month after some delay

San Pedro hosted the first submarine base on the Pacific Coast

09 September 2019

TKMS introduces new submarine fuel cell

Remote Navy Submarine Test Base Has Been Key In Rescuing Hundreds In The Bahamas After Dorian

A U.S. Navy Boat from Norfolk Was Found Floating off Ireland's Coast

07 September 2019

Maintenance completed on submarine USS Connecticut

US submarine tests four nuclear capable missiles

Remote Navy Submarine Test Base Has Been Key In Rescuing Hundreds In The Bahamas After Dorian

06 September 2019

Navy Poised to Aid Bahamas, Waiting For Formal Request

A U.S. Navy boat from Norfolk was found floating off Ireland’s coast. It caused a national stir.

The US Navy just deployed its new ship-killer missile to China's backyard

05 September 2019

Two Refits That Will Make—Or Break—The U.S. Navy

The government must create a single Australian submarine enterprise

In 1984, a Russian Nuclear Attack Submarine Smashed into a U.S. Navy Aircraft Carrier

04 September 2019

Navy Contractors Feud Over Who Pays for Fixes to Troubled $13 Billion Warship

US-led Persian Gulf patrols put Iran on notice

Navy, Coast Guard Prep for Hurricane Dorian

03 September 2019

The U.S. Navy Has Plans to Build Lots Deadly New Submarines

Alfa: The Insanely Fast Russian Submarine That Had 1 Unfixable Flaw

France's First “Barracuda” Attack Submarine Has Taken to the Water (And Is Quieter & Deadlier Than Ever)

02 September 2019

Submarine Hobbyists Help Researchers On Montana's Flathead Lake

Norway Surveys Sunken Soviet Submarine

'Well-built machines of war' — Esper touts the US submarine fleet as a critical edge over Russia and China