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31 October 2018

The Ultimate Naval Weapon: Merge an Aircraft Carrier and a Submarine

A $48 million submarine system will dive to the deepest point in the ocean, where only 3 people have been before

Israeli company to outfit Indian Navy, Army after $1.3 billion in defense deals

30 October 2018

As Navy pushes for 355-ship fleet, local shipbuilders and repair yards band together

Mystery Submarine Spotted in Swedish Waters

5 astonishing things that happen underwater on a real 'Hunter Killer' submarine

29 October 2018

Australia not locked into buying 12 submarines, program chief reveals

Repairs underway on submarine missile tubes affected by welding problem

Humans are about to touch the deepest corners of the ocean for the first time — an endeavor as dangerous as landing on the moon

28 October 2018

The US Navy Has a Big Problem: It Can't Do Convoys If War Breaks Out.

Ocean search for missing Argentine submarine, 44 crew suspended

Would a permanent submarine display add panache to Tacoma's tourist scene?

Navy fires commanding officer of Training Support Center Great Lakes

26 October 2018

Move over, 355-ship Navy: Report from Trump's favorite think tank calls for an even larger fleet

The Navy We Need

Unknown submarine allegedly sighted in Stockholm archipelago

25 October 2018

The U.S. Navy Reveals Two Future Submarine Classes

The Navy's New Submarine Plan Is In. Take a Look.

Budget watchdog questions Navy's plan for 355-ship fleet

24 October 2018

US looks for ways to combat rise of Russian and Chinese submarines

Navy recognizes electromagnetic battlespace

Report to Congress on Virginia-Class Attack Submarine Program ...

23 October 2018

Navy Wants New 'Seawolf-Like' Attack Submarines To Challenge Russian And Chinese Threats

Classic submarine movies that should have been made

The Navy’s Next Attack Submarine Will Be Big, Expensive

22 October 2018

Canada installs Chinese underwater monitoring devices next to US nuclear submarine base

US Navy Christens Two Submarines

Largest ship ever built for British Navy visits New York

21 October 2018

US Navy returning to expensive Coldwar Seawolf-like sub hunters

The US Navy will have to pony up and race the clock to avoid a sealift capacity collapse

Turtle: The First Submarine Ever Went to War During the American Revolution. It Was Way Ahead of Its Time.

20 October 2018

Navy Christening 2 New Virginia-Class Submarines on Saturday

VIDEO | 'It's beautiful!': USS Delaware submarine unveiled day before christening in Virginia

Royal Navy's largest ship makes a special visit to the Big Apple

19 October 2018

The Navy's Columbia-Class Ballistic Missile Submarine Has a Very Special Propulsion System

Iran has found a new way to harass US warships, and it's got the US Navy on edge

Hacking When It Counts: Setting Sail in a Submarine

18 October 2018

Submarine supremacy: China and Japan spar beneath the surface

Indian Navy: Indian Navy's submarine rescue capability gets a boost

A US Navy ship stopped at a port in Taiwan, and China is not happy

17 October 2018

Submarine Vermont to be christened Saturday at Electric Boat

Russia Lost Two Nuclear Weapons. Why? They are Trapped 5000 Feet Below the Waves on a Dead Submarine.

NATO's Super Strange Plan to Hunt Russia's Submarines: Bomb Them with Magnets?

16 October 2018

China Deploys Diesel-Electric Attack Submarine and Rescue Vessel in Indian Ocean

Black woman who had trailblazing Navy career dies at 83

Time for Australia to Build Nuclear Submarines?

15 October 2018

U.S. Navy returns to Israeli port in sign of 'deep alliance'

The weapons the Army, Air Force, and Navy all want desperately

The US Navy turns 243 — check out these incredible photos of the Navy in action

13 October 2018

Here Comes Taiwan's Submarines

Kim Wall's Murder Case Will Be Made Into a TV Series

Scott Wichmann column: Happy birthday, US Navy

12 October 2018

Navy celebrates 243 years - The Suffolk News-Herald

A submariner looks back proudly upon his ‘Silent Service’ - earning his Dolphin pin was momentous

Russian Submarines are Equipped with Deadly Supercavitating Torpedoes.

11 October 2018

Hitler's Failure: This Nazi Submarine Was a Game Changer (But it Never Sunk a Single Battleship)

'You're on your own': US sealift can't count on Navy escorts in the next big war

Russia's Newest Yasen-Class Attack Submarines Are the Equal of America's Subs

10 October 2018

The U.S. Navy Is Hiding Aviation Accident Data

Danish submarine killer gives up fight for reduced jail sentence

In 1968, a Navy Submarine Went On a Super Secret Mission (It Never Came Back)

09 October 2018

Will the 'Bulava' Submarine-Launched Missile 'Save Russia'?

United States Navy announces warship will be named USS Cleveland

U.S. Navy Commander Warns of Russian Submarine Threat

08 October 2018

USS Enterprise, once proud symbol of U.S. Navy, had sad end

Veteran's impressive military career spanned Navy, Army and National Guard

Crew shortage could leave Australia's new submarines high and dry

07 October 2018

Russia's submarines are showing they can strike deep inside Europe, and they've got the US Navy on edge

Readiness Of Navy And Marine Aircraft And Crews Is Improving, But It's Still Pretty Dismal

The United States Claims Russia is Converting Submarine Missiles for Ground Launch. Why? To Get Around a Treaty.

06 October 2018

US admiral warns of Russia's submarine capabilities

Japan Launches First Lithium-Ion Equipped Soryu-class Submarine

Russia's submarines are showing they can strike deep inside Europe, and they've got the US Navy on edge

05 October 2018

Step inside the newly commissioned USS Indiana, one of the US Navy's most lethal submarines ever built

World War 3: China is building SPACE LASERS to hunt submarines in US and Russia SHOWDOWN

Submarine Search Ends for WWII Remains in Italy's Lake Garda

04 October 2018

US Navy proposing major show of force to warn China

Here Comes the Stealth: How Navy Aircraft Carriers Are Getting a Big Upgrade

Deep-Dish Pizzas Delivered to Sailors on Nuclear Submarine USS Chicago

03 October 2018

Taiwan appoints defence consultancy to oversee submarine design

The Navy Is Getting 10 New Flight III Destroyers. And It Could Be a Game Changer.

Mattis cancels China trip after Chinese, US Navy destroyers nearly collide

02 October 2018

Chinese destroyer almost hits US Navy ship in South China Sea

The U.S. Navy launched its newest submarine. It includes an Xbox controller

Navy Releases Final EIS for Growler Operations at NAS Whidbey Island

01 October 2018

Can the Navy Catch Up To Russia and China's Firepower Advantage?

How the US Navy Forgot to Fight

New Submarine USS Indiana Commissioned At Florida Port