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31 July 2018

Sailors Say Navy Life Makes It Harder For Them To Find Someone To Marry

America's Submarines Guarantee Naval Dominance (But Maybe Not for Long)

Russia Working on New 'Cephalopod' Underwater Attack Drone

30 July 2018

The Navy Is Seeking to Transform Every Ship Into a Mini Aircraft Carrier

Israel's Navy intercepts flotilla boat heading towards Gaza

Naval Undersea Museum hosts first-ever submarine rescue crew

29 July 2018

Navy's longest-serving sub heads into retirement

The Navy Is Making It Tougher to Earn a Surface-Warfare Officer Pin

The US Navy's Columbia class submarines could squeeze General Dynamics' profits

28 July 2018

The US Navy's fighter woes are boosting Boeing's bottom line

The Navy Is Making It Tougher to Earn a Surface-Warfare Officer Pin

Argentina: Relatives Of Missing Submarine Crew Launch Vigil

27 July 2018

U.S. Submarines Will Soon Carry Tactical Nuclear Weapons

What's the problem with Spain's new submarine?

What's in Thailand's New Mini-Submarine Project?

26 July 2018

China's Advanced Submarines Are 'Breaking Records'

A Broken Gear Hobbled the Navy's New Aircraft Carrier. And It's Going to Cost $30 Million to Fix

New Clues About Why the Confederate Submarine HL Hunley Sank

25 July 2018

The US Navy is testing an aerial laser that can detect underwater mines, and it could change naval warfare

An Unmanned AI-Guided Chinese Submarine Fleet: What Could Go Wrong?

This Old Submarine Is the Spine of the Navy (And It Can Take on Anyone)

24 July 2018

Is Germany's Navy Dead?

Another Navy Officer Faces Court-Martial After Fitzgerald Collision

France makes progress on refitting submarine for M51 missiles

23 July 2018

How to Take on China's Navy: America Could Deploy Diesel Submarines

China developing robotic subs to launch new era of sea power

See special forces practice launching raids from a submarine

21 July 2018

Here's what it looks like when special operations forces launch raids from a submarine

Hidden Compartments in This Wrecked Confederate Submarine Could Solve a 150-Year-Old Mystery

Now A Museum, This USSR Submarine Base Was Built To Endure US Nukes — And Retaliate

20 July 2018

US Navy's ponytail stance prompts men to ask for beards

Silence in the deep: Inside the HMS Ocelot stealth submarine

Why Taiwan’s dream of its own submarine fleet is dead in the water

19 July 2018

Spain's new submarine 'too big for its dock'

New clues emerge about why Confederacy's first submarine ...

The Cuban Missile Crisis (Thanks to 1 Submarine) Could Have Ended Very Differently

18 July 2018

Watch an Ex-US Navy Ship Sink Under a Hail of Rockets, Missiles, and Torpedoes

The U.S. Navy Is Struggling to Grow

A look inside the USS Cobia and the role Wisconsin-built submarines played in World War II

17 July 2018

He's 63, Just Joined the Navy and Says 'I'm in my Prime'

USS Harry S. Truman Now Operating in Cold War Era Submarine Hot Spot

What's Eating America's Surface Navy? 11 Problems That Need Fixing Immediately

16 July 2018

The Navy May Use One Hull Design To Replace Its Cruisers And Some Destroyers

Navy pushes for more amphibious assault ships

The US Navy's FFG(X) Program Could Take a Nod From East Asian Shipbuilders

14 July 2018

Navy looks to eliminate the shakes from its submarines

The US Navy just quietly sent an F-35 aircraft carrier to the Pacific — and it signals a big change

Navy rule change for female service members' hair won't apply to Naval Academy midshipmen

13 July 2018

Navy to Promote Petty Officers who Take 'Hard Jobs in Hard Locations'

Report to Congress on Virginia-Class Attack Submarine Program

U.S. Navy Sub To Fire Harpoon Anti-Ship Missile Years After They Left The Force

12 July 2018

India, Japan to Submit Design Proposals for Taiwan's New Indigenous Submarine

Putin to show off huge nuclear submarine just south of Helsinki as summit with Trump sails up

US Navy dedicates ship to McCain

11 July 2018

Navy OKs ponytails, locks and other hairstyles for female sailors

A Quick Fix For U.S. Navy Surveillance Gaps In Asia

Report to Congress on Navy Columbia-Class Submarine Program

10 July 2018

Has the US Navy thought this new frigate through? New report raises questions.

US Navy destroyers make a rare passage through the Taiwan Strait

There's Nothing the US Navy Can Do to Avoid a Submarine Gap

09 July 2018

Chinese media decries US' 'psychological games' as Navy ships sail Taiwan Strait passage

Trump says harassment of US ships by Iran has ended

Taiwan's submarine program failing to make any waves

08 July 2018

The Navy's Virginia-Class Submarines Now Have a New Mission

North Korea's New Ballistic Missile Submarine Proves One Thing

Washington key testing ground for Navy's underwater drones

07 July 2018

Argentina considers resuming nuclear submarine project

North Korea thought to be developing submarine that can launch nuclear weapons

Iran Constantly Harassed The US Navy Under Obama. That Stopped Under Trump

06 July 2018

Orel nuclear-powered submarine to take part in Navy Day parade in St. Petersburg

Navy Testing Superhydrophobic Hull Coatings For Submarines

Indian Navy: Russia offers to jointly design, build submarines

05 July 2018

Kitsap is home to Navy's first unmanned undersea vehicle squadron

US Navy, Marine Corps order dozens of Osprey aircraft in $4.2B deal

The Navy Is Testing A Coating That Could Allow Submarines To Glide More Easily Through The Water

04 July 2018

NATO Allies Partner Up for High-End Anti-Submarine Warfare Exercise

Navy and allies conduct anti-submarine drill in North Atlantic

Sydney Harbour and submarines have a long history, from before ...

03 July 2018

Navy Use of Laser Scanning Already Showing Big Savings

Theresa May sparks fears of fresh cuts to Britain’s submarine fleet after questioning their cost

Make in India to go to Russia? Government to take call on Rs 2,400-crore submarine plan

02 July 2018

'Submarines like BMWs': A closer look at the Navy's newest, custom-made German submarine

Ex-nuclear submarine officer lays bare the startling truth about life aboard

Mysterious sonar noise off US coast investigated by submarine

01 July 2018

World powers rush to build huge, missile-laden submarines

Russian Varshavyanka-class stealth submarines to be based in Pacific

Relatives of missing submarine crew chain themselves in protest ...