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31 August 2016

Chief of Naval Operations Richardson: US Navy is Focusing on Enemy Submarine Threat

Fourth breakdown in US Navy littoral combat ship

Analysts: North Korea to Build New Ballistic Missile Submarine

Russia to Send Anti-Submarine Warfare Destroyers to South China Sea

30 August 2016

Home-made submarines cheaper than those built with foreign technology (India)

South Korea says no plans to introduce nuclear submarines

Third breakdown in year for $360M US Navy combat ships

29 August 2016

HMS Daring: Royal Navy sends destroyer to fight Isis

Why America's foes feel safe playing chicken with the Navy

The Great Cajun Navy - WSJ

28 August 2016

Key West on the short list for new Navy drone base

Navy Gets $2.7B Attack Submarine Sponsored by Michelle Obama

27 August 2016

US Navy: We Can Build More Nuclear Attack Submarines Faster

Sea-intensive Navy ratings rise in tour length overhaul

Defense official: Iran confrontations with US Navy up 50 percent this year

26 August 2016

French submarine builder DCNS scuppered by leaks

US Navy's F-35C Stealth Fighter: Now Armed with 18000 Pounds of Weapons

The US Navy Is Preparing to Take On an Old Foe: Stealthy Enemy Submarines

25 August 2016

Scorpène submarine leaks highlight coming of age of information war against India

Top Navy admiral: New Stingray drone will be a tanker

24 August 2016

India probes damage caused by French submarine data leak

North Korea test-fires submarine-launched ballistic missile

Remnants of a Russian submarine still rest in Rhode Island

23 August 2016

Navy Investigating USS Louisiana Nuclear Submarine Collision into MSC Ship

Raytheon Awarded $92M Navy Contract for Future Carrier, Big Deck AESA Radars

Navy LCS Gets New Lightweight Submarine Hunting Technology

22 August 2016

Navy Air Boss: Fighter Readiness Not in Crisis

Navy christens ship in recognition of Yuma

21 August 2016

Taking pictures of US nuclear submarine lands sailor in jail

Coming Soon to the US Navy's Aircraft Carriers: The F-35C Stealth Fighter

20 August 2016

Submarine, support vessel collide off Washington coast

WWI Submarine Found off Jutland

Does Navy officer captured by Iran deserve leniency?

19 August 2016

China says navy carries out drills in Sea of Japan

'Neighborhood Watch' helps Navy investigate satellite out of target orbit

New commander takes charge of Submarine Group 7

18 August 2016

Navy confirms Oct. 22 for USS Detroit commissioning ceremony

Oklahoma City sailor serves aboard U.S. Navy ballistic missile sub

17 August 2016

China's New Missile-Torpedo May Curb U.S. Submarine Power

Navy Studying Installing SeaRAM on More Destroyers, Other Ship Classes

Can The U.S. Can Learn From The Death Of The Royal Navy?

16 August 2016

Latest Littoral Combat Ship Delivered to US Navy

This Futuristic Amphibious Vehicle Is A Car, Boat and Submarine All At Once

The 'Cajun Navy' Heads Out To Rescue Flooded Baton Rouge Residents

15 August 2016

Will the New Special Ops Mini-Submarine Sink or Swim?

Navy looking at teaching robots how to behave

Revamped 100-Year-Old Lamp Will Help The Navy Counter Russia And China

14 August 2016

Navy SEAL vet becomes scientist to study brain diseases

13 August 2016

Navy officer who apologized to Iranian captors appeals reprimand

US Navy selects UK steel firm Sheffield Forgemasters for Ohio submarine replacement programme

Could the US Navy Really Hunt Down Russian or Chinese subs?

12 August 2016

This Is What A Dream Job In The Navy Looks Like

Who's Responsible for the Navy's Carrier Shortage?

It was US and UK that sank Russia's Kursk submarine

11 August 2016

Magic Carpet Ride: Navy Software Eases Carrier Landings

What the US should learn from Britain's dying navy

Hull of Virginia-class submarine Indiana complete

10 August 2016

Navy develops new fleet uniforms: the latest

Four more US sailors disciplined in Iran boat seizure incident

Hull of Virginia-class submarine Indiana complete

09 August 2016

Osprey continues to prove itself in Navy carrier tests

US Navy's New AEGIS Destroyer Looks Very Impressive...But Is It Affordable?

Little Activity at North Korea's Sinpo South Shipyard

08 August 2016

Every sailor is getting a new camouflage uniform

Triathlon honors a local Navy SEAL and helps veterans

US Navy visits China, Ramos leaves for South China Sea talks

07 August 2016

Navy strives to save stranded MUOS-5 satellite

Did the US Navy Build Super Secret Undersea Lairs for Its Nuclear Submarines?

Navy OKs uniform change

06 August 2016

How a Female Sailor in the Navy Just Made History

05 August 2016

The US Navy Is Now Facing Its Greatest Fear: Obsolete Aircraft ...

The United States Navy is finally getting rid of its blue uniforms

Seek, but shall ye find?

04 August 2016

Navy chief becomes first woman to earn silver submarine pin

The US Navy Is Now Facing Its Greatest Fear: Obsolete Aircraft Carriers?

Navy, Marines put V-22 to the Test in Carrier Experiment

03 August 2016

New Navy Tech Makes It Easy to Land on a Carrier. Yes, Easy

Slidell's Jon Bauer is 'eyes and ears' of advanced Navy submarine

Navy F-18 Fighter Jet Crashes in Nevada During Training

02 August 2016

US Navy Plans to Triple the Amount of Missiles per Submarine

China holds live-fire navy drills in East China Sea

Submarine Illinois Completes First Voyage

01 August 2016

Former Navy SEAL Team Three member releases Ramadi battle book

Russia marks Navy Day with nationwide military shows & parades (VIDEO,PHOTOS)