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31 May 2015

Romanian submarine bar open in city of Cluj-Napoca

Submarine Veterans Keep Memories, History Alive

Maintenance of Overseas-Ported Ships Growing Problem for Navy

Kaiser Xi's Navy

30 May 2015

The Teeth of the Submarine, 1915

Carter visits for ceremony on namesake submarine

Russia's Eyes Massive Nuclear Submarine Deal with India

29 May 2015

China’s Military Blueprint: Bigger Navy, Bigger Global Role

Tug Moving US Navy Hospital Ship May Have Struck USS Arizona

How the Navy SEALs Train for Leadership Excellence

28 May 2015

Finnish Navy: Underwater Intruder Possible Foreign Submarine

Why China's Submarine Force Still Lags Behind

27 May 2015

No bidder yet for submarine maker ASC

Behind the scenes: A secret Navy flight over China's military buildup

26 May 2015

The US Navy Shows Off Its Strange, New, War-Changing Ships

Obama Torpedoes the Nuclear Navy

Chinese navy to focus on 'open seas', paper says

25 May 2015

US Navy's newest attack submarine to be named USS New Jersey

Lost WWII submarines, sailors remembered

24 May 2015

The US Navy's brutal new war on the Arctic

Navy Divers to Help Raise Confederate Warship Artifacts

23 May 2015

Navy jet skids into San Diego Bay, pilot ejects

22 May 2015

US Navy releases video of South China Sea aerial surveillance

Tofalo tapped to lead submarine force

Myanmar Navy Rescues Boat People

21 May 2015

Submersible drones to render Australia's new submarines obsolete

"This is the Chinese navy... You go!" China warns US spy plane flying over South China Sea

US Navy releases video of South China Sea aerial surveillance

20 May 2015

Three-way submarine race

The Navy Is Trying To Hack-Proof Its Drones

A New Plan to Manage Asia's Submarine Race?

19 May 2015

U.S. Says Navy Ship Met Chinese Vessel on South China Sea Patrol

INS Kavaratti: Anti-submarine warfare class stealth corvette launched

US: NKorea 'Many Years' From Developing Submarine Missile

Japan security council approves bid to build Australian submarines

18 May 2015

Here's why some in the Philippines want the US Navy back

17 May 2015

On-the-run whistleblower warns Trident submarines are a 'disaster waiting to happen'

Cordova fishermen protest Navy training exercises in Gulf of Alaska

16 May 2015

You Can Have an Aircraft Carrier. Or You Can Have a Navy. Pick One.

South Korea launches new submarine

15 May 2015

COMSUBFOR Connor: Submarine Force Could Become the New A2/AD Threat

Adventure race to simulate Navy SEAL training

China cautions US Navy on patrols in South China Sea

Nato's 'Dynamic Mongoose': Hunting for submarines

13 May 2015

Navy to double maternity leave, make fitness changes

Pentagon recommends nuclear director to be next Navy chief

North Korea Didn’t Launch Submarine Missile, U.S. Officials Say

12 May 2015

Iran Says Its Navy Will Protect Aid Ship Heading to Yemen

Official: North Korea could have missile-launching submarine within 5 years

Pyongyang's Submarine Missile Launch

11 May 2015

Navy to lease land on Guam for 40-megawatt solar power array

Taiwan’s Submarine Saga

10 May 2015

The Russian Navy's 5 Most Deadly Weapons of War

RAF to get £2billion fleet of jets to spot Russian submarines

09 May 2015

North Korea tests submarine ballistic missile

Navy Reserve celebrates centennial

Navy to lease land in Guam for 40-megawatt solar power array

N. Korea says it test-fired submarine ballistic missile

08 May 2015

South Korea Reveals New Attack Submarine

07 May 2015

Report: Iranian Navy Chases After U.S. Warships

Japan to hand over secret submarine data to Australia

06 May 2015

Navy Needs New Servers for Aegis Cruisers and Destroyers After Chinese Purchase of IBM Line

05 May 2015

Take a Dive on the U.S.S. New Hampshire for Fleet Week

North Korea Conducts Ejection Test of New Submarine Missile

NATO Forces Launch Largest Anti-Submarine Exercises Ever Off Norway Coast

04 May 2015

Is The U.S. Navy Protecting British Ships From Iran?

Navy's explosives unit kicks off QC Navy Week

03 May 2015

Captain, and goat, removed from Navy ship based in San Diego

02 May 2015

US Navy accompanies 4 ships through Strait of Hormuz

NATO to stage 'relevant' anti-submarine exercise off Norway

China's pirate patrol submarine is too noisy, say naval experts

01 May 2015

Navy to safeguard cargo ships from Iran

Russia just launched what it claims is the 'quietest submarine in the world'

House Mandates Shorter Modernization Periods for Navy Cruisers

First look inside the wreck of WW2 Japanese mega-submarine