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30 November 2015

New Navy destroyer's seaworthiness questioned

Navy confident in new destroyer's seaworthiness despite unusual hull design

North Korean submarine missile test fails

29 November 2015

In sub battle, India trumps U.S.: Crew of both vessels was asked to hunt the other down in a naval exercise

Under the Sea: Russian, Chinese Submarines Challenge for US

Report Lays Out Options for Overworked Navy

28 November 2015

North Korea Fails to Launch Ballistic Missile From Submarine

In underwater battle, India 'annihilates' American n-submarine

Report: Overworked Navy at a tipping point

27 November 2015

Anti-submarine corvette handed over to the Navy

Japan ready to submit proposal for Australia submarine deal

U.S. Navy Adds 4 New Ship Classes to Its Roster

26 November 2015

Indian Navy gets second indigenous anti-submarine warship 'Kadmatt'

Ex-Navy SEALS: Military service taught us how fortunate we are to be Americans

Nuclear capable Arihant submarine successfully test-fires unarmed missile

25 November 2015

Why Did China's Navy Gain Use of a Malaysia Port Near the South China Sea?

Navy's new submarine hunter builds reputation in Pacific with secret flights

24 November 2015

Trident: Cost of replacing ageing nuclear submarine fleet has increased by £6bn

Royal Navy To Reduce Frigate Buy, Design Lighter Warship

Navy's new submarine hunter builds reputation in Pacific with secret flights

23 November 2015

This Infographic shows Every submarine operated by the nations of Europe

Next US Navy South China Sea Freedom of Navigation Operation: Mischief Reef

Search launched for Russian submarine spotted off north of Scotland

22 November 2015

“It's a big deal!” USS Milwaukee becomes newest U.S. Navy combat ship

Japan Links Australian Submarine Bid to Regional Security

21 November 2015

Lebanon turns down Russian navy request to divert flights

Gold Coast mayor wants to sunk Russian submarine to be dive attraction

Decisions on carrier drone in next budget: US Navy

20 November 2015

Japan Considers Sending Navy to Support U.S. in South China Sea

China's navy 'restrained' facing US provocations: admiral

This Towering Egg Is the Nose of UK's Next Nuclear Submarine

19 November 2015

Raytheon supplies sonar for DARPA's anti-submarine warfare program

US ship to drill with Chinese navy amid tensions

Navy Finalizing Virginia Payload Module Design, Will Begin Prototyping To ...

Report: Navy needs massive annual spending on shipbuilding

18 November 2015

French Submarine Maker Surfaces New Offer to Woo Australia

India Inducts First Squadron of Anti-Submarine Warfare Plane

17 November 2015

Subs necessary for rest of century

Navy deploys aircraft carrier to the Middle East

Inside the USS Milwaukee, a Navy ship built for speed

16 November 2015

US Navy Ship Visits China in Wake of Recent Tensions

Future USS Milwaukee close to service

Russia's grand plan to modernize navy is tripped up by economy

15 November 2015

Chinese presence softens Philippines' view of US Navy

14 November 2015

Russia Leaks Dirty-Bomb Submarine Drone In State TV Broadcast

Submarine Spotted Off South Florida Coast

US Military Faces Great Threat From Russia's Navy

A 'Nuclear Pearl Harbor': America's Master Plan to Nuke Japan's Navy

13 November 2015

Story Of The Men That Sailed On-Board India's First Submarine - The INS Kalvari

Navy: USS Wyoming Shower Videos Hard to Prevent

Is Russia Working on a Kamikaze Submarine "Dirty Bomb"?

12 November 2015

Russia may be planning to develop a nuclear submarine drone aimed at ...

McCain demands answers on Navy patrol near China

Kremlin TV airs 'secret' plans for submarine-launched nuclear torpedo

11 November 2015

Construction is nearly complete on DARPA's crazy sub-hunting drone

Kerry celebrates Marine Corps' birthday aboard Navy ship

Russian Pacific Fleet Adds New Ballistic Missile Submarine

10 November 2015

Navies, Narratives, and Canada's Submarine Fleet

Secretary of the Navy Names Virginia-Class Submarine

Shumpert Visits the USS Cod Submarine Memorial

09 November 2015

Boeing Sees Overseas Demand for 100 More Submarine-Hunting Planes

Commander: US Navy Won't Back Down From Gulf

Navy SEALs: The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday

08 November 2015

China, Russia hack submarine plans

Inside the Israel Navy's High Command Center

Navy Test Fire Successfully Freaks Out Los Angeles

07 November 2015

'The Silent Deep: The Royal Navy Submarine Service since 1945'

06 November 2015

Navy commanding officer describes encounters with Chinese ships on South China ...

A Chinese Submarine Stalked an American Aircraft Carrier

WWII Submarine Veterans Pay Heavy Toll

05 November 2015

US submarine arrives in Subic Bay

Three ships, 300 years of Royal Navy history (pictures)

Ryan Wants a Bigger Navy, 'Big Time'

04 November 2015

Navy's Expeditionary Fast Transport Brunswick Completes Acceptance Trials

Confirmed: Taiwan To Purchase US Anti-Submarine Warfare Helicopters

Half the Carrier Fleet Tied Up In Maintenance, Other 5 Strained To Meet ...

03 November 2015

Navy releases footage of USS Milwaukee's high-speed testing

US Navy to Conduct Patrols of China's Artificial Islands Twice Per Quarter

Chinese Submarine Stalked US Aircraft Carrier

02 November 2015

China Sends Armed Jets Over Disputed Waters In Response to US Naval Presence

Sub with camera to dive on sea wreck believed to be missing ship El Faro

Nukes for Britain: Introducing the Successor Class Submarine

01 November 2015

Navy ship christened in honor of fallen Marine hero from San Diego

The Sad Decline Of India's Submarine Fleet And How The Navy Is Rebuilding It

US Navy finds wreckage believed to be missing cargo ship El Faro