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30 April 2018

Northern Fleet submarine Kursk's sister will sail through Scandinavian waters

Sweden's Never-Built Nuclear Submarine Would've Been a Total Disaster

South Korea's DSME Delivered the 2nd Type 209/1200 Submarine to Indonesia

29 April 2018

Report: Navy Ship Designed for Fast Transport Has Problems

Royal Navy Submarine Breaks Through Ice During Arctic Exercise With US Sailors

Our Ocean Backyard: Recovering a sunken submarine

28 April 2018

Vladimir Putin's nuclear 'doomsday machine' submarine could trigger 300ft tsunamis and rain down radioactive fallout ...

Submarine murder knocks Denmark down press freedom ranking

Indonesia Gets a New Submarine From South Korea

27 April 2018

US Navy's unmanned vehicle efforts are the answer to deterring adversaries

The first drone warship just joined the Navy and now nearly every element of it is classified

Most Navy C-130s remain grounded nearly one year after fatal crash

26 April 2018

Sizing up the US Navy's future Guided Missile Frigate designs

How Denmark's submarine murderer crumpled as the verdict hit home

Danish inventor gets life for journalist Kim Wall's gruesome murder

Navy Could Extend The Life Of USS Nimitz Past 50 Years To Maintain 12 Carrier Fleet

25 April 2018

US Navy takes ownership of its second stealth destroyer

Navy launches 'sophisticated and robust' anti-sub drills with Thailand

Death of Kim Wall: Verdict in Peter Madsen's murder trial expected today

24 April 2018

How Does China's Navy Compare to America's?

US Navy gearing up for boost in submarine production

Peter Madsen Had 'Sexual Motive' in Kim Wall Submarine Murder Case, Prosecutor Says

23 April 2018

Meet the Israeli Navy's newest purchase - the Seahawk

Iran navy chief: US is not aware of our naval power

'Everyone is following it': millions gripped by Kim Wall murder trial as verdict nears

22 April 2018

LRASM: The Navy's Game Changer Missile Russia and China Should Fear?

Submarine HMS Trenchant Calls at the North Pole

WW1 hero to be honoured 100 years after daring submarine raid

21 April 2018

How 'Hero' Southwest Pilot Pushed to 'Break into the Club' of Elite Navy Fighter Pilots

Royal Navy tails Russian warship amid rising tensions

Navy, Marine Leadership Looking at LPD Flight II Missiles, Additional Virginia-class Buys

5 Crucial Things to Know About the Kim Wall Murder Trial

20 April 2018

Navy to Release Arctic Strategy This Summer, Will Include Blue Water Arctic Operations

Here Are All the Submarines of the Russian Navy in One Infographic

Advanced Gun System was holding back the Navy's new stealth destroyer

19 April 2018

Navy's Submarine Service Wants More Women

The Kim Wall Murder Trial: The Case Against Peter Madsen

Is This the Future of Russia's Anti-Submarine Weapons?

18 April 2018

One Belt, One Road, One Happy Chinese Navy

Pilot of Southwest Flight with Blown Engine Was Navy Fighter Pilot

Navy Plans to Spend $21B Over 20 Years to Optimize, Modernize Public Shipyards

17 April 2018

Here's The Navy's Vision For A New Cruiser To Replace The Aging Ticonderoga Class

Russian fleet hunts British submarine in Mediterranean

US submarine that fired on Syria not welcome in Naples, says mayor

US submarine involved in Syria strike had called at Gibraltar

16 April 2018

The Navy Needs More Submarines (And Has a Plan to Get Them)

British submarine in duel with Kremlin's 'Black Hole' hunter-killer

Full Metal Jacket drill instructor R Lee Ermey dies aged 74

Wreck of rare Nazi u-boat type found in Skagerrak (Denmark)

15 April 2018

Incredible moment US fast-attack submarine launches a tomahawk missile to join air strikes against Syria

Missiles launched from US submarine

The US Navy basically admitted that the Littoral Combat Ship looks like a massive failure

Navy F/A-18 Legacy Hornets Have Taken Their Last Cruise Aboard A US Aircraft Carrier

14 April 2018

The Biggest U.S. Navy Force Since Iraq Invasion May Be Sailing Toward Syria

Norfolk-based ships, submarine involved in Syria strikes

How a Plucky Swedish Sub Took Out a US Carrier All on Its Own

13 April 2018

Female sailors have an extra two months to apply for submarine service

Little Crappy Ship: None Of The Navy's Littoral Combat Ships May Deploy In 2018

Russia invites India to build new submarine at Indian shipyards

12 April 2018

Interview: The Navy's top submarine builder talks Virginia-class challenges, successes

German frigate to embark with US Navy carrier strike group

Why the Navy wants more of these hard-to-find software developers

11 April 2018

Reports of US destroyer being harassed by Russian jets in Syrian waters are false, US Navy says

US Navy decommissions USS Dallas submarine after 38 years of service

This is what happened to Argentina's lost submarine

10 April 2018

Navy's Oldest Commissioned Submarine Visits Pearl Harbor for Final Time

Kim Wall's Accused Killer Peter Madsen Showed Psychopathic Traits, Exam Finds

US approved sale of submarine parts to Taiwan to make money, not arm island, analysts say

09 April 2018

CNO's New Navy Leadership Training Emphasizes Character, Ethics

Navy's spike in aviation mishaps is the military's worst, up 82 percent

Swedish Navy Finds Fault With Poor Maps That 'Obstruct Submarine Hunting'

08 April 2018

Trump administration grants license for Taiwan submarine project

Report to Congress on Navy Shipbuilding and Force Structure

Navy training overhaul passes first milestone

07 April 2018

Crew of Argentine San Juan Submarine 'Endured Hours of Agony'

7 protesters detained at Georgia submarine base

Report to Congress on Navy Shipbuilding and Force Structure

06 April 2018

Activists raid nuclear submarine base with hammers and 'baby bottles of their own blood'

US Navy, Pentagon Agree to Shock Test $13 Billion Supercarrier

Navy adds $57 million more to repair damaged destroyer Fitzgerald

05 April 2018

Russia ends search of missing Argentina submarine

The Navy Just Tested Its Most Deadly Nuclear Missile Ever (from a Submarine)

Danish Navy expert finds no trace of exhaust gas in private submarine

04 April 2018

USS Thresher disaster still matters

North Korea: 3 US aircraft carriers creating 'worst ever' situation

Navy moves closer to starting construction on submarine pier extension at Bangor

Murder suspect Peter Madsen sank submarine 'intentionally'

03 April 2018

India and Pakistan are quietly making nuclear war more likely

Submarine Dog Fight: America's Virginia Class vs. Russia's New Yasen Submarine (Who Wins?)

Witness disputes defendant's explanation in Danish submarine trial

02 April 2018

The US Navy Wants to Spend Billions on Aircraft Carriers That Aren't Ready

Top 10 Navy sailors of all time

Newport War College Museum to display 100-year-old submarine propeller

01 April 2018

South Korea's Navy Leans Toward France's Barracuda-class Nuclear Attack Submarine

Get Ready, Russia: The Navy Wants to Build 3 Nuclear Attack Submarines Per Year

Destroyer with a history shows US flag in Pacific