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30 April 2019

We Talked to Navy Sailors in Every Active Fleet. Almost All of Them Expressed Little Confidence in Navy Leadership.

Poland acquires AW101 helos for Navy under $430M deal

Check Out Russia's 'Stealth' Kilo-Class Submarine. Here's What It Can Do.

28 April 2019

No More 'Stealth' Submarines: Could Quantum 'Radar' Make Submarines Easy to Track (And Kill)?

The Royal Navy Can't Seem to Figure Out How to Dispose of Old Nuclear Submarines

Russia Launches Belgorod, the World’s Longest Submarine

27 April 2019

Russia Is Working on a New Way to 'Unstealth' U.S. Navy Submarines

Japan Sub-Hunting Planes Conduct Anti-Submarine Warfare Exercise in India

Putin Unveils World's Longest Nuclear Submarine at Shipyard Ceremony

25 April 2019

Electric Boat 97% Done with Columbia Submarine’s Detail Design, Ahead of Construction Start Next Year

Why the US Navy has 10 ships, 130 aircraft and 9,000 personnel in the Mediterranean

New Russian 'drone mothership' submarine launched

24 April 2019

Navy working on guidelines to make it easier to report UFOs

What you don't know about the Navy's plans for a community college

Russia Launches New Submarine Believed Capable Of Carrying Nuclear-Armed Drones

23 April 2019

Australian ship discovered off Victoria 77 years after Japanese submarine attack

Shape, mission and power plant drives the creation of modern submarines

End of an era: Navy's P-3C Orion embarks on its final deployment

22 April 2019

The Navy wants new tools for launching robots from torpedo tubes

Despite America's needs here, we must think carefully before cutting back on the US Navy

General Dynamics Gets $269M Contract Modification to Produce Submarine Missile Tubes for US, UK

21 April 2019

The Navy's Most Expensive New Ship Program Might Cost Even More Than Anticipated

The U.S. Navy Has a Serious Problem: Too Few Ships

The Hedgehog: The Royal Navy's Secret Weapon to Kill Japanese Submarines

19 April 2019

US, Indian navies practice hunting submarines together in Indian Ocean

What Does the New Submarine Deal Mean for South Korea-Indonesia Relations?

Report to Congress on Columbia-class Nuclear Ballistic Missile Submarine Program

18 April 2019

"Blow the Top Off a Mountain": The Destructive Power of a U.S. Navy Railgun

As Obsolete as a Battleship: Why Is the U.S. Navy Still Building Aircraft Carriers?

Imagine This: The Navy Decides To Pass on the F-14 Tomcat

17 April 2019

Navy Wants Its Own ‘Holodeck’ Simulator

U.S. Navy Wants a 'Robot' Fleet to Fight Russia or China

Navy’s $128 Billion Nuclear Submarine Project Faces Audit

16 April 2019

Brazilian nuclear policy under Bolsonaro: no nuclear weapons, but a nuclear submarine

India Did Major Damage to a New $3 Billion Submarine By Leaving a Hatch Open

Indonesia, South Korea Ink $1 Billion Contract for 3 Diesel-Electric Submarines

15 April 2019

USS Seawolf: America's Ultimate Nuclear Attack Submarine (And There Is Only 3 Of Them)

Royal Navy sailors kicked off submarine after testing positive for cocaine

Astute vs Virginia: Which navy has the best nuclear attack submarine?

13 April 2019

Is This North Korea’s 'Human Torpedo' Suicide Sub?

Smoke inside USS Drum submarine at Battleship Park causes evacuation

HII wins Virginia-class Block V submarine contract modification

12 April 2019

US Marines turned a warship into an F-35 'Lightning carrier' in a test to boost US power

11 April 2019

The Navy is investigating why a barge suddenly capsized at an Idaho stealth submarine facility

Kilo: The Stealth Submarine the U.S. Navy Won't Want to Face in Battle

British nuclear submarine yard reopens after brief evacuation

10 April 2019

What all the letters and numbers in Navy ship designations mean

Why the Navy's best recruits might be former sailors

Cost of new class of ballistic submarines underestimated, watchdog says

09 April 2019

The Navy's New Nuclear Missile Submarines Are Probably Going to Cost More Than $128 Billion

A piece of submarine here in Springfield and its role in national security

Peace Activists Face 25 Years for Action at US Nuclear Submarine Base

08 April 2019

US will not send ships to China's upcoming naval celebration

Navy program office to lead $21 billion Naval shipyard modernization

Three killed in Iranian submarine explosion

07 April 2019

Russia’s navy is falling behind the US Navy, study says

Russian sub launched cruise missile without leaving port

Russia accuses Norwegian man of submarine espionage

05 April 2019

Navy's Next-Generation Fighter Analysis Due Out this Summer

What comes next for the Navy's second oldest carrier?

100000 Ton Question: Are U.S. Navy Aircraft Carriers Too Big to Fail?

04 April 2019

The US Navy, seeking savings, shakes up its plans for more lethal attack submarines

Nuclear submarines: MoD criticised over submarine disposal

The Navy's new $13 billion supercarriers have a high-tech feature

Navy shows off Poseidon anti-submarine warfare plane at Malaysian airshow

03 April 2019

Why the Navy will make fewer E-9s this year

It's Time To Make Data Strategic For Our Navy

Spotted on the Bay: Nuclear Attack Submarine

02 April 2019

New Submarines, Destroyers and More: The U.S. Navy Is About to Get Much Bigger

VIDEO: Navy Brings Mine Countermeasures Triad Together for Experiment Aboard British Ship

The Navy Is Assembling a Hacker Team to Fight Off Small Drones

01 April 2019

STRATCOM Commander Wants to Put Low Yield Nuclear Missiles on US Submarines

Hitler's Super Submarines: Could They Have Helped Nazi Germany Win World War II?

April Fools! Sorry, there's no submarine coming to Put-in-Bay. No whales, either.