World Naval News Archives

31 May 2017

First Scorpene submarine Kalvari to be commissioned by July

Vladimir Putin's 7000-tonne anti-submarine warship Severomorsk enters the English Channel

Russian frigate & submarine fire 4 cruise missiles at ISIS targets

30 May 2017

The Navy wants to recruit you — with Virtual Reality

Submarine USS Buffalo arrives for decommissioning

Royal Navy's HMS Torbay nuclear submarine arrives in Gibraltar just day after Spanish warship spotted

29 May 2017

Future Submarine (AUS) to be sized up next year

US Navy's newest aircraft carrier clears round of sea trials

US Navy skydiver killed in parachuting accident in New York Harbor

28 May 2017

Newport News delivers Virginia Class submarine Washington

27 May 2017

White House intervened to add extra littoral combat ship to Navy's budget

Successful test firing of torpedo from Scorpene Submarine

US Navy aircraft intercepted by Chinese jets, Pentagon says

26 May 2017

Despite No Mention of LPD-29 In 2018 Budget Request, Navy Committed to Rapid LPD-to-LX(R) Transition

Navy Warship Exercises Close to Chinese-Claimed Reef in S. China Sea

Navy: promise of a bigger fleet will have to wait until next year's budget

25 May 2017

Lockheed Martin drops out of US Navy missile competition

NATO Must Strengthen Its Anti-Submarine Capabilities to Meet the Russian Threat

Beijing protests US Navy patrol through South China Sea

24 May 2017

US Navy's FY18 budget: Steady as she goes

Russia's Science Research Sub Is Shockingly Huge

The Navy wants to hire thousands more sailors in 2018

23 May 2017

General Dynamics Unit Wins $33M Deal for Nuclear Submarine

France Suspects Bribery in Multibillion Dollar Submarine Sale to Brazil

Submarine deal passes audit with flying colours | Bangkok

22 May 2017

Battlecarrier: The U.S. Navy's Dream of Merging a Battleship and an Aircraft Carrier

Navy to search Alaska ocean floor for WWII-era explosives

France opens inquiry into submarine deal 'corruption'

21 May 2017

Navy to search Alaska ocean floor for WWII-era explosives

Israeli firm inks $630 million deal with Indian navy

Singapore navy launches first submarine safety portal

20 May 2017

Second carrier to join US ships near Korean Peninsula

19 May 2017

US Navy moves second aircraft carrier near North Korea

Germany to deliver more submarines to Singapore

Singapore takes further steps towards enhancing regional submarine safety

18 May 2017

Asian submarine race raises security concerns

Submarine work up for grabs — and WA wants it

Saab A26 submarine gets vertical launched Tomahawks

17 May 2017

This Russian Submarine Had One Super Special Trick: It Could Outrun Torpedoes

Navy fires both commanders of landing ship Anchorage

US Navy Plans to Use Stealth F-35s and F/A-18 Super Hornets for Cruise Missile Defense

16 May 2017

US Navy's $13 Billion Supercarrier to Begin Acceptance Trials in May

CNO urges faster path to a bigger Navy

Overseas workers needed to train Australian staff to build submarines

15 May 2017

Italy receives fourth Type 212A submarine and seeks additional boats

Raytheon Begins Modernizing the U.S. Navy's Favorite Destroyer

Turkish defence vendor STM showcases MILDEN submarine proposal

14 May 2017

355-ship Navy: Big opportunity but big challenges

Italian submarine collides with cargo ship

Navy Updating How It Rates Sailors' Job Performances

13 May 2017

US Pacific Command Needs More Submarines as Navy Struggles to Maintain Forcenull

Turkey, Germany to produce submarine for Indonesia

After Sri Lanka snub, Chinese submarine may head to Karachi

12 May 2017

Second US Attack Submarine Makes Pit Stop in Japan in May

Italian submarine collides with cargo ship off Calabria coast

Russian Fighter Jet Comes Within 20 Feet of US Navy Plane

11 May 2017

Inside the U.S. Navy's newest submarine squad

Navy, Marines Spotlight Future of Amphibious, Autonomous Warfare

'Miserable Fate': US Navy's Nuclear Submarine Strikes a Nerve in North Korea

10 May 2017

US Navy ship collides with South Korean fishing boat

Irish Coast Guard airlifts sailor from British navy submarine

Thai junta's submarine deal ignites controversy

09 May 2017

Royal Navy escorts new Russian submarine through Channel

US Navy Vows to Continue Challenging Beijing's Claims in the South China Sea

Thailand inks S26T submarine deal with China

08 May 2017

Pentagon Names US Navy SEAL Killed in Somalia, First Since 1993

U.S. Navy to Still Test Beijing's Reef Claims in South China Sea

An Alien-Hunting Submarine Is Being Tested in Antarctica

07 May 2017

Obama Steered America's Navy Off Course

Chinese submarine deal signed

Why China Fears Japan's Super Stealth Soryu-Class Submarines

06 May 2017

Why America's New Columbia-Class Submarine Could Be a Game Changer

Submarine exercise kicks off outside northern Norway

U.S. Navy SEAL Dies in Somalia Raid as Pentagon Steps Up Operations

05 May 2017

Why America's Nuclear Submarine Fleet Has No Equal

Navy anti-submarine drone-ship conducts minehunting testing

Iran Submarine Test Fires Cruise Missile, Fails

04 May 2017

Thai Admiral Behind Submarine Deal Defends Need for 'Dream Weapon'

Navy explains plans for expanded special forces training area

Navy Slowing Frigate Procurement To Allow Careful Requirements Talks

03 May 2017

Women play a large role in the U.S. Navy; “You almost get a little addicted to it”

Mindful of budget constraints, Navy set to revise its aspirations for bigger fleet

Boeing pulls Harpoon from US Navy missile competition

02 May 2017

Japan's Largest Warship to Guard US Navy Ship for the First Time

Thai navy defends submarine purchase, shrugs off criticism

Navy PC Zephyr and Coast Guard make $22.5M bust in Caribbean

01 May 2017

The F-8 Super Crusader: The Hot Navy Fighter that Almost Replaced the F-4 Phantom

Navy plan to build more subs could strain capacity at EB

Sri Lanka navy detains suspected Rohingya refugees