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31 August 2019

The AUS Attack-class submarine battery debate: science fiction or engineering?

Navy, Coast Guard Prepare Florida For Hurricane Dorian

DIY submarine? DIY submarines!

30 August 2019

North Korea's building a new sub, but it's years from being a threat

We All Live On a Red Submarine

Navy, Shipbuilders Working On Final Details Of Block V Virginia-Class Submarine Deal

29 August 2019

Satellite Photos Indicate North Korea is Building a Nuke-Launching Submarine

Navy Must Provide Clearer Parts Demand Signal to Submarine Builders, Maintainers

Navy's No. 2 officer in command of super-secret attack submarine is relieved of duty

28 August 2019

Photos indicate North Korea may be building submarine capable of launching nuclear missiles

New defense secretary touts submarines' role in power struggle

Netanyahu approved submarine sale to Egypt to get discount from Germany, report says

27 August 2019

Iran deploys 2 warships to Gulf of Aden

U.S. Navy SEALs Have Special Ops Jet Skis

Navy quietly ends climate change task force, reversing Obama initiative

26 August 2019

U.S. Navy awards General Dynamics with $1.6 billion contract for newest expeditionary ships

British navy says 3rd warship sailing to Persian Gulf

USS Louisiana, last of the ballistic missile submarine fleet, to begin refueling at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard

25 August 2019

The Navy's newest fleet just turned a year old — here's how it's been training for a new kind of fight

Three ship commanders fired in two days, raising questions about Navy's 'zero-error tolerance' culture

Top SEAL says the service's special operations community has 'drifted from our Navy core values'

24 August 2019

This is why nuclear subs don't try to rest on the sea floor

Russia test fires missiles from submarines in the Barents Sea

Why Is Saudi Arabia Buying a Billion-Dollar Ship The Navy Doesn't Even Want?

23 August 2019

See inside a sunken Nazi-era U-boat found in the Gulf of Mexico

Leader aboard USS Jimmy Carter relieved of duty

The Royal Navy Plans to Acquire Two So-Called 'Littoral Strike Ships'

SECNAV orders comprehensive review of Navy, Marine Corps JAGs

22 August 2019

First manned trip in 14 years to Titanic remains made by Triton Submarines of Sebastian

The great Iran tanker hunt is still on - analysis

Today in History: Russian nuclear submarine sinks, 118 sailors die

21 August 2019

US Navy 'ready' for whatever 'needs to be done' in Venezuela, Naval commander says

Submarine guided-missile Ohio-class

Second in command of secret attack submarine relieved of duty

20 August 2019

A Guide to Becoming an Admiral in the Russian Navy

The Navy's 'New' Virginia-Class Attack Stealth Submarine Is Coming Soon

New Kilo-class submarine begins sea trials

19 August 2019

Is the Navy’s Submarine Missile Program Going Down the Tubes?

Man discovers message in bottle from Russian navy

Despite record budgets, the US Navy is short hundreds of millions for maintenance

17 August 2019

Russia's Fire-Damaged "Losharik" Spy Submarine Heads For Repairs As New Details Emerge

Navy sets sights on new submarine weapons

US issues warrant to seize Iranian tanker off Gibraltar

16 August 2019

Columbia, Ohio Subs On Schedule, Despite Missile Tube Problems

Understanding Civil-Military Relations and Anti-Submarine Warfare

Attack submarine arrives at Portsmouth Naval Shipyard

14 August 2019

Iran Says it Expects Tanker Held by UK to Be Released Soon

Curtiss-Wright to support US Navy submarine programs

Navy sub firepower upgrade delayed by welding flaws

13 August 2019

After a Deadly Collision, the Navy Is Ditching Complex Digital Warship Controls

See This Submarine Photo? It's How America Would Crush China in a War

U.S. Navy Sub Firepower Upgrade Delayed by Welding Flaws

12 August 2019

The Role of the Blue Water Navy in Russian Diplomacy

The Royal Navy's New Type 26 Frigate Could Be One Killer Warship

The US Navy will replace its touchscreen controls with mechanical ones on its destroyers

10 August 2019

Retired Submarine Commander Sues Navy to Release USS Thresher Investigation

It Was Bloody: How the U.S. Navy's Submarines Became the Best on the Planet

Super-Silent Russian Submarines Are in British Waters, Making Navy Anxious

09 August 2019

Russia: 2 dead, 4 injured by rocket explosion at navy nuke base

Navy Considering More Advanced Burke Destroyers as Large Surface Combatant Timeline Slips

A surge of patients who fled Venezuela showing up at US Navy ship during port visits

08 August 2019

'Peace through strength': Navy sails an aircraft carrier through disputed South China Sea

Here's what the Navy is up to in Africa

Is Russia's New Stealth Submarine Project Doomed?

07 August 2019

The U.S. Navy’s Minesweeper Fleet Is in Bad Shape

New Report Points to Acute Fatigue as Factor in Deadly Navy Ship Collision

3D images show long-lost WWII submarine USS Grunion

06 August 2019

SERO 400 periscopes selected for Preveze-class submarine upgrade

US Submarine That Vanished on 1st Mission in WWII Is Found Off Alaskan Islands

New report blames Big Navy for fatal collision

05 August 2019

Iran seizes another oil tanker, third as feud with US continues

Iran seizes another foreign oil tanker, state media says

Iran Has Hundreds of Naval Mines. U.S. Navy Minesweepers Find Old Dishwashers and Car Parts.

03 August 2019

The US Navy is going to be getting another flattop late as new problems pop up at the shipyard

New North Korean submarine can carry 3 SLBMs, says South Korea

Long lost submarine found off the coast of Denmark

02 August 2019

Defence capabilities needed to preserve Australia as a sovereign state

Researchers Shocked by Massive Ancient Shark Bigger Than Their Submarine

Bow of WW II US submarine discovered near remote Alaskan island