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30 November 2018

China expresses concerns over 2 US Navy warships in Taiwan Strait

Want to Sink a Navy Aircraft Carrier? You Might Need a Nuclear Weapon.

The Navy Is Preparing to Counter a Submarine Shortage

29 November 2018

How the Navy plans to fix its submarine shortage

US Navy Sails 2 Ships Through Taiwan Strait

Why the Navy thinks the carrier Gerald R. Ford will work after all

27 November 2018

Costly Raising of Argentine Submarine May Not Yield Answers or Bodies, Experts Say

Introducing the U.S. Navy's "Acoustic Superiority Program" (Think Stealth Submarines)

US Navy steps up training standards following fatal McCain, Fitzgerald collisions

26 November 2018

Scorpene submarines go to Sabah's east coast after ten years in the state

Ukraine's Navy placed on alert

Iran to launch new local-made submarine

25 November 2018

In South China Sea, a display of U.S. Navy strength — and a message to Beijing

Meet Russia's Alfa-Class Submarine (retired): She Can Dive Deeper and Move Faster Than Any Other Sub

Costly Raising of Argentine Submarine May Not Yield Answers or Bodies, Experts Say

24 November 2018

Russia is Working on a New Trick to Track US Navy Submarines

The US Navy Wants 10 More Attack Submarines. But There's a Big Problem with That.

Royal Navy Reveals Name of New Submarine Hunters

23 November 2018

Navy changes sleeping policies on aircraft carriers after fatal collisions

The U.S. Navy Could Have Had a Submarine Aircraft Carrier

French submarine boss summoned to Canberra for crisis talks

21 November 2018

US Navy to make Hong Kong port call after earlier refusal by China

Photos show submarine "imploded" on seafloor, but Argentina can't reach it

Najib quizzed by anti-graft body over French submarine deal

20 November 2018

Navy Lost 1,891 Days of Attack Sub Operations Waiting for Repairs

GAO Report on US Attack Submarine Maintenance Backlog

Houston-based company locates missing Argentine submarine

19 November 2018

Missing Argentine submarine: First images emerge of wreckage found at bottom of ocean after a year

Navy commissions USS Sioux City into service

US Navy officer could face questions in Norwegian frigate collision

18 November 2018

Argentine submarine: Government 'lacks means' to raise lost vessel

Submarine that went missing with 44 aboard found deep in Atlantic

Pearl Harbor shipyard changes planned to meet submarine need

17 November 2018

Argentina submarine: ARA San Juan found

Argentina: Submarine missing a year found deep in Atlantic

The U.S. Navy Is Taking 'Top Gun' to Sea with Submarines

16 November 2018

Navy's COD switch to the Osprey has started — what you need to know

India’s long-awaited nuclear-armed submarine goes on its first patrol

Russian Cruiser Fires Odd Torpedo Tube-Launched Anti-Sub Missile During Arctic Exercise

15 November 2018

Decoding Chinese submarine 'sightings' in South Asia, eroding New Delhi's strategic primacy

Good Idea: The Navy Wants a New Cruise-Missile Submarine (And New Missiles)

Many Considered This Submarine a Total Failure. It Could Make a Big Comeback.

14 November 2018

Navy Nightmare: What Happens if Submarines Can't Dominate Anymore?

This Insane 'Hyper-Sub' Is Half-Speedboat, Half-Submarine

Seawolf: The 1 Submarine the Navy Wants to Keep Ultra Secret

13 November 2018

Navy's largest drone submarine hunter arrives at Pearl Harbor

F/A-18 Navy Jet Crash Latest: Everything to Know About Philippine Sea Incident

First Nuclear Deterrence Patrol Marks Major Step for Indian Submarine Force

12 November 2018

Opinion: On scene, unseen: the US Navy submarine force

Bremerton shipyard's history with submarines traces back to WW I

Navy Plans For 'Large Payload Subs' Based On New Columbia Class To Take On SSGN Role And More

11 November 2018

100th anniversary of the end of WWI

The One (Old) Submarine That Could Completely Destroy North Korea

5 Most Deadly 'Stealthy' AIP Submarines on Planet Earth

10 November 2018

Nuclear Armed Battleships: The Super Weapon the Navy Missed?

Taiwan ‘will not retreat an inch’ as it commissions US-made frigates

How History Proves Cheap Diesel Submarines Can Take on Any Navy

09 November 2018

US Navy Wants Aggressor Submarine Unit To Mimic Russian and Chinese Subs In Training

Race to Stop Norwegian Navy Frigate from Sinking After Oil Tanker Collision

Analysis Israel's Submarine Affair: Police Indictment Recommendations Drown in a Sea of Questions

08 November 2018

A new way to JOIN the Navy

Navy Submarines Could Soon Gain a Massive Advantage Over Russian or Chinese Subs

What 'Hunter Killer' Gets Right About Submarine Warfare

07 November 2018

Another Reason Why Russia and China Should Fear Navy Attack Submarines

Russian fighter jet conducted 'unsafe' intercept over Black Sea

Mystery sighting in Stockholm archipelago was 'not a foreign submarine'

06 November 2018

Recollections Of Life At Sea And Some Advice From A U.S. Navy Force Master Chief

US Navy: Russian fighter jet conducted 'unsafe' intercept over Black Sea

India says Nuclear Submarine Makes First Patrol, Modi Warns Against 'Misadventure'

05 November 2018

Nuclear submarine Arihant completes patrol mission in significant milestone

USS Wichita to be commissioned by Navy in early January

The Sub of the Future Is a Drone Mothership Inspired by a Sperm Whale

04 November 2018

Time for the US Navy to think Beyond 'Ships': The Case for a Hybrid Fleet

03 November 2018

Top US Navy officer tells China to behave at sea

Hollywood submarine flick runs aground in Russia, Ukraine

Battleship Sinks Submarine: How HMS Dreadnought Rammed and Sunk a U-Boat During World War I

02 November 2018

Images emerge of new Chinese submarine

Navy's Aircraft Carriers Have a Neat Trick to Kill More Enemy Ships

Back in 2010, the Navy Surfaced Three Missiles Submarines as a Warning to China

01 November 2018

The Navy Could Secretly Be Looking for a New Way to Stalk Diesel Submarines

Navy seeks comment on Growler effect on historic properties

This Photo Shows a Navy Submarine 'Sinking' a British Aircraft Carrier. China Should Worry.