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31 August 2015

NT$2.9bn budget pitched for Taiwan's indigenous submarine project

George Osborne to pledge 500m to Faslane sub base

US submarine returns from Arctic mission

30 August 2015

Here's why North Korea's decrepit submarine force still freaks out the South

29 August 2015

Christening set for submarine built at Quonset

Spain accused of 'provocation' after letting Russian submarine refuel off ...

28 August 2015

Navy Issues Boeing $1.49B P-8A Contract Includes Australia's First 4 Planes

Preview: Launch to complete Navy satellite fleet's reach

Royal Navy submarine visits Cyprus

27 August 2015

History of the Navy SEALs: The naked warriors

Why India's Submarine Fleet is Deployed for Just 6 Out of 10 Days

Boeing's latest crazy patent? This drone that can transform into a submarine

26 August 2015

First 4 Enlisted Females Begin Submarine School Today

50 North Korean Submarines Have Inexplicably Disappeared

India-Australia submarine drills expected to rattle China

Japanese submarine bid delegation visits Adelaide

25 August 2015

Russia's navy is falling apart

The Navy's last flying aircraft carrier

DSME selected to design new South Korean submarine rescue ship

24 August 2015

U.S. Navy Names Submarine Idaho

1st enlisted women picked for submarines starting training

S. Korea slams North over submarine, artillery deployments

23 August 2015

'Seeing eye dogs' help Navy divers recover Civil War vessel in murky river

New submarine named USS Idaho

UAE coasts: Sunken WWII submarine off Fujairah coast a big draw for divers

22 August 2015

The GOP's fantasy of a bigger Navy

Morocco to Buy Russian Amur-1650 Superquiet Submarine

Russia's Mysterious New Submarine

20 August 2015

Women as Navy SEALs: controversial plan presses ahead

New ribbon unveiled for Navy boot camp's best

Navy submarine pops up in Dutch Harbor unannounced

19 August 2015

Meet the Women Who Survived Army's Ranger School (Navy SEALs Are Next)

Attack submarine Artful arrives at Faslane

Boeing's New Patent Transforms A Drone Into A Submarine

18 August 2015

Regional Tensions to Spark Submarine Manufacturing Boom in Asia-Pacific

17 August 2015

Navy reducing presence in Persian Gulf

Why Submarines Smell Like Sticky Buns

A Frightening Thought: China Erodes America's Submarine Advantage

16 August 2015

'Tolling of the Boats' held in honor of fallen U.S. Submarine Veterans

Navy reducing presence in Persian Gulf

Tony Abbott says there will be submarine jobs in Adelaide regardless of tender ...

15 August 2015

Southmoreland grad serving on submarine

Private submarine used in proposed Gulf sanctuary expansion

14 August 2015

PT PAL outlines weapons fit for Philippine Navy SSVs

Submarine Disaster Was Putin's 'First Lie'

Sea trials start for new Royal Navy submarine

13 August 2015

China Dreams of Blue-Water Navy in Recruitment Video

Indonesia navy nabs cargo ship loaded with slave-caught fish

Royal Navy's 10bn submarine project at risk from delays and over-spending ...

Russia marks 15-year anniversary of Kursk submarine tragedy

12 August 2015

Paint innovations reduce maintenance on Navy submarines

How to Listen

Jacksonville firm causes restriction of 3 Navy submarines

11 August 2015

U.S. Navy Ordered to Put Costliest Carrier Through Shock Testing

15 Years on, Russians Less Inclined to Cast Blame for Kursk Submarine Tragedy

Video: U.S. Coast Guard seizes narco submarine with $181 million worth of cocaine

10 August 2015

China hits back at US criticism over South China Sea 'restrictions'

Coast Guard calls off search for missing Navy sailor

Stellar submarine boss OK'd for CNO post

Moroccan king set to seal submarine deal during Moscow visit

09 August 2015

Discovery of huge Japanese submarine likely lost in World War II

US Navy About To Double Its LCS Fleet

Marines slam Navy's new fitness rules, call for better body fat test

08 August 2015

Navy's 'most lethal weapon' enters submarine fleet

Stellar submarine boss OK'd for CNO post

H.L. Hunley Confederate Submarine Recovery Anniversary

07 August 2015

US Navy Sidelines 3 Newest Subs

Coast Guard intercepts drug-laden submarine-like vessel

06 August 2015

3 Navy vessels dock in San Pedro for Navy Days LA 2015

Here's how Navy SEALs take down a hostile ship

05 August 2015

US Navy's submarine fleet

Gen. Stanley McChrystal explains what most people get wrong about Navy SEALs

One of world's most advanced submarines arrives in Subic

04 August 2015

US submarine makes port call in Subic

Australia spends $65 bln on navy upgrade but submarine deal stalks PM

With new paint and grease, Navy tries to lengthen a submarine's life

03 August 2015

Anatomy of a talking point: the smallest Navy since 1917

Navy changing body-fat rules, fitness assessment

02 August 2015

Goodbye honest broker, hello anti-submarine warrior in the South China Sea

Navy Commander Confirms He Fired at Mohammad Abdulazeez with His 'Personal Weapon'

How many ballistic missile submarines does the U.S. really need?

01 August 2015

Q&A with the Navy lieutenant who beat the Russians

Indonesian government calls for urgent completion of submarine basing facilities