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31 March 2018

The US Navy Still Hasn't Formally Decided to Add Hellfires to Its Littoral Combat Ships

Strippers, Cocaine and Murder: The Crazy (True) Story of Two Crooks' Pursuit of a Soviet Submarine

Operation Teardrop: The Hunt for Nazi Germany's Top Secret Ballistic Missile Submarine

30 March 2018

Why Would The South Korean Navy Be Eyeing A Nuclear Submarine Capability?

Schedule at Risk for Navy F-35C Fighters to be Combat Ready by End of Year

A US Navy Aircraft Carrier Can Now Remotely Control and Land Fighter Jets

29 March 2018

Navy nuclear-powered submarine USS Indiana to be commissioned at Port Canaveral

The Navy and Marine Corps Need to Prepare for the Swarm of the Future

South Korea eyes French design for indigenous nuclear sub, sources say

28 March 2018

Peter Madsen murder trial: woman invited on to submarine two days before Kim Wall's death

In 1989, Russia Left a Nuclear Submarine Dead in the Ocean (Armed with Nuclear Weapons)

Queen Decommissions Royal Navy Amphib HMS Ocean Ahead of Sale to Brazil

27 March 2018

Lockheed Martin Unveils MQ-25 'Stingray' Tanker Drone Design for the Navy

No 'atheist' chaplains, lawmakers tell Navy

Trump ordered the closure of Russian consulate near a US Navy submarine base that has a huge nuclear arsenal

Before Kim Wall's death, Madsen wanted snuff video with other woman

26 March 2018

Is America's Most Advanced Submarine about to Become a 'Nuclear Bomber'?

Mistresses of Danish inventor accused of killing journalist reveals details of their kinky sex on board submarine where ...

25 March 2018

Navy Admits 70-Year Crew List Error In USS Indianapolis Disaster

US attack submarine sails into port

Dane accused of brutal submarine murder calls himself a 'loving psychopath'

24 March 2018

Iran harassed and humiliated the US Navy under Obama ó here's why it stopped under Trump

Navy decommissions 3 minesweepers

What The US Navy's Supercarriers Give America That No Other Nation Has

23 March 2018

Chinese navy to carry out combat drills in South China Sea

Canadian Navy submarine returns to BC after longest voyage on record

Kim Wall's boyfriend: Journalist was afraid of the submarine where she died

Three US and British Submarines Meet at the North Pole

22 March 2018

Madsen again denies killing journalist aboard his submarine as murder trial resumes

Navy to Congress: Columbia-class Submarine Program Still on Schedule with Little Margin for Error

Weatherwatch: Arctic ice sheet engages combat submarines

21 March 2018

USS Oklahoma City submarine arrives in Singapore for deployment

Pentagon mulling new submarine- or surface-based nuclear cruise missile

StratCom commander backs deployment of low-yield nukes on submarine-launched ballistic missiles

The Navy's Next Missile Submarines Will Have an 'Eye-Watering' Price Tag

20 March 2018

Navy, Newport News Taking Steps Towards Two-Carrier Buy

We Now Know When Navy Aircraft Carriers Will be Armed with F-35s

World War II veteran celebrates 94th birthday with Navy SNJ-6 flight

19 March 2018

A Russian Cruise-Missile Submarine Holds a Terrifying Record: It Sank Twice

Navy's LCS 16 completes acceptance trials at Austal USA

Life on board a crowded Collins-class submarine 100 metres below the surface

18 March 2018

Forget Russia, Navy's New Fast-Attack-Submarine Join the Fleet

US Navy launches submarine maneuvered by Xbox controller

Have Mercy! The US Navy Now Wants To Retire One Of Its Two Hospital Ships

17 March 2018

Argentina's Missing San Juan Submarine 'Spied on British Ships'

Russia says it snuck nuclear attack submarines near US bases undetected

Attack submarine Colorado, Xbox controllers included, to join the fleet

16 March 2018

Russian submarine activity at post-Cold War high

A Chinese shipbuilder accidentally revealed its major navy plans

Navy identifies aviators killed in Super Hornet crash

15 March 2018

US Navy submarines surface through ice in Arctic Circle

France orders hybrid ships for its Navy

Navy jet crashes off Key West, killing 2 crew members

14 March 2018

This is how a nuclear submarine crashes through Arctic Circle ice

US, Japan Conduct Anti-Submarine Warfare Drill in South China Sea

Turkey to build two training warships for Qatar navy

The US Navy Should Start Weaning its Reactors off Bomb-Grade Uranium

13 March 2018

USS Connecticut journeys to the Arctic

Regular US Navy Arctic submarine exercise takes on new importance

Video shows apparent encounter between Navy pilot and UFO

12 March 2018

5 reasons to love the Navy

Location, Location, Location: Evaluating Risks to Submarines from Low-Yield Warhead

Being landlocked hasn't stopped these countries from having a navy

11 March 2018

US navy carrier's Vietnam visit signals closer ties amid China tensions

Get Ready, Russia: American and British Nuclear Submarines Are Training in the Arctic

Women on Navy submarines make few waves

10 March 2018

The Astute Class Submarine: The Biggest Threat to the Russian Navy?

Crew of new USS Colorado submarine sends 'shout out' before commissioning

Trump Pardons Navy Sailor Who Took Illegal Submarine Photos

09 March 2018

US Navy canceling program to turn gas-guzzling destroyers into hybrids

UK submarine arrives in the Arctic for joint exercise with USN

Madsen Denies Murder As Trial Opens For Gruesome Submarine Death

08 March 2018

Sunken US WWII aircraft carrier found at bottom of Pacific

Navy Starts Under-Ice Submarine Exercise off Alaska's Coast

Journalist who died on submarine texted 'I'm still alive' day she disappeared

07 March 2018

Trial to begin in case of journalist killed in submarine

Meet Russia's Monster Oscar-Class Nuclear Attack Submarines - They Kill Aircraft Carriers

Navy Leaders See Possible Path to 355 Ships by the 2030s

06 March 2018

Submarine could be next Navy vessel to visit Vietnam

Japan's navy appoints first woman to command warship squadron

F-35B lands aboard amphib for first Indo-Pacific deployment on Navy ship

05 March 2018

DARPA Wants to Use Fish and Other Sea Life to Track Enemy Submarines

Scottish submarine captain who had finger on nuclear button reveals chilling Cold War secrets

Navy vet shelled Japan's coastline for invasion that never came

04 March 2018

Luxury in a submarine: wine and dine in the U-Boat Worx Super Yacht Sub 3

Russia's Navy Might Be ModernizingóBut Its Overstretched

Navy Buys Lasers to 'Dazzle' Drones, Take Out Small Boats

03 March 2018

The Navy doing what the Navy does

Outgoing Sailors Can Earn 'Golden Ticket' Back to the Navy

Navy Buys Lasers to 'Dazzle' Drones, Take Out Small Boats

02 March 2018

Lockheed Martin to Develop Laser Weapons for US Navy Destroyers

Russia Is the Only Nation Arming Submarines with 200 Knot "Supercavitating Torpedoes"

Migaloo £800 million superyacht that turns into a submarine is so big it has its own BEACH CLUB

01 March 2018

The Navy wants to extend how far the F-18 can fly to counter China's anti-ship missile advantage

US Navy nominates its next fleet boss

China's ocean observation station at Maldives not a submarine base: Chinese media