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30 April 2016

China blocks US Navy aircraft carrier from Hong Kong port

Cruise Missiles of Russian Navy: Nuclear Submarine Wipes Out Another Target

The hunt for the next US Navy slogan is on

India's first conventional submarine in 15 years goes to sea

29 April 2016

Russian Nuclear Submarine Catches Fire in Kamchatka (PHOTOS)

Warsaw denies reported Polish, Russian submarine collision

Risk and reward: the challenges and the payout of the submarine deal

28 April 2016

Farmer in southeast China builds submarine, earns patent

Winning submarine bidder must meet Australia's 'range and endurance' requirements

Navy eases tattoo restrictions to attract millennials

27 April 2016

Row over design of submarine hunters delaying Clyde orders

A retired Navy SEAL commander's 12 rules for being an effective leader

26 April 2016

French Shipbuilder Wins $39 Billion Australian Submarine Deal

ASC shipbuilders vindicated by Government decision after 'canoe controversy'

Harper Government's Attempts To Buy Navy Ships Blocked By Bureaucrats

25 April 2016

Spanish navy's training vessel to visit Puerto Rico

The Mexican Navy's Cuauhtémoc arrives in Baltimore's Inner Harbor

Submarine museum to open exhibit on Groton base history

24 April 2016

Indonesian navy impounds Chinese trawler for illegal fishing

Russia buys five dolphins for its navy and no one knows why

Navy Green-Lights Development of New Helicopter-Airplane Hybrid

23 April 2016

WATCH: On board the Israeli navy's most expensive submarine

North Korea appears to fire submarine-launched missile, Seoul says

The Navy is ready to dump the military's most pointless uniform

22 April 2016

Indian N-submarine test troubles Pak

China Unveils New Submarine-Launched Anti-Ship Cruise Missile

US Navy accuses Gulf commander of misconduct

21 April 2016

Why has Russia boosted submarine patrols?

NY Times: Russia Boosting Submarine Presence, Raising Tensions

Navy Plans MQ-XX Stingray With Only ISR, Tanking Capability; Marines Testing MQ-8C Fire Scout On Amphibs

20 April 2016

Navy's shipbuilding budget could see Reagan-era levels

The Navy SEALs are now open to women but no one has stepped forward

Message From Putin to U.S. Navy: Buzz Off

19 April 2016

Lay-up plan jeopardizes some of the Navy's best ships: Forbes

House Republican complains about 'politicization' of Navy ships

India tests 1st nuclear-propelled ballistic missile submarine

18 April 2016

Turnbull quiet on submarine announcement

US will back country that secures subs deal

India's first nuclear submarine currently undergoing sea trials

17 April 2016

Obama Just Named Navy Warship Something That Infuriated Many

Scituate native serving aboard nuclear-powered submarine

16 April 2016

Soryu submarine arrives in Sydney Harbour; first Japanese sub to visit since WWII

This is why the Navy didn't shoot down Russian jets

US can't keep pace with Russian submarine deployments - top Navy official

15 April 2016

Exposed: Russia's Master Plan for Its Next Class of Deadly Submarines

Russia defends pilots who buzzed US Navy destroyer

Southside grad serving aboard stealthy, attack submarine

14 April 2016

Tension on the South China Sea draws concerns. So should submarine warfare underneath

Watch Out: China and Russia Are Working Together at Sea

US Navy may soon use a submarine hunting robot ship

13 April 2016

US Navy Ship Encounters Aggressive Russian Aircraft in Baltic Sea (VIDEO)

Accused spy served in one of Navy's most shadowy squadrons

12 April 2016

Navy flier describes spotting island castaways

Navantia completes hull extension on Spain's first S 80 submarine

Massive Japan submarine Akishio displayed at Kure museum

11 April 2016

US Navy to have 60% surface ships in Indo-Asia Pacific region

US Navy officer charged with spying, possibly for China, Taiwan

India Successfully Tests Intermediate-Range Nuclear-Capable Submarine-Launched Ballistic Missile

10 April 2016

Get Ready, Russia, China and Iran: America's New Submarine Killer Is Here

How stealthy is Navy's new destroyer? It needs reflectors

Massive Navy search-and-rescue operation continues for missing sailor off North Carolina

09 April 2016

Royal Canadian Navy fires 1st sea-to-shore precision Harpoon missile

Norway downselects DCNS, TKMS for submarine project

Pak Navy successfully test-fires Zarb missile

08 April 2016

DARPA's Self-Driving Submarine Hunter Steers Like a Human

Supercarrier Ford to join Navy fleet in September

The US government just launched a self-driving submarine to counter Russian and Chinese ships

07 April 2016

US Navy's solar drone flies from and lands on water

South Korea Launches New Stealth Submarine

Navy funding request is good news for BIW even as stealth destroyer costs grow

06 April 2016

Navy women issued iconic 'Dixie cup' for first time

Navy plans to name destroyer after ex-Sen. Carl Levin

Norway: Joint Submarine Acquisition With Poland Not Imminent

Once-controversial submarine to be decommissioned at Pearl Harbor

05 April 2016

HHI launches seventh KSS-2 submarine for South Korean navy

Keel Laying Held in Rhode Island for New Navy Submarine

South Dakota submarine on even keel

04 April 2016

Japan Submarine, Destroyers Visit Philippines

Navy: Over 1000 Weapons From Iran Likely Bound for Yemen Seized

02 April 2016

Philippines Plans First Ever Submarine Fleet

Navy withdraws intel boss nominee, furthering uncertainty

SUV flees cops, takes out Navy fighter jet

01 April 2016

US Navy Exploring Low-enriched Uranium Reactors

U.S. Navy awards funding for next warship to be built in Marinette

Video: US Navy launches 132ft submarine-hunting drone boat