World Naval News Archives

31 March 2016

New record low sea ice extent forces Navy camp evacuation

Israel Navy drill simulates raid against ship taken hostage by ISIS

30 March 2016

US Navy's Lethal New Destroyer Completes Builder's Trials

Makeshift drug-running submarine raided & sunk in US Coast Guard bust (VIDEO)

Newport News Shipbuilding's share of Virginia-class submarine deliveries to grow

29 March 2016

Texas Coast Guard agents board a mini-submarine carrying 5.5 tons of cocaine

Arctic submarine maneuvers test capability below the ice

Shoddy pipes trip up one of Navy's top shipbuilding programs

28 March 2016

Russia's Next Super Submarine Is Almost Ready for War

Submarines To Become Stealthier Through Acoustic Superiority Upgrades, Operational Concepts

Secret weld: How shoddy parts disabled a $2.7 billion submarine

27 March 2016

Navy Corruption Scandal Results In Prison Time For Highest-Ranking Officer Yet

CBP Aircrew Busts 'Narco Submarine' Smuggling 5.5 Tons of Cocaine

26 March 2016

French naval firm keen to bag Scorpene submarine maintenance and repair deal

Authorities intercept $200 million in cocaine heading to US on mini-submarine

North Korean 'Last Chance' propaganda video shows submarine attack on Washington

25 March 2016

The Navy keeps sidelining its best surface ships. Here's why

PH chooses Lynx Wildcat for anti-submarine warfare helicopters

US criticises India over nuclear-capable submarine-launched ballistic missile K-4

24 March 2016

Russia's First Yasen-Class Submarine is Combat-Ready

US Submarine Visits Former Philippines Base Amid South China Sea Tensions

23 March 2016

The Navy's New $4.4 Billion Ship Is A Big, Shiny Waste Of Money

Navy tugboat found. . . a century later

US submarine arrives in Subic amid fresh maritime tension

22 March 2016

Iran to build monument to US Navy sailors' capture, detention

Navy SEAL admiral's promotion denied after review

Fire breaks out at Navy Yard, spreads to aircraft carrier

21 March 2016

Nuclear sub HMS Artful commissioned by Britain's Royal Navy

Indian Navy Retires Sea Harriers

Navy's fancy new destroyer heads for final sea trials

20 March 2016

Italian Navy's fourth Todaro-class Romeo Romei submarine begins sea trials

19 March 2016

Navy: 8 sailors aboard USS Eisenhower injured when cable breaks during E-2C Hawkeye landing

Russian nuclear submarine to take to sea for combat training

Students build 30-foot submarine installation

18 March 2016

Submarine's enlisted leader fired for alleged drug use

US Navy chief warns of new Chinese activity around South China Sea shoal

What Japan wants from the submarine deal

17 March 2016

Surprise! Boeing Just Built a 51-Foot Robotic Submarine!

US Ballistic Submarine Program Under Fire

German Submarine Builder Warns Australia of Japanese Risk

16 March 2016

Japan Commissions New Stealth Attack Submarine

Argentina: Navy Sinks Chinese Boat Fishing Illegally

Nuclear Missile Submarine Deploys as US Mulls Future Replacement

15 March 2016

The Navy's New Doomsday Submarine

Russia's Northern Fleet conduct nuclear submarine defense drills

Navy's first female admiral lined up for another 4-star post

14 March 2016

Russian Navy commander resigns

Wisconsin businesses help build, support U.S. Navy aircraft carriers

French business heavyweights in Australia in hopes of sealing submarine deal

13 March 2016

Navy Admiral Is Removed After Investigation Finds He Watched Hours of Porn on Government Computer

Top sailor innovations win big prizes

12 March 2016

Germany, Norway Eye Joint Submarine Procurement

Water drone: Boeing launches incredible unmanned super-submarine (VIDEO)

North Korean Submarine Goes Missing

11 March 2016

North Korean Submarine is Missing, Presumed Sunk

Navy Draft RfP for Littoral Combat Ship Follow-on Frigate Due to Shipyards this Year

US Navy: Say, maybe we do need a few new ships

Boeing rolls out new autonomous submarine

10 March 2016

US Navy Is Turning Anti-Aircraft and Cruise Missiles into Ship Killers

The Submarine, the Mossad and the German Quagmire

French navy spots Russian nuclear-armed submarine off coast

09 March 2016

Anti-Aircraft Missile Sinks US Navy Ship in Test

Norway seeks collaborative development for new submarine

Japan to Send Submarine, Destroyer Fleet to South China Sea

08 March 2016

Navy Finds Urgency In Staving Off A Sub Shortfall Decades In The Making

Get Ready, India: China's Navy Is Pushing West

Would You Feel Safe in a 40-Year-Old Submarine?

07 March 2016

Australian Navy says seizes huge weapons cache headed for Somalia

Show features Lemoore-based Navy pilots mission against ISIS

Japanese submarine to visit Philippines

06 March 2016

Navy 'Seabees' Celebrate 75th Birthday

Warplanes Top Navy, Marine Corps Wish Lists

Navy loosens body fat rules to retain sailors

05 March 2016

Saudi Arabia's Navy Arms Up -- With American Weapons

US Navy Sends Carrier Group to South China Sea

Britain to Spend Additional $905 Million on Nuclear Submarine Program

Navy christened submarine Washington Saturday

04 March 2016

Underwater and Underhanded: Russian Submarines Come to the Mid East

US Navy reportedly deploys several ships to South China Sea

Navy to christen submarine Washington on Saturday

03 March 2016

F/A-18 Super Hornets Top US Navy's Unfunded List

Lawmaker questions why some Navy SEALs buy their own gear

02 March 2016

Lawmakers: Give US Navy More F/A-18s

Inside the Navy SEAL's Medal of Honor rescue mission

We All Live in an Expensive Submarine

01 March 2016

Barrow submarine fires its first torpedo

Navy now proposes to build an additional Virginia-class attack submarine over a five-year period

Anti-submarine warfare biggest winner in Defence White Paper

Australia's Collins Class submarine fleet to be operational until at least 2030