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30 March 2019

U.S. Navy Turned A British Amphibious Ship Into A Mine-Clearing Sea Base Packed With Drone Tech

Sunken Sub: In 1968, a Navy Nuclear Shockingly Submarine Imploded (Many Died)

29 March 2019

Naval Air Station - Kingsville sailors included in nationwide Navy housing survey

Alaskans fret about upcoming Navy exercise

28 March 2019

The Navy SEALs Could Soon Be Getting Their Own Submarines

Boeing clinches Navy unmanned submarine program

The U.S. Navy Wants 32 More Nuclear Attack Submarines in the Next 15 Years

27 March 2019

Navy's $7.8 Billion Destroyer Now Due for Delivery 5 Years Late

This is why Big Navy is getting bigger

Japan Commissions 10th Soryu-Class Diesel-Electric Attack Submarine

26 March 2019

US Navy, Coast Guard ships pass through strategic Taiwan Strait in message to China

Saved from the Scrapper: This Navy Aircraft Carrier Won't Be Retired After-all

Shipyard reaches submarine milestone, questions remain on carrier refueling job

25 March 2019

"Burn the Boats": The U.S. Navy Wants To Mount Laser Weapons on a Destroyer

Navy to name destroyer after corpsman, one of five enlisted Korean War Medal of Honor recipients

Think your kitchen is small? You should try a submarine

24 March 2019

The Navy may scrap a half-dozen of its largest surface combatants

The Best Sub on the Planet: Why the U.S. Navy Only Built 3 Seawolf Submarines

Navy's high-tech warship makes first trip to Alaska, stops in Ketchikan

22 March 2019

The Navy Plans to Put HELIOS Laser Weapon on Destroyer by 2021

Damn The Torpedoes! Add Training Ships To The U.S. Navy's Shopping List

The U.S. Navy's Big Plan: A 355 Ship Fleet (By 2034)

21 March 2019

With an eye to China and Russia, the US Navy plans a lethal upgrade to its destroyers

Navy To Supersize Its Ultra Versatile SM-6 Missile For Even Longer Range And Higher Speed

Skipjack: Meet the Nuclear Submarine That Transformed the U.S. Navy

20 March 2019

How the U.S. Navy Launches Anti-Submarine Torpedoes from Ships

The US Navy, facing a shortfall, aims to ink an enormous attack sub contract next month

Electric Boat awarded $2 Billion for Virginia-Class Submarine Material

19 March 2019

Japan Commissions Tenth Soryu-Class Submarine

Russian Submarine Makes Mysterious Exit From Black Sea

Naval Muscle: Russia's Northern Fleet Is Getting Some Seriously Dangerous Submarines

18 March 2019

The Navy Is Getting Serious About Crewless Vessels

Navy minesweeper damaged after fire breaks out while docked in Bahrain

Why the US Navy will stop publicizing Admiral promotions

16 March 2019

Plan To Retire USS Truman Early Makes No Sense, Which Is Why The Navy Doesn't Really Want To Do It

Brazil could relocate its existing submarines

India-Russia submarine deal raised with FS

15 March 2019

Are South Korean Submarines About to Go Nuclear?

US, UK and Japan scheduled to conduct submarine hunting exercise

Russian cruise missile submarine sails to the Mediterranean

14 March 2019

Navy, Industry Partners Are ‘Under Cyber Siege’ by Chinese Hackers, Review Asserts

Russia says it's going to arm a submarine with 6 nuclear 'doomsday' devices

13 March 2019

Navy Wants 10-Ship Unmanned 'Ghost Fleet' to Supplement Manned Force

12 March 2019

Trump adds third submarine to Pentagon spending request, a potential boon for Electric Boat

Why Did a Russian Nuclear Submarine Fire a Torpedo at Another Russian Sub?

Meet Hitler's Super Submarines (And Why They Were Too Late)

11 March 2019

Ukraine's Navy Has Plans for 2035 Involving Russia—and NATO

Navy to Key West Boaters: Keep Away From the Fleming Key Weapons Bunkers

Louisiana Cajun Navy receives new flood rescue vehicle from donor

09 March 2019

Iran Says Its Navy Foiled Pirate Attack On Oil Tanker

Navy Carriers Celebrate 25 Years of Gender-Integrated Crews

The Best Submarine You Never Heard Of: Meet Russia's Deadly Sierra-Class Submarine

07 March 2019

Navy to Contract New Class of Unmanned Surface Vehicle by Year's End

After 2017 deadly collisions, Navy says 91 reforms have been implemented

Navy Stands Up Columbia Submarine Office, Key to Nuclear Triad

06 March 2019

DARPA Wants to Turn Sea Life Into a Giant Submarine Detection Network

Japan Commissions New Anti-Submarine Warfare Destroyer

Pakistan says it intercepted an Indian submarine near its waters, a week after the dogfight over Kashmir

05 March 2019

See a decommissioned ship get beat down by Army, Navy

Navy's most powerful weapons are submarines based in Puget Sound

Indian submarine trying to enter Pak waters, claims Pakistan Navy

04 March 2019

This Submarine Is "Invincible": Meet the Super Sub Headed to China's Doorstep

Russian navy ships exercised submarine hunt in Norwegian Sea

India, Russia to ink $3 billion nuclear submarine deal this week

02 March 2019

Forces stay on high alert, India deploys Scorpene Submarine

Canadian DND extends life of submarine escape suits beyond expiry date as fleet shows its age

Iran Shows off Unusual Ship-Killing Torpedo/Missile Combination

01 March 2019

NATO begins Dynamic Manta 2019 anti-submarine warfare exercise

Underwater Game-Changer: The U.S. Navy Might Soon Have Submarine 'Motherships'

The Navy just declared America's most expensive weapons system ready for war