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30 April 2017

The U.S. Navy is pulling the plug on its Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) program?

Why the Navy Needs a New Destroyer

Pence christens USS Indiana attack submarine

29 April 2017

BAE to launch fourth British Astute-class attack submarine

The U.S. Navy's Super Stealth Destroyer Is Almost Ready for Battle

First look at Royal Navy's incredible new £1BILLION nuclear sub

28 April 2017

Navy to Christen Its Newest Fast-Attack Sub USS Indiana

Navy Looks Beyond Ship Count to Measure Strength

Russian spy ship Liman sinks off Turkey after collision with freighter

27 April 2017

The USMC Is Interested In This Crazy Speedboat That Transforms Into A Submarine

US Navy Destroyer Fires Warning as Iranian Attack Boat Closes to 1000 Yds

A submarine that carries US Navy SEALs just arrived off the coast of North Korea

26 April 2017

Navy destroyer has close encounter with Iran vessel in Persian Gulf

China Building the World's Largest Submarine Factory

China launches aircraft carrier, boosting military presence

25 April 2017

Missile submarine joins US naval 'armada' in Korea20170425-_navy.jpg

Report: Massive live-fire drills in N. Korea as US navy positions in south

US nuclear submarine heading towards Korean peninsula

24 April 2017

UK's Tevva uses submarine tech to power electric trucks

22 April 2017

US Navy Jet Crashes, Pilot Ejects As Aircraft Carrier Finally Heads Toward North Korea

North Korea's Submarine Fleet: A Big Threat or a Big Joke?

Drone sailboat transforms into spy sub

21 April 2017

$140K Titanic submarine tours off Newfoundland coast 'not a luxury trip'

Future Navy submarine designs tweaked to accommodate women

Russian navy visits Philippines as Duterte tightens ties with US foes

20 April 2017

US Navy's Latest Nuclear Attack Submarine Completes Sea Trials

Russia Conducts Anti-Submarine Warfare Exercise in Asia

Women in the military: US Navy redesigning its submarines

19 April 2017

Egypt receives second Type-209/1400 submarine from Germany

Russian Pacific Fleet's anti-submarine aircraft destroy simulated enemy's sub

Russia claims it can wipe out US Navy with single 'electronic bomb'

18 April 2017

Congress Urged to Delay $9 Billion Navy Plan for Frigates

North Korea displays submarine-based missiles for first time at military parade

Indian Navy mulling other submarine options

17 April 2017

Turkey's Golcük Shipyard & TKMS jointly market Type 214 submarine to Indonesia

US Navy to Lift Operation Pause for T-45C Fleet

North Korea displays submarine-based missiles for first time at military parade

16 April 2017

USS Cuttlefish Navy vet, late-in-life hiker approaches age 100

Mexican navy guns down top bodyguard to eldest son of 'El Chapo'

Navy: Jets will be modified as it determines oxygen problem

15 April 2017

First US-Japan-S. Korea anti-submarine exercise conducted amid showdown

Following explosions and facial disfigurement, Navy bans vaping on ships

MoD appoints nuclear chief to help keep Dreadnought submarines on course

14 April 2017

The quickest way to break the ice is by submarine

Why Russia's Anti-Submarine Aircraft 'Encircle' Japan

The Navy's Love Boats Sail Again

13 April 2017

Noise-damping coating to make Russian submarines indistinguishable from whales

How Trump Can Build a 350-Ship Navy

Navy Considering More Hulls for Frigate Competition

12 April 2017

Many on hand to celebrate 117th anniversary of U.S. Navy submarine service

New US Navy Warships Could Better Match Up With Russia and China

11 April 2017

New Navy destroyer radar conducts first flight test

Passover on a submarine

Submarine excursions soon to come to the Maldives

10 April 2017

Submarine Washington completes initial sea trials

China says navy rescues ship from pirates, omits Indian role

US Navy considers a more powerful frigate

USS Carl Vinson heads to Korean peninsula

08 April 2017

US Navy Destroyer Involved In Syria Airstrike Was Buzzed By Russian Jets In February

Russia Sends Warships Toward US Navy after Syria Bombing

Taiwan struggles to acquire 5 types of submarine tech for local program

07 April 2017

Submarine Ohio Gold Crew XO fired after NCIS investigation

Looking back on my Navy career: From the Tailhook scandal to Marines United

Opinion: Navy Build Up Needs Comprehensive Approach

06 April 2017

Boeing awarded $2.2 billion for new P-8A Poseidon submarine hunter

Navy Seeking Ways to Boost Interoperability Between Warfare Units

China's navy building its biggest amphibious assault vessel

05 April 2017

Taiwan to Build Eight Submarines Under Indigenous Shipbuilding Project

Arctic evacuations are evidence of climate change, says Navy's top oceanographer

Navy Showcasing Repairs to Historic Warship 'Old Ironsides'

04 April 2017

US, ROK, Japan Navies Conduct First Joint Anti-Submarine Warfare Drill

The US Navy's futuristic new aircraft carrier is finally hitting the seas for testing

Navy instructor pilots refusing to fly over safety concerns; Pence's son affected

03 April 2017

U.S., South Korea, Japan target North Korea submarine threats

Lasers: The US Navy's Next Big Mega Weapon?

Navy wants to hire more civilians to deal with ship maintenance

02 April 2017

In move toward gender equality, enlisted women set to serve on submarines at Kings Bay

North Korea's Most Important Submarine Base

Russia's Most Dangerous Nuclear Attack Submarine Ever Is Ready for War

01 April 2017

Tomahawk: The US Navy's Ultimate Weapon Is Getting a Major Facelift

Boeing Launches Info War on the Navy's F-35 - Defense One

Rogozin floats out new attack submarine