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28 February 2019

Tour the USS Albacore, the prototype for the Navy's submarine force

The Navy promised changes after back-to-back deadly collisions. Many within doubt it’s delivering on them

Inside America's most powerful submarines

27 February 2019

Full series: Life on board a nuclear submarine based in Puget Sound

The Past Glory of Swedish Submarines

Launch of Indonesia's third Nagapasa-class submarine delayed by silting

26 February 2019

Royal Navy Names New Dreadnought-Class Submarine

Meet Russia's New Lada-Class Submarine: The Next 'Stealth' Threat to the U.S. Navy?

Iran Claims It Tested A Submarine Launched Anti-Ship Missile Capable Of Standoff Strikes

25 February 2019

Iran launches cruise missile from submarine during drill

Meet the Republic of Singapore Navy's new poison shrimp. They even call it 'Invincible'

Venezuelans park aid boats, retreating from navy threat

23 February 2019

Russia Might Talk Tough But its Navy is a Shrinking Wonder

Pacific submarine commander bestows a more lethal fleet to his successor

Crew members describe life on a Trident submarine

22 February 2019

The U.S. Navy Won’t Bring Back Mothballed Ships to Boost the Fleet

India to receive second Scorpene-class submarine by April 2019

Iran starts Gulf war games, to test submarine-launched missiles

21 February 2019

Navy makes next 2 Ford-class aircraft carriers 'more lethal'

Despite Putin's swagger, Russia struggles to modernize its navy

Is Iran Really Building Its Very Own Submarines?

20 February 2019

Navy plans 3 OTAs to modernize its networks, move

Check Out the U.S. Navy SEALs Deadly 'Stealth' Guns

All Collins Class submarines likely need upgrade before $50b French-built replacements arrive

19 February 2019

Singapore’s Submarine Invincible Launched

Made for Singapore: First of four custom-built RSN submarines launched in Germany

This Is How Apocalypse-Bringing Nuclear Submarines Work

18 February 2019

Spainish warship stands-off with UK navy in Gibraltar

Self-driving Navy ship sails from San Diego to Hawaii and back with no one on board

Submarine pilot runs underwater robot camp to encourage girls in STEM fields

Iran launches new missile submarine

17 February 2019

A rare look at RSN submarine training: Crew can now take out adversary within minutes

USS Tulsa (LCS 16) Commissioned as Navy's Newest Surface Combatant

Rouhani to Unveil New Iranian Cruise Missile-Armed Submarine Sunday

15 February 2019

Indonesia, South Korea Close to Signing Attack Submarine Deal

The U.S. Navy Is Losing Its Submarine Advantage to China

The Navy Just Ordered the "Orca," an Extra-Large Unmanned Submarine by Boeing

14 February 2019

Singapore Navy's first new Type 218SG submarine to be launched in Germany on Monday

The Soviet's 'Golden Fish' Missile Submarine Still Holds The Record As The World's Fastest

US submarine joins naval competition south of Japan

13 February 2019

The Navy called them 'mutineers.' But were they really scapegoats?

US Navy Attack Sub to Participate in Japanese Anti-Submarine Warfare Drill

Russia Feared This U.S. Nuclear Submarine for 1 Reason

12 February 2019

US Submarine Participates in JMSDF SUBCOMP

Why the US Navy sails past disputed artificial islands claimed by China

In the Last Days of World War II, Japan Fielded a Fleet of Kamikaze Mini-Subs

11 February 2019

After 25 years, Charleston's shuttered Navy base still has 'a long way to go'

Does the U.S. Navy's Next Super Weapon Have a Fatal Flaw?

Australia signs $50b Attack submarine deal with French shipbuilder

10 February 2019

Study This Picture: The U.S. Navy Desperately Needs More of These Ships

Before the Navy's Tragic Fitzgerald Collision, the Crew Faced These Big Problems

Moscow accuses Norway of northern military buildup - Here is map of submarine ports

08 February 2019

Years of Warnings, Then Death and Disaster: How the Navy Failed Its Sailors

New monument to honor deadly submarine disaster off Mass. coast

Brazil to start detail phase on first nuclear-powered submarine

07 February 2019

US Navy’s Anti-Submarine Drone Ship Sailed Autonomously From San Diego to Hawaii and Back

The "First Millennial Submarine" Is Also the World’s Most Modern

The Navy admits that its secretive new $760 million aircraft carrier defense system is a total failure

06 February 2019

The Navy Is Ripping Out Underperforming Anti-Torpedo Torpedoes From Its Supercarriers

‘Very Encouraging’ Colorado Spirit Can Be Found On The USS Colorado

Watch: Iranian animation shows submarine sinking US carrier

05 February 2019

'America's first millennial submarine' is also its deadliest hunter-killer ever — step inside the USS South Dakota

The U.S. Navy Has Big Plans to Use Deadly "Swarms". Here's How It Works.

Report: Navy jet swaps endangered readiness, pilot retention

04 February 2019

'Most Modern Submarine In The World' — Meet The New USS South Dakota

US Navy Re-Evaluating 355-Ship Goal

Chinese scientists make progress on nuclear submarine communication

02 February 2019

Crew on Navy’s newest submarine will rarely go hungry

German WWII submarine found in Black Sea off the coast of Istanbul’s Şile

Custom motorcycle kicks off USS South Dakota submarine commissioning

01 February 2019

The US Navy has reportedly agreed to buy 2 aircraft carriers at once and save $4 billion

Navy to honor its 1st female aviator with historic all-female flyover at funeral

German Type 212 Sub Has This 'Propeller Boss Vortex Diffuser' To Reduce Its Acoustic Signature