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31 May 2019

How To Replace the F-35: Meet the 'Advanced' Super Hornet for the U.S. Navy

Navy's 2nd Fleet, Brought Back to Counter Russia, Is Now Officially Operational

Aussie navy pilots hit by Chinese lasers

30 May 2019

Battleship Texas will leave San Jacinto Battleground for undetermined location

How the Navy Blew $30 Billion on 10 'Cheap' Ships

Under the ice: USS Pittsburgh travels to Bremerton through Arctic for last voyage

29 May 2019

The US Navy is talking about finally taking its railgun out to sea for testing aboard a warship

Trumpís carrier obsession sets up collision with Navy and Congress

As Floodwaters Threaten To Wash Away WWII Sub, Crews Race To Sink It

28 May 2019

One lucky destroyer crew will officially be the first to rock the Navy's newest laser weapon

Shipbuilder lends Boeing a hand with rise of robot submarines

Vermont-named nuclear attack submarine readies for launch

27 May 2019

Flooding puts Oklahoma WWII submarine back in water

Ocean Researchers Find Wreckage of Vanished Australian Submarine 100 Years After Sinking

Uber Just Launched a Submarine Service in the Great Barrier Reef

25 May 2019

The U.S. Navy's Stealth Destroyers Are Joining Forces with Robot Ships

Anglesey submarine navy parade for Armed Forces Day

Northern fleet Russia's High-Tech Nuclear Submarine Delayed By Design Flaws

24 May 2019

Senate panel begins funding for coveted 3rd submarine built in Connecticut and Rhode Island

HII cuts first steel for Columbia submarine

Now You Can Take an Uber Submarine Under the Great Barrier Reef

23 May 2019

Could Airships Really Revolutionize the U.S. Navy?

How you can help find the Navy's best command master chief

When it comes to missile-killing lasers, the US Navy is ready to burn its ships

22 May 2019

Delivery of Russiaís First Yasen-M Attack Submarine Pushed to 2020

NATO Secretary General marks 50 years of UK submarine nuclear deterrent

Electric Boat Receives Half-Billion-Dollar Award To Help Submarine Suppliers Expand

21 May 2019

Siemens unveils new FLEX PM modular submarine propulsion motors

US Submarine Test Fires Ballistic Missile

US aircraft carrier seen as barometer of tensions with Iran

20 May 2019

US conducts Navy exercises in Arabian Sea

After Only 3 Years in Service, the USS Zumwaltís Mission Is Changing

How the Navy is keeping talented moms in the sea service

19 May 2019

Could U.S. Defeat Iranís Navy? This Exercise Shows War Would Not Be Easy

Study Says Navy Logistics Fleet Would Fall Short in High-End Fight

18 May 2019

What's Next for the Philippines' New Anti-Submarine Helicopters?

German submarine inspected for damage after mishap in Norway

US Navy sailors created a 'rape list' aboard the military's second submarine to integrate women

16 May 2019

Russia's Second Poseidon Underwater Drone-Carrying Submarine to Be Launched in 2020

Explorer Completes Deepest Submarine Dive in History, Beats James Cameron's Record

German submarine inspected for damage after mishap in Norway

15 May 2019

Australia to pay multi-million-dollar penalties to French submarine builders if deal collapses

China just launched 2 more advanced destroyers ó here's how they stack up against the US Navy's Arleigh Burke-class destroyers

Today a picturesque waterway, Bayou St. John once harbored a Civil War submarine

14 May 2019

The Navy Has Some Down Right Scary Plans for Its Next Attack Submarine

U.S. suspects Iran in tanker attack but cannot prove it now

US Navy fleet sent to Middle East to ward off threats represents a target, Iranian commander says

12 May 2019

China Has Constructed Six Ballistic Missile Submarines

Project Azorian: Stealing a Sunken Soviet Sub

Iranian cleric threatens U.S. Navy fleet amid warning regime could target commercial ships

11 May 2019

The US is sending another warship and more missiles to the Middle East amid Iran tensions

This Is What Happened When A US Nuclear Submarine Crashed Into An Underwater Mountain

Taiwan Unveils Model of Indigenously-Designed Diesel-Electric Attack Submarine

10 May 2019

US Navy sub test-launches missile, following North Korea test of its own

Powerful New Raytheon Radar Gives Navy Better Defense Against Ballistic, Hypersonic Threats

Navy Plans to Surge Submarine Spending to $5 Billion by 2024

09 May 2019

Royal Navy Sub Appears In Gibraltar Equipped With A Wake Detection System

Taiwan breaks ground on submarine shipyard to counter China

Submarine vs. Submarine Battle Royal: It Only Happened Once

08 May 2019

Marines prep to hit the beach (but need more ships from the Navy)

Here's why the US suddenly decided to send an aircraft carrier and bombers to check Iran

07 May 2019

How an electronic warfare update could help the Navy

How the Space Force might impact Navy and Marine Corps personnel

Navy Plans to Surge Submarine Spending to $5 Billion by 2024

06 May 2019

With billions planned in funding, the US Navy charts its unmanned future

India Launches 4th Kalvari-Class Attack Submarine

Indian Navy's submarine 'Vela' of Project 75 launched

05 May 2019

How to Sink a $3 Billion Dollar Submarine: Forgetting to Close a Hatch

Navy plans to be more active in the Arctic

Kill the U-Boat: How Germany's Deadly World War Boat Submarines Were Stopped

04 May 2019

Egypt receives third German-built attack submarine

Naval Submarine Base New London to welcome new commander

Local News, Submarine veterans gather in Kalispell

03 May 2019

Pentagon warns on risk of Chinese submarines in Arctic

Seaman describes life onboard a British nuclear submarine

Naval Submarine Base New London to welcome new commander

02 May 2019

Why the Navy Wonít Retire the USS Truman Early

Navy announces this year's new master chiefs

Tolling of the Boats to honor all lost submarines

01 May 2019

Indian Navy to get 16 anti-submarine warfare vessels

$128 Billion Can Build a LotóBut Probably Not a Nuclear-Armed Submarine, Auditors Warn

In the belly of a nuclear submarine