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31 July 2015

Navy surgeon general to speak at Groton ceremony

Navy pilot flew anti-submarine patrols

How to resupply a nuclear submarine

30 July 2015

America's fancy new fighter jet stinks at fighting. And the US Navy doesn't care.

Should China Worry? India Prepares To Launch Submarine Killers

Will China Have a Mini US Navy By 2020?

Brazil-France submarine programme investigated for fraud

29 July 2015

Navy Pursuing Upgraded Railgun, Higher-Power Laser Gun By 2020

Beware China’s ‘Basing’ Strategy: Former US Navy Chief

Wrecked Russian submarine 'sank in 1916'

28 July 2015

Failure to Launch: Watch a Russian Anti-Submarine Missile Not Do Its Job

China's Yuan-class Submarine Visits Karachi

Navy to commission submarine John Warner

Sweden says submarine wreck probably Tsarist-era Russian vessel

27 July 2015

Taiwan Navy Eyes New US Anti-Submarine Warfare Helicopters

Russia's Navy Day: Warships, subs, aircraft show off military might

Philippine Build-Up At Subic Relies On U.S. Air, Navy To Stop Chinese

SA government want '70 percent' of submarine jobs to stay local

26 July 2015

Navy Builds Second America-Class Amphibious Assault Ship

Manitowoc celebrates 100 years of Navy Reserve

Salem native keeping U.S. safe aboard ballistic missile submarine

25 July 2015

Half of a nuclear submarine floats up East River

Desperately Seeking Anti-Submarine Weapons

The time Lt. j.g. Greenert nearly sank a submarine in port

24 July 2015

More acoustic sensor systems for U.S. submarines

Indian Navy Still Undecided on Submarine INS Sindhurakshak's Fate

Submarine test reactor at Scottish site shut down

23 July 2015

Japan eyes British help to sink German bid for Australian

Narco-submarine with 8 tons of cocaine

22 July 2015

Destroyer USS The Sullivans Damaged After Missile Explodes After Launch

British Navy Warship Tests a 3-D-Printed Drone at Sea

Submarine Group 10 changes command

Two electricians accidentally sealed inside nuclear submarine

21 July 2015

Royal Navy Patrol Boats Deployed To Baltic Sea For Summer

US Navy Commander Stresses Positives in China Relationship

Submarine launches undersea drone in a first for US Navy

ThyssenKrupp Says Australia Could Be Submarine Service Hub

20 July 2015

Greenert's Final Navigation Plan Prioritizes Nuclear Submarines

Wanted fugitive who claimed to be a Navy SEAL arrested in Virginia Beach

Submarine launches undersea drone in a 1st for US Navy

Navy awards submarine contract to Newport News Shipbuilding

19 July 2015

How India lags China in submarine race

18 July 2015

Newport News Shipbuilding awarded submarine contract

US Navy Says Sailor Injured in Chattanooga Shooting Has Died

Military officials say Wyoming is still important to the Navy

Navy rebukes 3 admirals for accepting dinners, gifts

17 July 2015

Islamic State Affiliate Says It Destroyed Egyptian Navy Ship

Plan to Fund Ohio Replacement Submarine Reaches Tipping Point

Thailand holds back submarine deal with China due to US pressure

16 July 2015

Put the Marines Back in Submarines

Is China's New Submarine Deal with Thailand Now in Peril?

15 July 2015

With six new nuclear attack subs, India officially opens up on its undersea aspirations

French firm DCNS release design of submarine it wants Australia to buy

Russia's Black Sea submarine fleet is getting a serious upgrade

14 July 2015

18,000-Ton Submarine in Japanese Port Shows Depth of U.S. Ties

In the depths of a submarine dilemma

Russia offers India a super submarine

Russian Black Sea Submarine Presence Revived As It Looks To Strengthen ...

13 July 2015

CNO Greenert Reconnects with Egyptian Navy

Thai Chinese Sub Buy Challenges US Pivot

12 July 2015

US submarine makes quiet, yet deliberate visit to Japan

11 July 2015

Gallery: Royal Navy's Latest Submarine

US Navy submarine USS Columbus sails through Panama Canal

Prosecutors: Jailed Navy pilot offered secrets to China

10 July 2015

Paranormal investigators claim 'leaked' UFO pictures taken from US sub

Russia May Build India New Super Advanced Submarine

Royal Navy Targets Redundant Sailors For Return

09 July 2015

Iran-flagged ship targets US Navy with laser

China's Navy Just Got Better at Detecting and Taking Out Submarines

08 July 2015

Navy pilots, aircrews say wave danger all too common

China's Submarine Solution for the Taiwan Strait

In the depths of a submarine dilemma

07 July 2015

Russia's New Nuclear Submarines to Target US Aircraft Carriers

The Philippine Navy has been finding strange Chinese buoys

Abbott says more submarine jobs in South Australia an 'absolute guarantee'

06 July 2015

Meet the US Navy's New $7 Billion Warship

Russia Plans New Interceptor and Carrier-Killer Nuclear Submarines

US Navy gets Virginia-class submarine John Warner

05 July 2015

AUS. Senate push to review submarine 'option J'

Navy Seal 'Leap Frogs' Make Boston 4th Of July Skydive

China – Thailand Relationship Deepens With Submarine Purchase

03 July 2015

Women in the Navy, Marine Corps Get More Maternity Leave

Saab's advanced stealth submarine is 'effectively invisible'

02 July 2015

EA-6B Prowler Makes Its Final Flight for Navy

Police Issue 'All Clear' At Washington Navy Yard

01 July 2015

US Navy is testing a submarine-hunting drone ship

The US Navy doesn't have enough ships to send marines to conflict zones

Amid Chinese Military Aggression, Russia Delivers Submarine To Vietnam