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29 June 2019

Lawmakers vote to sink Balao-class submarine USS Clamagore

Ten Capabilities That Make The U.S. Navy's Nuclear-Powered Aircraft Carriers Indispensable

Deep-ocean sonar anti-submarine warfare (ASW)

27 June 2019

A US Navy destroyer is keeping a close eye on the advanced Russian warship roaming the Caribbean

Congress Wants the Navy to Prove it Can Fight Off Enemy Drone, Boat Swarms

The Navy's New Submarine Has the Ultimate Feature: You Can't Hear It.

'First-cut-of-steel' begins new era in nuclear weapons, submarine warfare

26 June 2019

On Watch in the Arabian Gulf: What the U.S. Navy Faces Against Iran

Leidos gets Navy go-ahead to fabricate TRAPS deep-ocean sonar system prototypes for anti-submarine warfare (ASW)

L3 Technologies is Repairing and Upgrading Submarine Photonics for the Navy

25 June 2019

More US Navy Personnel Deployed to Middle East Than Anywhere Else

Report to Congress on Virginia-class Attack Submarine Program

Work begins on India’s next gen nuclear-powered submarines

24 June 2019

U.S. Navy began testing advanced version of long-range electromagnetic weapon

Naval gazing: the submarine's fathomless rise to screen stardom

An Indian Navy submariner's ultimate heroic act in Arabian Sea

23 June 2019

Post Balakot strike, Indian Navy hunted for Pakistani submarine for 21 days

Scapa Flow: Sunken WW1 battleships up for sale on eBay

How an Aircraft Carrier and a Submarine Hunted Each Other During the Falklands War

US Navy to dub newest rescue ship ‘Cherokee Nation’

22 June 2019

Convoy Time: Is the U.S. Navy Even Ready for a War with Iran?

Russia to dispose Ukrainian submarine captured in 2014

Submarine-launched drone platoons will soon be emerging from the sea

21 June 2019

Come Aboard the U.S. Navy's Most Secret of All Submarines

Sweden's second upgraded Gotland submarine returns to the water

Submarine-launched drone platoons will soon be emerging from the sea

20 June 2019

Navy: Next Large Surface Combatant Will Look A Lot Like Zumwalt

Norfolk Naval Shipyard dedicates new submarine maintenance facilities

US Navy drone shot down by Iranian missile over Strait of Hormuz

19 June 2019

The Navy Can't Use an Aircraft Carrier to Strike Venezuela

Report to Congress on US Navy Ship Names

Norfolk Naval Shipyard Dedicates Submarine Maintenance Facility

18 June 2019

Navy Launches Combat Ship USS Minneapolis-St. Paul

Why the Navy's New Ballistic Missile Submarine Will Be a Game Changer

Defence Ministry seeks detailed report on Navy submarine fire incident

17 June 2019

South Korea’s first KSS-3 submarine begins sea trials

So, Superman is a Navy SEAL now

Indian Navy postpones induction of second Kalvari-class submarine

15 June 2019

Australian submarine makes emergency stop in Solomon Islands

Canadian accused of lying in case alleging China given design details of U.S. Navy submarine rescue vessel

Navy finds defects in Scorpene submarine; one more year of delay

14 June 2019

US releases video it says shows Iran's military recovering tanker mine

The Iranian Tanker Attacks

Climate Change Is Melting The Polar Ice Cap And The Navy Is Looking North

13 June 2019

Commander Robert W. Rose in charge of Navy submarine since 2017

Support For Low-Yield Nukes On Subs Splits Along Party Lines

The christening of a new USS Nevada

12 June 2019

When US Navy and Marine F-35 pilots most need performance, the aircraft becomes erratic

Navy probe rules vice admiral's death a suicide

Why the Navy's New Ballistic Missile Submarine Will Be a Game Changer

11 June 2019

Exclusive Look Inside USS Batfish After Historic Flooding

Indonesia's Submarine Corps history and map of Asian conflict

South Korean navy receives another upgraded Chang Bogo-class submarine

10 June 2019

The Navy is naming a warship after a Coast Guard hero for the first time ever

S.Korean navy receives upgraded 1,200-ton submarine

That time the CIA stole a Russian submarine

08 June 2019

WATCH: US Navy And Russian Warships Nearly Collide In Philippine Sea

Future submarines: Royal Navy's Dreadnought vs US Navy's Columbia

The Navy's newest supercarriers can't carry its new F-35 stealth fighters, and Congress is not happy about it

07 June 2019

Sink or save? Future of Patriots Point’s Cold War-era submarine still uncertain

This is how the Navy plans to break the Big E

What's up with a Russian jet buzzing a Navy patrol plane again?

06 June 2019

The U.S. Navy-Coast Guard Partnership Is Heading For Trouble: Here's How To Fix It

The U.S. Navy Might Have Found a New Way to Kill Enemy Submarines

Navy's DSRV successfully undertakes personnel transfer from submarine

05 June 2019

Nuclear: Energy bills 'used to subsidise submarines'

Russian Pacific Fleet ships destroy 'enemy' submarine at Far East drills

Russia's Pacific Fleet Conducts Anti-Submarine Warfare Exercise

04 June 2019

U-505 submarine gets a makeover and new exhibit for 75th anniversary

The Navy and Air Force spent the weekend conducting simulated strikes on Iran's doorstep

US Navy's Los Angeles-class submarine ready for decommissioning

03 June 2019

'We are ready' for any Iranian proxy attack, says senior Israel Navy officer

Study This Picture: It Might Be the Future of U.S. Navy Submarines

02 June 2019

Three Royal Navy sailors tested positive for cocaine on board submarine carrying 16 nuclear weapons

The US Navy is planning to equip a destroyer with a laser system by 2021

Navy confirms request was made to ‘minimize the visibility’ of USS John S. McCain during Trump’s visit to Japan

01 June 2019

Navy votes down the sit-up for PRT

The Navy tracks UFO sightings. Scientists explain what’s really going on.

World War II submarine affected by flooding near Muskogee