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31 December 2016

Did Sweden Make America's Nuclear Submarines Obsolete?

Russia offers sub, drones to Philippines

No US carrier at sea leaves gap in Middle East

30 December 2016

Russia readies two of its most advanced submarines for launch in 2017

Should America Really Fear China's Growing Navy?

29 December 2016

Britain struggling to confront rising Russian submarine incursions ...

The Navy Is Getting New Uniforms (And They Don't Suck This Time)

New in 2017: Navy's skills training overhaul

28 December 2016

Navy Will Expand Undersea Drone Operations

The Chinese Navy's New 'Tall Ship'

Malabar naval exercise aimed at PLA submarines in South China

27 December 2016

Under Veil of Holiday Secrecy, Navy Ships Return from Deployment

Defence closes ranks on French submarine data leak

New in 2017: Navy cruisers may get a champion in the White House

26 December 2016

New Jersey submarine museum searching for new home

Israeli police raid Defense Ministry in German submarine probe

How Trump helped sink Navy's push for political correctness

25 December 2016

Get Ready, China and Russia: The U.S. Navy Is Building 'Super' Torpedoes for Its Nuclear Subs

Obstacles ahead in building bigger Navy fleet

馮世寬 Military hopes submarine plans attract other nations

24 December 2016

The Navy is establishing a V-22 Osprey training detachment

Russia to float out 2 nuclear submarines in 2017

So China seized a US drone submarine? Welcome to the future of international conflict

23 December 2016

Nazi Germany's Secret World War II Plan to Attack America with Submarine Missiles

In about face, Navy restores traditional job titles after objections

The next White House Press Secretary is a Navy officer

22 December 2016

General Dynamics Wins $147Mln to Support US Ballistic Missile Sub Program

Navy's new assessment shows no decline in number of littoral combat ships headed to Mayport

MILO: Navy Sides With Seamen, Not Social Justice

21 December 2016

Ratings restored: Effective immediately, sailors will get their job titles back

Apprenticeship Programs Revived For Submarine Construction

There's nothing substandard about this submarine's Christmas dinner

20 December 2016

Navy lifts operational pause of Growlers, Super Hornets

Analyst: North Korea submarine may be preparing to go to sea

China returns seized submarine drone to US

19 December 2016

Australia and France insist on secrecy of new submarine design

Mystery Russian sub in media spotlight after 'helping' Norwegian ...

How the Navy's Zumwalt-Class Destroyers Ran Aground

18 December 2016

The US Navy's Great 'Magic Numbers' Challenge

Swarming the enemy: US Navy showcases fleet of 'drone' defense

Navy grounds Super Hornets, Growlers

17 December 2016

Navy boosts projections for Virginia-class submarines

US Navy's New Fleet Goal: 355 Ships

Fourth submarine in Astute class officially named 'Audacious'

Pentagon: Chinese ship captures US underwater drone from sea

16 December 2016

The Navy is building fleets of unmanned 'swarmboats' that can overwhelm and confuse enemies

88-year-old Navy veteran from Williamsburg fulfills wish of a lifetime at Naval Station

DC Gets its Very Own Submarine

15 December 2016

French shipbuilder DCNS learned of submarine breach via the media

German navy eyes replacement for Sea Lynx helicopters

US Navy's drone 'swarmboats' show off pack tactics

14 December 2016

Navy Wants to Weave LCS, Unmanned Systems, Subs into New Battle Network

Indonesia develops unmanned submarine technology

White House petition suggests naming next Navy ship 'USS The Deplorables'

13 December 2016

NATO is Hunting Russia's "Carrier Killer" Submarines

Egypt receives first German-built submarine

Navy Wants To Weave LCS, Unmanned Systems, Subs into Battle

12 December 2016

Russia tests its new autonomous nuclear submarine off the US coast

In 2009, Two Nuclear Submarines Collided Under the Sea (And They Were Armed with Nuclear Weapons)

USSR's first nuclear-powered submarine to be launched again

11 December 2016

SDV Submarine Insertion Ops

Navy's top officer admits he misjudged backlash before dumping ratings

Navy contracts mean Electric Boat will hire 14,000

10 December 2016

Haunting photos of Japanese mini-submarine sunk during Pearl Harbor attack

At sea with Britain's secret submarine defender as it plays cat and mouse

Norway Looks South in Search of Arctic-Class Submarine Builder

09 December 2016

Russia Preparing For War? Moscow Tests Nuclear-Capable Drone Subm Posing Threat To US

The Russian Navy Is Developing a New Submarine That Can Perform One Truly Strange Trick

Despite mishaps, futuristic Navy destroyer finally arrives in homeport

08 December 2016

US Navy may increase Black Sea patrols

The Pentagon told the Navy to cut $17B from its budget; the Navy said no

The Japanese submarine that never made it to Pearl Harbor

07 December 2016

NOAA to Explore WWII Japanese Submarines Near Pearl Harbor

Three Chinese Navy Ships Begin 4-Day San Diego Visit

Russia's Unreliable Aircraft Carrier Just Lost Another Plane

06 December 2016

Navy Faces Carrier Jet Short Fall, Reportedly Looking At More ...

Troubled Navy ship class design infringed on patent, lawsuit claims ...

China Has Built the Biggest and Baddest Conventional Submarine in the World

04 December 2016

Acquisition Chief:
LCS Program 'Broke' the Navy

Take a VR tour of a Pearl Harbor Japanese midget submarine

Israeli Defense Official on Submarine Deal: I Wasn't Aware of Iranian Connection

03 December 2016

Navy Christens Submarine USS Colorado in Shipyard Ceremony

The miracle that wasn't: Navy hammered in Senate over 'failed' ship design

A retired Navy SEAL explains how to survive a bear attack

02 December 2016

Navy's costly Zumwalt destroyer to get second look as Trump preps for big fleet build-up

A Connecticut Submarine Survived Pearl Harbor, Then Helped Win the War

Three Chinese Navy ships to dock in San Diego

01 December 2016

Navy to scatter vet's ashes near site of 1963 deadly submarine sinking

Public can watch dive to Japanese submarine wreckage in Pearl Harbor

Watch These Dolphins Surfing a Navy Submarine's Wave