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30 June 2017

Navy struggles with approach to fix crippled destroyer Fitzgerald, as investigation continues

New Chinese Navy Destroyer Can Best Japan, India And Maybe The United States

NATO Allies move to replace aging maritime anti-submarine and patrol aircraft capabilities

29 June 2017

The Electromagnetic Railgun May Not See Action The Way The Navy Originally Planned

House panel votes against cutting a Navy LCS from budget bill

Abbott urges government investigates nuclear submarines option

28 June 2017

China's navy launches latest-generation destroyer

US Navy to shoot laser across Chesapeake Bay

Pennsylvania submarine commander relieved

27 June 2017

British Navy's aircraft carrier sets sail for first sea trials

Russia to float out first modernized nuclear submarine in August

More sailors needed now: The Navy prepares to meet Trump's goal of 355 ships

Russian Navy test-fires submarine-launched missile

26 June 2017

Navy Makes Changes to Female Uniform Regulationsnull

Wicker urges Congress to increase number of Navy ships

Arctic outpost becomes hotbed of Russian military activity

25 June 2017

Freighter Was On Autopilot When It Hit US Destroyer

This Civil War death trap showed how not to build a sub

How Hitler's Submarine Force Planned to Crush America's Economy during World War II

24 June 2017

Navy Names Former Destroyer Commander to Lead USS Fitzgerald Collision Investigation

NATO Submarine Exercise in Icelandic Waters

China develops world's most powerful submarine detector

23 June 2017

Russian battleships & submarine fire 6 cruise missiles on ISIS targets in Syria MoD (VIDEO)

Missing Navy sailor found in ship's engine room reportedly faces court-martial

China building possible submarine-surveillance ship

22 June 2017

Timing Of Destroyer, Attack Submarine Design Upgrades Creates Congressional Concern

US Navy destroyer collision site in Japan known for congested nighttime traffic

Navy needs more aircraft carriers, subcommittee says

21 June 2017

Retired Navy admiral has questions about fatal collision, thinks captain will lose job

Cyber boost: New operating system will improve Navy computing power

US has a super powerful new attack submarine named after New Jersey

20 June 2017

Is This the Future of Chinese Submarine Power?

Japan investigates delay in reporting US Navy ship collision

Last two Scorpene submarines from Mazgaon Docks to join Navy without AIP system

19 June 2017

How Could The Navy Destroyer Collision Happen?

How do Navy ships operate?

Brazil's nuclear submarine project faces postponement

18 June 2017

Missing sailors found dead in flooded compartments on US Navy destroyer

The S-3 Viking: The Submarine Hunter Russia Feared (That Retired Way Too Early)

Everett submarine firm will take people to the Titanic

17 June 2017

Search on for 7 Navy crew after ship damaged in collision

7 US Navy crew reported missing after collision off Japan

16 June 2017

Navy sailor thought to have gone overboard found week later hiding in engine room

15 June 2017

Navy chief: It may be time to bring back retired warships

US Navy Ships in 'Unsafe' Incident With Iranian Boat

From submarines to cyber warfare, Bremerton sticks to the mission and keeps its mouth shut

14 June 2017

Navy Reveals Which Carriers Will First Field Their Dumbed-Down Drones

Navy still unsure what's causing aircraft oxygen system failures

Nigeria: Mariners Decry Inadequate Presence of Nigerian Navy At Sea

13 June 2017

Veterans Search for Home for WWII Submarine

Navy Has Picked the First Two Carriers to Fly MQ-25A Stingray Unmanned Aerial Refueling Tankers

Navy Commissions USS Gabrielle Giffords

You're probably not rich enough for this luxury submarine

12 June 2017

For Navy secretary, the goal of rebuilding the fleet faces headwinds

Indian Govt to kick-start process for Rs 60000 crore submarine programme

How to fast-track to an improved Navy

11 June 2017

The Posh New Neyk Submarine

Submarine veterans group seeks new members in Oklahoma

Govt to kick start process for Rs 60k crore submarine programme

10 June 2017

US Special Ops Sent to Philippines to Help in Fight Islamist Militants

The US Navy Has Big Plans to Replace the Tomahawk Cruise Missile

Iran Is Building Its Own Submarines

09 June 2017

New Moves to Provide Regional Submarine Safety (Malasia)

US Navy Looking At Bringing Retired Carrier USS Kitty Hawk Out Of Mothballs

China's new submarine engine is poised to revolutionize underwater warfare

08 June 2017

Civil War submarine reveals clues, human remains

Historians share new understanding of H.L. Hunley submarine

Collins says Navy needs to prioritize shipyard capacity

07 June 2017

US submarine capable of carrying Tomahawk cruise missiles arrives in South Korea

Russia's large anti-submarine destroyer wraps up 8-month voyage in distant waters

For first time in 153 years, public will see inside Civil War submarine

06 June 2017

US nuclear-powered attack submarine docks in S. Korea (VIDEO)

China developing 'transformer' warship that doubles as a stealth submarine

US Navy warship Gabrielle Giffords to be commissioned

05 June 2017

U.S. Navy Accepts Delivery Of Gerald R. Ford Aircraft Carrier

Dubious Submarine Monument With 'Russian Threat' Undertones Divides Swedes

China's new submarine engine is poised to revolutionize underwater warfare

03 June 2017

The Future of Naval Warfare Will Have a Lot More Spy Submarines

China Won't Hand the US Navy Victory Like Japan Did

Submarine's 'great leader' honoured in Portpatrick

02 June 2017

Did a Russian-Built Stealth Sub 'Sink' a US Nuclear Attack Submarine Two Years Ago?

Navy 'supercarrier' honored as it arrives for recycling at port

The US Navy's Newly Delivered Supercarrier Still Needs a Ton of Work

01 June 2017

14th Virginia-class submarine USS Washington delivered to Navy

Navy Pushes Back Schedule for Upgraded Destroyer Program

UK's Trident nuclear submarines 'vulnerable to catastrophic hack