World Naval News Archives

31 January 2016

Navy challenges China, others in South China Sea

Iran awarded medals to the navy commanders involved in capturing US sailors

US Navy Confirms 'Abnormal and Unprofessional' Iranian UAV Recon Flight Over Carriers Truman, Charles de Gaulle

30 January 2016

Break Out the Sextant: Navy Teaching Celestial Navigation Again

Navy Pledges to 'Expedite' Ship Repair Contracts

Submarine Strategy Delivers Jobs To CT

29 January 2016

Tehran releases footage of Iranian navy submarine allegedly aiming at a US aircraft carrier

New Navy ship will hit water Saturday

Navy: Fighter jets caused sonic booms along New Jersey coast

28 January 2016

Iranian Navy Challenges US Navy In Key Chokepoint

This Could 'Sink' the US Navy: Lethal Stealth Submarines

27 January 2016

India Deploying 'Submarine Killer' Planes to Counter China

Reports: Iran warns US Navy ship, jet

26 January 2016

DARPA Seeks Input on Anti-Submarine Bistatic Sonar System

Navy's CARAT adding depth to training with Asian allies

SC Lawmaker Involved In Confederate Submarine Dust-Up

25 January 2016

Seabed Scanning for East Anglian windfarm reveals Uncharted WWI German Submarine

Breakdowns leave 2 of Navy's newest ships stuck in port

U.S. Navy Sailors Detained by Iran Arrive Home in San Diego

24 January 2016

Cruises 2016: Big new ships, submarine trips

23 January 2016

Colombian drug traffickers smuggled 17 pounds of heroin and cocaine on a Spanish navy ship

Second Navy Combat Ship Goes Down Because Someone Forgot To Check The Oil

Australian submarine tender narrows to Japanese and French bids, Germans lose ground-sources

22 January 2016

Navy touting 12-month grad program to bolster cyber skills

Russia shows off submarine destroyer near Syrian coast (VIDEO)

'Midship ... mates?' Navy moves to sink gender-specific titles

21 January 2016

Divers find wreckage of German World War One submarine off East Anglia

Russia's Lada-class submarine project suffers further delays

Onboard a Trident submarine: 'If I have to pull the trigger, deterrence has failed'

20 January 2016

Yar! The Navy Is Fixing Its Busted High-Speed Transport Ships

Russia Ramps Up Switch to Next-Gen Submarines

Navy SEAL allegedly kept picture of Osama bin Laden's corpse

19 January 2016

India To Evaluate Rafale for Navy

A progressive Navy secretary's clash with Marines over jobs for women

18 January 2016

Philippine Plane Warned by 'Chinese Navy' in Disputed Sea

How to rise through the Navy's enlisted ranks — fast

Watch: Navy Captain Just Blew The Lid Off Of Why Iran REALLY Captured US Sailors

17 January 2016

Corbyn: UK could keep Trident submarines but without warheads

Riverhead grad is one of first females to serve on Navy submarine

Israel Navy closely watching Hamas force build up, preparing for underwater ...

16 January 2016

Navy to name new submarine USS Utah

Unrestricted Submarine Warfare, 1916

Philippine Navy vessel set for launch

15 January 2016

Navy launching first Great Green Fleet next week

Navy Personnel Chief Confident About Female Submariners

14 January 2016

Navy to deploy hunter-killer pack of ships to Asia-Pacific

North Korea's submarine missile test was just really good video editing

Why Was a US Submarine Just in the Philippines?

13 January 2016

Iran frees US sailors swiftly as diplomacy smoothes waters

Iranian footage shows US sailor apology, arrest in Gulf incident

DARPA picks Northrop Grumman to build “tail-sitter” Navy strike drone prototype

12 January 2016

US Navy Reveals Details About Lasers on Next-Gen Ships

Israel set to welcome its newest nuclear-capable submarine

Netanyahu, IDF high command tout new German-made submarine

11 January 2016

Navy's Rail Gun Still Headed to Sea, but on Which Ship?

Personal Submarines More Common Than Ever

10 January 2016

Questions raised over safety regime at Scotland's nuclear submarine graveyard

CNO Releases 'A Design for Maintaining Maritime Superiority'

09 January 2016

Spring Lake Park sailor named commanding officer of ballistic missile submarine

Anti-Islam Group Complaints Lead Navy's Islamic Twitter Account Shut Down

Navy: Video shows Iranian rockets launched near Truman, other warships

08 January 2016

Navy Aims to Install Over-the-Horizon Missile on Littoral Combat Ship by End ...

North Korea's Ballistic Missile Submarine Program: Full Steam Ahead

North Korea Worries US Navy Commander Most in Volatile Asia

07 January 2016

Pentagon chief defends Navy patrols near Chinese islands

US Navy: China and Russia 'Focused on Taking the Lead'

Another US submarine arrives in Subic

06 January 2016

New Navy contract aims to equip hundreds of ships with drones

Navy leader says 'nukes' essential to US survival

The US Navy Struggles to Keep Hornets Flying While the F-35 Stalls

05 January 2016

Ashton Carter Plan to Curtail Navy Shipbuilding Is Shocking and Dangerous

DoD, Navy: US 5th Fleet Operations Not Affected By Regional Tensions

Submarine skipper fired after buoy strike in Georgia

04 January 2016

Navy To Demo 150-kW Laser Weapon For Destroyers

Navy to shutdown combat-tested spec ops helicopter squadron

Navy personnel boss eyes big changes to bonuses, advancement

03 January 2016

German Submarine Mailed Letter at Newport then Sank 6 Ships

Has the Navy wasted billions on its new combat ship?

Japan plays for the submarine prize

02 January 2016

Sea Ghost: New Russian Submarine is Stealthier Than a 'Black Hole'

01 January 2016

China’s New Carrier Will be an Updated Version of Its First Carrier

Second submarine tender to be homeported in Guam