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31 December 2018

Remember that time we forgot a navy and had to go back and get it?

China's Navy Now Has a Super Weapon America's Navy Lacks: A Railgun

UK Dreadnought submarine programme within budget and on track, says latest MoD report

29 December 2018

Navy Pushes Hypersonic Weapon Plan as Putin Boasts He Already Has Them

That time the Navy decided to build a flying cannon

50 Years Ago, the U.S. Navy Lost a Submarine In a Shocking Accident. Here's What Happened.

28 December 2018

China's first nuclear submarine

The USSR Planned a Super Sub That Launched Rockets and Delivered Tanks

How the Navy Snatched A Dead Russian Submarine From the Bottom Of the Ocean

27 December 2018

Taiwan Indigenous Defense Submarine project nears construction phasenull

Sea change: How the Navy kept reinventing itself over the past century

The US Navy's surface fleet: Here's what's ahead in 2019

26 December 2018

Ukraine's Navy "will be ready" to use weapons if Russia attacks again – media

Navy Nightmare: Could Iran Sink a U.S. Aircraft Carrier?

Navy scraps bread-and-water penalty

24 December 2018

Ukrainian navy chief: If Russia attacks again, we are ready

Venezuela navy confronts Exxon oil ship in Guyana border dispute

22 December 2018

Awe-Inspiring Images From Underneath A Well-Worn USS Nimitz, The Navy's Oldest Carrier

Watch: Navy father meets baby boy for first time after returning from deployment

Watchdog: Navy has spent $1.5 billion to support submarines that cannot deploy

21 December 2018

Navy joins Japan and UK for submarine-hunting exercise in Philippine Sea

Portuguese shipyard conducts overhaul of Type 209PN submarine

VIDEO: Submarine Delaware launched into water for first time

20 December 2018

The 7 Biggest Problems Facing The US Navy, According To The GAO

Watch Underwater Footage from Helge Ingstad—Norway’s Newest Submarine

China Conducts First Test of New JL-3 Submarine-Launched Ballistic Missile

19 December 2018

Virginia-class attack submarine USS Delaware launched

US Navy document paints a bleak picture of fleet's future if hit with 2020 budget cuts

How Russia Wants to Track (And Kill) Navy Submarines

18 December 2018

Submarine spotted near Golden Gardens

First Brazilian Scorpène Class Submarine Launched

New attack submarine launched into water for first time in Newport News

17 December 2018

Chinese hackers are reportedly stealing loads of US Navy secrets, and the Navy is scrambling to stop it

'It's a big ocean': Navy in race against time to recover bodies of Marines inside downed plane off Japan

The Navy Has a Slick Plan To Ensure Its Oldest Enemy Is No More

15 December 2018

Brazil take first step in program to join nuclear-powered sub club

Navy ships more ready for war, but submarine backlog continues

The Navy Wants Swarm Weapons That Can Do Something Amazing

14 December 2018

Australia Names New Attack Submarine The, Uh, Attack

Future submarines renamed 'Attack class' but concerns remain about project rollout

General Dynamics Wins $25M Deal to Support Submarine Platform

13 December 2018

Ex-navy group concerned over French-built submarines

Future AUS submarines renamed 'Attack class' but concerns remain about project rollout

3 US Navy attack submarines 'not certified to dive today'

12 December 2018

Navy Plans to Deactivate F-35 squad at Eglin Air Force Base

Coming Soon: Russian Submarines in the Gulf of Mexico?

The US Navy's last stealth destroyer is in the water

11 December 2018

Following deadly 2017 collisions, Navy revamps surface training

Rate yourself: Take a sneak peak at the Navy's new online evals

A Global PLAN?: China's Navy Could Have 10 Aircraft Carriers (And More)

10 December 2018

This Submarine Is the U.S. Navy's Worst Nightmare

Be-200 Amphibious Aircraft to Be Commissioned for Russian Navy by End of 2019

UK Navy's Dreadnought submarine programme secures £400m funding

09 December 2018

'Iran Navy to stage military maneuver in Indian Ocean'

This Insane Superyacht Concept Is 384 Feet of Exploration with a Helipad, Hangar, and a Submarine Garage

Editorial: Navy should return to talks on Growlers' impacts

08 December 2018

Dramatic moment commandos capture ‘cocaine kingpin’ El Chapo’s drug-smuggling submarine as cartel thugs try to sink it

The Navy's latest warship shuffle is a message to friends and rivals in Asia

Watch the Navy honor George H.W. Bush with an unprecedented 21-jet flyover at his funeral

07 December 2018

Russian Submarines Could Suddenly Surface Off U.S. Coast to ‘Shock America,’ Analyst Warns

Defence Secretary announces £400m investment for nuclear-armed submarines

Russia’s Yasen-class nuclear attack submarine Kazan to begin state trials next summer

06 December 2018

U.S. Moves to Defy Russia Through Navy Operation

US Navy's littoral combat ship program inches closer to fielding new capabilities

India about to lease another nuclear submarine from Russia

04 December 2018

A Stealthy Anti-Ship Missile Could Help US Turn The Table On Chinese Navy

Navy tests and refines new attack submarine 'stealth' technology

Indian Submarine Completes First Patrol

03 December 2018

Meet the Submersible Nuclear Ramjet: Part Nuclear Bomber, Part Submarine (And Moving at Mach 4)

02 December 2018

Why the Marine Corps and Navy Will Miss the EA-6B Prowler

Revealed: The Navy Explained to Us How It Responds When A Submarine Disappears

George H.W. Bush Was the Last President to Serve in Combat. America Could Use More Leaders Like Him

01 December 2018

Iran navy launches stealth warship in the Gulf

Navy is 'terminating discussions' about impact of Growlers on historic properties

US Navy to commission new destroyer named for Massachusetts war hero