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30 September 2016

Huntington Ingalls Industries Awarded Navy Contract for Submarine

Future of Swedish Submarine Industry Dependent Upon Foreign Buyers

Navy Removes All Historic Job Titles After Study On Gender Neutrality

29 September 2016

New Navy stealth destroyer, guided-missile cruiser coming to Baltimore for Fleet Week

Navy's newest warship USS Detroit to be commissioned here

Russian Submarine-Launched Ballistic Missile Self-Destructs During Flight

28 September 2016

New Zealand Navy Chief: U.S. Nuclear Ship Issue 'Behind Us', Hopes for Regular USN Port Visits

Russian Corvettes Destroy Simulated Enemy Submarine in Far East

China Wants to Launch Carrier Fighters Just Like the US Navy

27 September 2016

4-star admiral wants to confront China. The White House says not so fast

World Submarine Battery Market Growth to 2020 led by China

Japan navy chief urges resumption of China port visits

26 September 2016

Russian Pacific Fleet reinforced with newest nuclear sub

Italian Navy Ship Docks In Iran

Full Speed Ahead for Navy Expeditionary Fast Transports

25 September 2016

Four Seasons welcomes USS Colorado submarine chefs, Sept. 26

Is India About to Lease Russia's Best Nuclear Submarine Ever?

Italian Navy Ship Docks In Iran

24 September 2016

Navy vets reunite in Omaha, share memories of Freedom Park submarine

Submarine sanctuary: Why China is so determined to establish dominance over the South China Sea

ISIS has a navy? The US is sinking it

23 September 2016

'Submarine' seized on Guerrero beach

Navy SRB budget will drop in 2017

Sailors and pilots hitting St. John's as anti-submarine warfare training wraps up

22 September 2016

U.S. Navy's New High Tech Destroyer Suffers 'Engineering Casualty'

Will 'course correction' fix Navy's troubled littoral program?

Domestic shipbuilders target Taiwan's submarine requirement

21 September 2016

The US Navy Needs More Submarines to Match Russia and China

Domestic shipbuilders target Taiwan's submarine requirement

Navy's newest destroyer to remain in Virginia for repairs

20 September 2016

Is the US Navy Planning Big Changes to America's Future Aircraft Carriers?

Five decades to build the nuclear reactor for submarine

More than ever, the Submarine Capital of the World

19 September 2016

Northrop gets $88M to improve, secure Navy's computers

Anil Ambani's Reliance Defence cleared to bid for naval warship, submarine projects

General Dynamics Electric Boat Lands $330M Nuclear Submarine Contract

18 September 2016

China, Russia navies stage air defense, anti-submarine drill

Stealthy underwater comms drone for nuclear subs tested in Russia ...

AeroVironment Says Navy Will Soon Operate "Swarms" of Robo-Submarines

17 September 2016

An upgraded Trident II missile is being tested from US nuclear submarines

India naval chief blames France for submarine data leak

The mistakes that led to a deadly Blue Angels crash — and how the Navy wants to prevent them

16 September 2016

Japan to join US Navy's 'training cruises' in South China Sea

Watch the US Navy test its new ship against 10000 pound bombs

Indian Delegation to Visit Russia for Leasing Yasen Class Submarine

US Navy Develops Laser Weapon Prototypes for Destroyers, Cruisers (and Maybe Carriers)

15 September 2016

Iran Wants To Make Its Navy Seem More Powerful With This New Ship

Successful Trident II D5 Missile Flight Test Supports Navy Sub Certification

Indian team for Russia in hunt for submarine

14 September 2016

Multipurpose Fifth-Gen Nuclear Sub Design to Be Developed by 2020

Iran Tells US Navy: Go to the Bay of Pigs; The Persian Gulf Is Ours

Crew of USS Indiana visits submarine's namesake

13 September 2016

US Navy overhauls troubled littoral combat ship program

China said likely to have provided North Korea with submarine missile

Aus businessman takes out full-page ad blasting the Govt's order of French subs

12 September 2016

Sea duty shake-up: Drastic proposals to improve Navy's fleet manning

US Navy's Master Plan to Haul Marines and M1 Abrams Tanks into Battle

Florida “earthquakes” actually Navy's 10000-pound bombs

11 September 2016

The $5 Million Aurora 6
Submarine For Your Superyacht

Navy gives a look inside its new stealth destroyer

Submarine Vet Remembers: I Didn't See Daylight for 59 Days

How the Navy's top skippers learned to lead millennials

10 September 2016

U.S. Navy gives look inside futuristic $4.4 billion Zumwalt destroyer

Silence, tight quarters and no women: On board Israel's most advanced submarine

Navy SEALs fail in 2 bids to rescue Taliban-held Western hostages

09 September 2016

Canadian navy will lose submarine fleet in next few years without billions in upgrades

Iran harasses US Navy in international waters (again)

Watch The US Navy's Menacing Zumwalt Destroyer Make Its First Port Of Call

08 September 2016

Mystery of missing submarine is solved: HMS Tarpon is found off the coast of Denmark

Nation's largest destroyer sets sail to join US Navy

Russian fighter makes 'unsafe close range intercept' with US anti-submarine aircraft

07 September 2016

Iran escalates high seas harassment of US Navy

First images of wreckage found of U-576 near North Carolina

Stealthy Destroyer Ready to Set Sail to Join US Navy

06 September 2016

US Navy's New Super Stealth Destroyer
Getting Ready to Test Its New Guns and Missiles

US Navy Orders Engineering Stand Down, Retraining for LCS Crews

Navy's Zumwalt leaving Bath Iron Works this week

05 September 2016

Researchers visit sunken German submarine missing since 1942

Wreck of second world war British submarine found off Denmark

04 September 2016

5 Greatest Threats the US Navy Faces Today

Maintenance of submarine breaks ground by staying in water

North Korea Pumping 'Serious Resources' Into Navy

03 September 2016

MCPON Stevens delivered big changes as Navy's top enlisted

02 September 2016

New Navy effort's focus is on Russia

India shelves plan to expand French submarine order after data breach

Is the US Navy Getting Ready to Build the Most 'Stealth' Submarine Ever?

How Colonel Gaddafi ordered a submarine to torpedo the QE2

Amid Breakdowns, Navy Struggles To Make New Ships Work

01 September 2016

US Navy Takes Delivery of New Nuclear Attack Submarine

Is North Korea Building a New Ballistic Missile Submarine?

Close call: Navy pilots recount avoiding crash off aircraft carrier