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31 August 2018

The Extreme Lengths a Submarine Crew Takes to Stay Fit

Need To Track A Submarine? A Harbor Seal Can Show You How

Russia's New Stealth Submarine Might Be Armed with Hypersonic Weapons

30 August 2018

With Ships and Missiles, China Is Ready to Challenge U.S. Navy in Pacific

What's Next for Indonesia's Submarine Program?

Commander of the Navy's Oldest Submarine Fired Amid Investigation

27 August 2018

Was the Navy's F-111 Really That Bad?

China's Navy Is Studying the Battle of Guadalcanal. Here's Why It Matters.

Navy orders mandatory muster after murders in Jacksonville

26 August 2018

US Navy re-establishes Atlantic fleet as Russian submarine activity surges

Remembering John McCain, Navy veteran and US lawmaker

Submarine-hunting copters for Navy and new guns for Army

25 August 2018

With $294 million in contracts, the US Navy keeps its promise to upgrade cruisers

In 1972, the Navy Used a Very Special Spy Submarine to Wiretap the Russian Navy

US Navy re-launches Cold War era fleet with an eye on Russia

24 August 2018

Submarine breakthrough: MIT develops wireless system to let subs communicate with planes

'Giraffes' join the Navy and hunt enemy threats

Sinking of the first nuclear submarine subject of Sept. 8 talk

22 August 2018

Experts from Japan to Assist Taiwan with Submarine Project

US Navy Moves Fleet as Hurricane Bears Down on Hawaii

'Top Gun' sequel filming on Norfolk-based carrier, Navy says

How stealthy are the world's subs?

John Chapman died trying to rescue a Navy SEAL. Now he'll receive the Medal of Honor.

Facebook video challenges Navy to update family on sailor missing at sea

21 August 2018

Russia and China Have Lots of Ways to Sink a Navy Aircraft Carrier

The Navy's Fighter Shortage Is Finally, Slowly Improving

Commence jealousy — the Royal Navy just opened a pub on its prized new carrier

20 August 2018

What Happens if a Navy Aircraft Carrier Is Sunk?

This Russian Submarine Scared NATO For One Big Reason (But Had One Bigger Flaw)

US to send Navy hospital ship to Colombia amid refugee crisis

19 August 2018

Fact: The Navy Built Deadly Battlecruisers. But They Had No Real Enemy To Fight.

Why the Navy Doesn’t Need New Battleships

The Philippines' president doesn't want US submarines because he says they'll 'implode' — so he's turning to Russia

18 August 2018

The US Navy just got the green light to stick it to China with game-changing new missiles

Navy's Troubled $11 Billion Carrier Falters on Another Milestone

17 August 2018

World War II-era submarine flooded by vandals in New Jersey

The US Navy faces 'a huge liability' in countering one of Iran's favorite and most dangerous weapons

The US Navy Has A Critically Important Submarine Test Base Tucked Away In Alaska

16 August 2018

The new aircraft the US Navy needs to cover its 'golden mile' just took another major step forward

World War II submarine vandalized by mystery bandits

China Is Building a Fleet of Autonomous AI-Powered Submarines. Here Are the Details

13 August 2018

The Navy Is Teaching This Old Missile Some New (And Deadly) Tricks

As Venezuela disintegrates, a new breed of pirates terrorises the Caribbean

Activists Claim Religious Freedom In Defense Of Vandalism At Nuclear Submarine Base

12 August 2018

George F. Will: Reagan's strong Navy won peace with Soviets

WATCH: Moment Chinese military fire WARNING to US Navy monitoring SECRETIVE new island

China's Navy Is Going Global

11 August 2018

Submarines in the South China Sea Conflict

These improvised Navy ships were like Venus fly traps for Nazi submarines

Russia WAR GAMES as Kremlin warship engages in cat-and-mouse exercise with US submarine

10 August 2018

'Leave immediately': US Navy plane warned over South China Sea

The U.S. Navy Is Having a Hell of a Time Dismantling the USS Enterprise

U.S. Navy Boosts Submarine Plans As Tensions With Russia And China Worsen

09 August 2018

Russian submarine threat largest since Cold War: top US Navy admiral

Worldwide 'Run for Kim' to honour murdered Swedish journalist Kim Wall

'We shall not fail!' — The US Navy's new submarine fleet commander vows to take on Russia and China

08 August 2018

The US Navy's top officer says defending against Russian jamming 'is an emerging part of our business'

The US Navy's top acquisition priority stumbles out of the gate

Check out these stunning photos of sailors swimming next to their nuclear submarine

07 August 2018

France's New Nuclear-Powered Stealth Submarine Is a Killer

US Admiral: China, Russia Increase Navy Activity Near US Coast

What's Next for the Philippines' Submarine Acquisition?

06 August 2018

Navy confirms Vinson to replace Stennis as one of Bremerton's carriers

Navy estimates $1.5 billion pricetag to recycle USS Enterprise in Bremerton

Inside the Navy highlights

05 August 2018

FACT: Two of Taiwan's Submarines Are from World War II. And Replacing Them Won't Be Easy.

This Is The Only Photo Of A US Navy Supercarrier Being Sunk (Updated)

With a nuclear submarine in centre, Northern Fleet flotilla sails home

04 August 2018

How underwater drones will change the Navy's sub game

U.S. was right to give China's navy the boot

The Navy is moving its aircraft carriers to ready them for a potential fight with China and Russia — here's where they're headed

03 August 2018

Underwater Deathmatch: What If America and Russia's Two Best Submarines Went to War?

Navy's Aegis Combat System Takes Center Stage As Missile Threats Proliferate

In 1982, One Diesel Submarine Took on the Royal Navy (And Survived)

02 August 2018

The Navy Is Moving Fast to Build a New Frigate. Here Is What We Know.

Yes, North Korea Could Sink a Navy Aircraft Carrier. Here's How.

USS North Dakota submarine certified for overseas deployment

01 August 2018

The Russian navy was all set to impress Putin on Navy Day — and then this happened

Navy's 1st female admiral, an Ohio native, dies at age 98

China Claims to Have Technology to Build Super Stealth Submarines. Don't Bet on It.