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17 July 2019

With a $150 million price tag, Navy's CIC simulators now running on both coasts

Retired Navy captain believes it's time to release records on sunken submarine Thresher

Enlisted women now free to apply for submarine duty at any time

16 July 2019

Deep-sea stealth: France unveils new nuclear submarine

A Sunken Soviet Sub Is Raising the Radioactivity of the Norwegian Sea 800,000-Fold. But Don't Worry.

Boeing Bags Massive U.S. Navy Drone Contract

15 July 2019

Russian Navy to Get Nuclear-Powered Aircraft Carrier? The Answer Is Nyet.

Australia's new fleet of submarines could be 'obsolete' when they come into service in 2030s

Exide Industries working on new range of next-gen submarine batteries

13 July 2019

Macron to unveil France's nuclear-powered 'Barracuda' submarine

Russian nuclear submarine: Norway finds big radiation leak

Deep-sea stealth: France unveils new nuclear submarine

12 July 2019

Dramatic video shows Coast Guard leaping onto submarine carrying 17,000 pounds of cocaine

New Navy air-to-ground missile destroys air defenses from 120 miles

Navy to nominate three-star for CNO

11 July 2019

Iranian IRGC boats tried, failed to seize British oil tanker in Persian Gulf

Russia Offers India Joint Development of New Diesel-Electric Attack Submarine

Sunken Soviet Nuclear Submarine Leaking High Levels of Radiation

10 July 2019

A sunken one-of-a-kind Soviet nuclear sub appears to be leaking radiation into the sea

Dutch WWII submarine wrecks disappear from Malaysian seabed

Aboard a U.S. patrol ship in the Persian Gulf, where tensions are spiking

09 July 2019

The US Navy's Riverines are up-gunned, high tech and ready to lean into great power competition

Russian anti-submarine warfare vessel Yeysk enters Azov Sea

Russian spy sub crew prevented nuclear accident at cost of their lives

08 July 2019

Why the cruiser Normandy left COMPTUEX early

What Can Malaysia Do With 2 Submarines?

Ukraine notifies Turkey of Russian submarine activity in Bosporus

06 July 2019

Step aboard the USS Jason Dunham, one of the versatile destroyers the Navy uses to do everything from nabbing pirates to tracking Russian warships

Stealth Suprise: Is Japan's New Submarine a Game Changer?

UK-flagged tanker stopped in Gulf reported 'safe and well'

05 July 2019

Interview: 'There's An Incident Involving A Russian Submarine Every Five Or Six Years'

This is What The U.S. Navy Wants in a Frigate for the 21st Century

What Was That Secret Russian Sub Doing Before It Caught Fire?

04 July 2019

New Details On Russian Submarine Fire Emerge Along With An Intriguing Schematic (Updated)

Russia submersible fire was in battery compartment

Fishermen witnessed nuclear submarine drama

Russia accused of cover-up over lethal submarine fire

03 July 2019

Russia's nuclear submarine disaster will test President Vladimir Putin and the Russian Navy

Rosie the Welder, Chief Getting-Into-Small-Holes Man part of Manitowoc submarine lore

UPDATED: 14 Sailors Die on Secretive Russian Nuclear Submarine; Putin Calls Incident 'Great Loss'

02 July 2019

WWII Submarine S-28 Gravesite Officially Identified Off Oahu

Importance Of Nuclear Submarines For Pakistan

How AI Will Transform Anti-Submarine Warfare

01 July 2019

Russian Kilo-Class Sails Surfaced Through NATO Anti-Submarine Exercise

Tempest, the fighting submarine

China Confirms Submarine-Launched Missile Test