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31 December 2015

Watch: Scorpene class 'Kalvari' submarine set afloat

US Navy Fighters Fly 1st Missions Against ISIS From USS Truman

Russia Deploys Advanced Cruise Missiles in Major Navy Reboot

30 December 2015

The US Navy just issued an eerie report outlining Russia's naval capabilities

US Navy Fighters Fly 1st Missions Against ISIS From USS Truman

Report to Congress on Virginia-class Submarine Program

29 December 2015

The US Navy Wants To Fly Big Drones From Small Ships

Navy races to keep aging F/A-18 Hornets flying longer

Indian Navy test-fires missile developed with Israel

28 December 2015

Getting ready to serve India from beneath the waves: The Navy's submarine arm

U.S. Fears Grow of a "Newly Awakened" Russian Navy

27 December 2015

Enlisted women report to submarines in early 2016

26 December 2015

Egypt Receives First Submarine from Germany

Cast the Anchor! Russian Submarine Feared by Daesh Arrives at Crimea

Why Connecticut's “Submarine Century” matters

25 December 2015

Navy Invests In Powerful Laser Weapons System

China says carrier operations improving as navy chief visits

Designing a Navy for the Twenty-First Century

24 December 2015

Putin Develops Submarine Drone to Attack US Homeland

Indonesia Still Mulling New Submarine Purchase

23 December 2015

Texas' namesake submarine, USS Texas, visits Japan for Indo-Asia-Pacific ...

US had A-bomb, Japan had I-400 submarine — and this veteran helped nab

Send Me Your Screenplays About This Submarine Stuffed With 3 Tons of Cocaine

22 December 2015

The Soviet Navy Vs. Modern Day Russia's in One Graphic

Navy considers bonuses, new perks

Navy SEALs won't change standards for women, admiral says

21 December 2015

Chinese Submarine Simulates Cruise Missile Attack on US Aircraft Carrier

Port Visits Resume for Nuclear-Armed Navy Subs

Vietnam to Get Fifth Kilo Submarine from Russia in Early 2016

20 December 2015

Last surviving WWII Greek submarine hero dies

USS Colorado submarine closer to hitting the ocean

Narco submarine carrying 3 tons of cocaine captured off Galapagos Islands

19 December 2015

German-made submarine heads to Israel for delivery

Navy Prepares Carrier Strike Group to Kick Off Great Green Fleet

The US Navy's Secret, 11-Page Plan to Conquer Canada

18 December 2015

Somewhere between hibernating and camping: HMCS Windsor submarine comes home

Robot uses heat to strip rubber off nuclear submarines

17 December 2015

Russia enhancing navy's capabilities, report says

Vietnamese Submarine Patrols South China Sea

Fifth Israel Navy submarine leaves Germany for Haifa port

16 December 2015

Council Unanimously Approves Resolution Endorsing Naming US Naval Submarine ...

US Navy commander warns of possible South China Sea arms race

Navy stealth destroyer rescues fisherman

15 December 2015

Chinese Submarine Practiced Missile Attack on USS Reagan

1000 Ton Nuclear Submarine Piece Moved Through UK Neighborhood

HMS Artful Formally Handed Over To Royal Navy

14 December 2015

Russian Navy chases off Turkish vessel impeding drill platform transit in ...

The US Navy Wants to Show China Who's Boss

USS Colorado submarine crew honored

13 December 2015

China navy carries out more drills in disputed South China Sea

Behind the scenes on Japan's state-of-the-art submarine

Russia Warship Fires Warning to Stop Collision With Turkish Boat

12 December 2015

Navy Revamps Ethics Training in Wake of Submarine Shower Scandal

US Navy's Lethal New Stealth Destroyer Is No Battleship

US Navy's newest ship breaks down 20 days after commissioning, towed...

11 December 2015

North Korean Shipyard Producing Troop Transport Submarines

Pentagon Confirms China Begins Missile Submarine Patrols

10 December 2015

Saab completes upgrades for Swedish Gotland-class submarine

Egyptian naval commander receives Type-209 submarine from Germany

Navy's powerful Poseidon spy plane deploys amid South China sea row

09 December 2015

US submarine stops by Subic Bay

The US Navy's $500 million ship that's ready for disaster in a warmer world

Watch a Russian submarine launch supersonic cruise missiles in the air

08 December 2015

The Navy's $864 Million Underwater Drone Still Doesn't Work

Largest destroyer built for Navy heads out to sea

Russian Submarine With Cruise Missiles Surfaces Near Syrian Coast

07 December 2015

7 Facts You Didn't Know About Pearl Harbor

Few women choose to stay in submarine force

Raytheon Puts Eyes on a Robotic Submarine Hunter-Killer

06 December 2015

Trident submarine back at sea after refit

05 December 2015

New Amphibious Ship Ordered for Navy, Destroyer To Come

Revealed: US Navy's Plan to Defeat Russia's Deadly S-400

Russian Mystery Submarine Likely Deployment Vehicle for New Nuclear Torpedo

04 December 2015

The US Navy Is Slowly Realizing It May Have to Sink Ships Again in the Future

Pentagon OKs plan allowing women to join Navy SEALs

Incredible images reveal US Navy seaplane lost in Pearl Harbor attack

03 December 2015

Army Recommends Limiting Israel's Submarine Fleet to Five Vessels

Navy Club to honor one of its own

US Navy: More Can Be Done If Risks Are Accepted

02 December 2015

Unique photo shows US Navy Growler with High Value Individual cell phone ...

Navy allots funds to build USS Cooperstown

Navy Finding Offensive Uses For Defensive Systems to Support Distributed Lethality

01 December 2015

U.S. Navy to complete construction of future USS Cooperstown

Singapore's New Fast Patrol Boat Is Practically a Submarine

Russian navy ship encounters Turkish submarine passing through the Dardanelles

'Imperial' submarine exclusion zone will destroy Scottish fishing jobs