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31 December 2017

Indian Navy has a submarine problem

Collins submarine to the rescue

Australian navy ship seizes drugs worth $415m from smugglers on Arabian Sea

30 December 2017

Navy making progress combating pilot safety issue

Navy promises sailors more predictable sleep schedules, duty assignments in 2018

Search for Missing Submarine Winds Down

29 December 2017

Boeing unveils a drone capable of landing on an aircraft carrier, as Navy competition heats up

USS Jimmy Carter: The Most Secret Nuclear Powered Spy Submarine on Earth

World's largest nuclear submarine breaks the ice

28 December 2017

Indian Submarine-Launched Ballistic Missile Test Fails

US to end search for Argentine submarine that vanished in November

Royal Canadian Navy's interim supply vessel set to begin training personnel

27 December 2017

Get Ready, North Korea: Japan's Navy Has 'Aircraft Carriers'

Argentine Navy Investigates New Leads in Search for Sub

'This is not closure': Navy families want answers on McCain, Fitzgerald deaths

26 December 2017

Russian Navy gets new frigate

Russian navy tracked

Russian warships pass close to British waters over Christmas holiday, UK navy says

25 December 2017

Russia Submarine Activity Highest 'Since Cold War,' NATO Warns

'New Contact' in Search for Missing Argentine Submarine

Advanced frigate Admiral Gorshkov to join Russian Navy in 2018

23 December 2017

Submarine at train show raises questions....and that's kind of the point

PCU Colorado (SSN 788) Gets in the Christmas Spirit with Toys for Tots

US Navy to lower fitness standards as it looks to boost headcount

22 December 2017

Boeing Wins $1.23 Billion US Navy Contract: Pentagon

Japan holds rare ASW exercise with Canadian submarine

US Navy's New Sub Risks Blowing Past $128 Billion, GAO Says

21 December 2017

Argentine Lawmakers Move to Investigate Submarine's Disappearance

Indian Navy deploys submarine, P8I aircraft for naval exercise with Oman

Australian navy world war one AE1 submarine found 103 years after it vanished

20 December 2017

Chinese AIP submarines not the best choice

A US Navy submarine missing since World War II was just found off the coast of Hawaii

How much do you know about other Royal Navy teething troubles?

19 December 2017

Leidos lands $35.4M contract for submarine killer drone

Navy Commissions USS Little Rock

These are the most incredible photos of the US Navy in 2017

18 December 2017

Germany Does Not Have One Working Submarine

Chinese Navy Hospital Ship Visits Timor-Leste, Highlighting Growing Ties

2 Navy Airmen and an Object That 'Accelerated Like Nothing I've Ever Seen'

17 December 2017

Kalvari submarine a big step in defence preparedness, says PM Modi

Eerie footage of Navy pilots spotting unidentified objects released

Argentina fires head of navy after submarine disappearance

16 December 2017

Kim Wall's family must wait: Mental examination is kept secret

15 December 2017

Navy Hasn't Learned From Its Mistakes, Needs to Be Clear About Ship, Aircraft Readiness

Lost WWII sub discovered off Oahu

Future Submarines program hit by fraud allegations

14 December 2017

Campaign aims to create USS Oklahoma City submarine tribute

US Navy's Most Advanced Destroyers to Get New Primary Anti-Ship Mission

Automated Celestial Navigation for the Navy

13 December 2017

Submarine Kalvari to be commissioned by PM Narendra Modi tomorrow

Decades Ago The Navy Tested A Maritime Patrol U-2 Variant That Was Way Ahead Of Its Time

Navy ships in deadly crashes had lengthy training lapses

12 December 2017

The US Navy's Newest Stealth Destroyer Promptly Suffers a Breakdown

Coast Guard intercepts cocaine-filled submarine-like vessel

New Target In Search For Missing Argentine Submarine

11 December 2017

German firms investigated over faulty batteries link to missing Argentine submarine

North Korean submarine missile threat prompts US-led military drills

Senior Chinese diplomat threatens to invade Taiwan 'the day' a US Navy ship visits there

10 December 2017

We took a rare tour of one of the US Navy's most dangerous warships nicknamed the 'Sledgehammer of Freedom'

Greens warn about Australia's joint exercise with Saudi navy near Yemen

Search of ARA San Juan Submarine Continues after 24 days Missing

09 December 2017

Could the Nuclear Submarine USS Dallas Finally Come to Dallas?

US Navy Prepares for Air War Over Korea

Navy, Marines deploy firefighting helicopters near Camp Pendleton

08 December 2017

China Claims to Have Developed a Radical New Stealth Technology for Its Submarines

07 December 2017

Famous Nuclear Submarine That Starred In "Hunt For Red October" Has Been Retired

The US Navy Is Turning Its Stealth Destroyers Into Ship-Killers

US Navy Has a Sub That Could Drop 154 Tomahawks on North Korea

Feds worry Aussie fighter jets could dredge up disastrous used-submarine saga

06 December 2017

Argentina Seen Sticking with Submarine Program Despite Disaster

05 December 2017

Navy's second stealthy destroyer heads out to sea for initial trials

The Navy's Much-Hyped Electromagnetic Railgun May End Up Dead In The Water

Common by design: Norway and Germany partner to evolve next-generation Type 212CD submarine

04 December 2017

More Submarines and Fewer Aircraft Carriers: If the US Navy Could Be Completely Rebuilt
More submarines, less carriers

Dark Waters: Life onboard a submarine

US Navy Seeks Smaller, More Powerful Ships

03 December 2017

The few, the proud -- the Cajun Navy

India's only nuclear-powered submarine INS Chakra suffers damage

The San Juan's Final Hours: The Loss of an Argentine Submarine

02 December 2017

North Korea's Submarine Ballistic Missile Program Rapidly Advancing, Satellite Images Show

'No chance of survival' for crew of Argentine submarine, navy official says

Navy commander sentenced for role in "Fat Leonard" bribery scandal

01 December 2017

Russia's New Missile Submarine Sure Looks Familiar

Navy releases new details about ship collision off South Korea's coastline

Missing submarine: Argentine navy ends rescue mission