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31 July 2017

The Complicated Death Of The Marine Behind The U.S. Navy's Newest Destroyer

Named for a San Diego hero, Navy's newest destroyer reports for duty

New US Navy aircraft carrier parts crafted in Lebanon County

30 July 2017

The US Navy 3D printed a concept submersible in four weeks

China just deployed a fleet of sophisticated submarine drones in the South China Sea

India Wants New Subs While Ones They Already Have Sail With Broken Periscopes

29 July 2017

Navy to commission newest destroyer this weekend

Experts question the US Navy's ideas for a new frigate

Navy grounds 23 aircraft similar to one involved in deadly Mississippi crash

28 July 2017

Cool video shows Navy's electromagnetic railgun in rapid-fire test

Russia Launches a Fourth-generation Nuclear Submarine

Israel's submarine scandal

27 July 2017

Making Steam: The Life And Times Of A US Navy Chief Engineer

America Desperately Needs More Submarines (Thanks To Russia and China)

The Navy is preparing its railgun for the future of war

26 July 2017

US Navy Fires Warning Shots Near Iran Ship in Persian Gulf

US Navy tests its crazy electromagnetic railgun

Lockheed awarded contract for submarine periscope sensors

25 July 2017

Will Japan's Mitsubishi and Kawasaki Build India's Next Project 75(I) AIP Submarine?

Navy surveillance plane dodges Chinese jet with 'evasive action'

Video: Finnish Navy and Yle follow Russian nuclear submarine

24 July 2017

The Navy's put down a 'significant bet' on the $13 billion USS Gerald R Ford, which some say is a risky gamble

Navy can build two Virginia-class subs yearly for foreseeable future

Decommissioned submarine languishes in Chennai

23 July 2017

Trump plan to have the US Navy check Beijing in the South China Sea

First women enlist to join Navy special operations teams

Gerald R. Ford commissioning ceremony set for today

22 July 2017

The US Navy May Have Watered Down Its MQ-25 Drone

Speed and range could be key for Navy's next fighter jet

Initial investigation blames Navy for USS Fitzgerald collision

21 July 2017

The Navy Gets Its First Female SEAL Candidate

DARPA, BAE Systems Developing Small Unmanned Underwater Vehicles to Hunt Enemy Submarines

North Korea's Next Missile Test Could be Launched From a Submarine

20 July 2017

Navy's Hypervelocity Railgun Could Be A Gamechanger -- If Congress Funds It

Navy successfully tests anti-drone laser weapon

Unusual level of North Korean submarine activity detected

19 July 2017

Navy Report: Submarine Industrial Base Can Maintain 2-Attack Boat Construction Rate

US Navy punishes sailor who hid on ship for abandoning watch

Sneak peek at US Navy's new $13B aircraft carrier

18 July 2017

Exclusive: CNN witnesses US Navy's drone-killing laser

Navy Commissions First Arleigh Burke Restart Destroyer USS John Finn

Navy submarine surfaces off Fort Lauderdale Beach

How Russia's New Husky-Class Submarines Borrow from the US Navy's Playbook

17 July 2017

The US Military Might Soon Have More Submarines and F-35s

MCPON says rating and NEC overhaul will create new opportunities

Toxic Air From T-45 Engine May Be Poisoning US Navy Pilots

15 July 2017

US Navy Solicits Industry Solutions for a More Capable Frigate

Navy Overhauls Enlisted Rating structure and NEC codes

Navy SEALS storm Newfound Lake for military fundraiser

14 July 2017

No French nuclear submarines for Australia, Canberra says

Spend the night aboard the USS Cobia submarine in Manitowoc

A 355-ship Navy? We'll see, says Trump's Navy secretary pick

Turkey sends ships and submarine to monitor drilling vessel near Cyprus

13 July 2017

Russian Military Bombs 'Enemy Submarine' In Drills Near New US War Games

The Navy's Gargantuan New Sea Base Is On Its Way To The Middle East

Meet KJ-600, the aircraft that could help China's navy rival America's

12 July 2017

U.S. Navy Kicks Off Biggest Ever "Sea Breeze" Exercise In The Black Sea

Malabar submarine drills worry China

Russia Completes Design Work for New 5th Generation Submarine

11 July 2017

In a Blow to LCS, the US Navy Finally Admits it Needs a Real Frigate

WATCH: Navy Launches Massive Combat Ship (Video)

South Korea unveils massive submarine in show of force against North Korea

10 July 2017

Life support: The Navy's struggle to define a LCS bare minimum

Boeing Wins! Navy Will Buy Its Advanced Super Hornet

S.Korea gets most advanced submarine

09 July 2017

Keel laying marks official construction of 20th Virginia-class attack submarine

Adm. Diego Hernandez, a Vietnam hero tapped by the president for his expertise, dies at 83

Submarine project boosts France-Aust ties

08 July 2017

Affordable availability: WYVERN SSK concept targets new sub navies

Rostec develops new anti-submarine weapon

Henderson Co. native assumes command of US Navy submarine

07 July 2017

Senate asks Navy to consider going small with future aircraft carriers

India shows subs skills curve starts steeply

China's Submarine Dream (And Nightmare for the U.S. Navy): 'Hunt for Red October' Subs

06 July 2017

South Korea navy deploys anti-submarine helicopters

Here are the insane fitness requirements to become a Navy SEAL

Congress Questions Navy's Plan to Phase Out Iconic Peacoat

05 July 2017

Russia's nuclear submarine test-fires cruise missile successfully in Barents Sea

Malabar war games: India, Japan, US to deploy largest warships, to focus on anti-submarine warfare

Amid Sikkim standoff China's submarine prowls Indian Ocean

Emmanuel Macron aboard France's nuclear submarine

04 July 2017

US Navy weighing options for boosting fleet size, as hostile maritime forces grow

France's Emmanuel Macron flexes nuclear muscles on submarine visit

Joint Leonardo-BAE munition could triple US Navy gun range

03 July 2017

Navy captain kept Gulf War ships sailing and much more

China accuses US of 'serious provocation' as Navy destroyer sails near disputed island

South Korea cuts steel on third KSS-III submarine

02 July 2017

Veterans try to save World War II-era submarine berthed along shallow NJ river

Navy Christens, Launches 1st Ship Named for Billings

US Navy Patrols Near Disputed Island in South China Sea

01 July 2017

NATO trains anti-submarine warfare in northern waters

Germany approves sale of 3 more submarines to Israel

Navy T-45 Trainers Will Return To Flight In July With Air Supply Fix