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30 April 2015

Navy to escort US commercial ships near Iran

Nuclear sub INS Arihant trials going 'very well'
Indian nuclear submarine

Vietnam buys submarine-launched land attack missiles to deter China

29 April 2015

Hot Water: Iran and the U.S. Navy Are Poised for a Fight

Angry neighbors go to court over Navy Growler noise

Iranian Navy fires at, boards commercial container ship

28 April 2015

US-flagged ship intercepted by Iranian patrol

Dive discovers missing aircraft hangar of sunken WW II-era Japanese submarine

Finland Chases Off Suspected Submarine

27 April 2015

Billions of Dollars Up for Grabs in New Navy Destroyer, Sub Contracts

Second SEAL dies after training accident, official says

India's Scorpene-class sub rolls out of building hall

25 April 2015

A former Navy captain just identified the biggest flaw in the US aircraft-carrier strategy

The U.S. Navy Needs to Radically Reassess How It Projects Power

Iran's Navy Skedaddles From Seas Near Yemen, Pentagon Says

One US Navy Seal dies, one critical in Virginia pool training

24 April 2015

Seapower Markup Supports US Navy Programs

Indian Navy's submarines to be made locally

Watch Out, China: Asia's Dangerous Submarine Race Heats Up

23 April 2015

The mystery of the French submarine at the shipyard

Seapower Markup Supports US Navy Programs

Navy drone makes history with refueling maneuver

22 April 2015

US Navy Ships Likely Will Not Board Iranian Ships Headed to Yemen

The zombie claim about Navy ship numbers returns to the 2016 campaign trail

21 April 2015

Navy aircraft carrier steams toward Yemen as fighting continues

Sperm Whale circles submarine in amazing underwater footage

20 April 2015

Military honors planned for Cesar Chavez, Navy vet

19 April 2015

US Navy Pursues High-Tech Submarine Upgrades

4 British sailors charged with sexually assaulting woman in Nova Scotia

18 April 2015

The US Navy is giving up on fighter pilots and turning to drones

China submarine sale to Pakistan ups nuclear clash risk

Navy has seven combat ships around Yemen as Saudi-led blockade continues

After 64 years Sunken Radioactive WWII aircraft carrier found off California coast

17 April 2015

US Navy tests new submarine-hunting drone ship

Submarine Force celebrates 115th birthday

China May Gain Control of South China Sea, U.S. Navy Says

16 April 2015

Minisub a Hit At Navy Expo

Xi's Submarine Sale Raises Risk of Nuclear Clash in Indian Ocean

15 April 2015

US Navy: New Destroyers 'Looking Good'

The Navy is Preparing To Launch Swarm Bots Out of Cannons

Submarine patrols up 50 percent over last year

Russian Nuclear Submarine: Navy Fleet Grows With New Ballistic Missile Vessel

14 April 2015

How carrying a 150-pound log taught a Navy SEAL the meaning of teamwork

'Submarine' in Sweden was only civilian boat

13 April 2015

Indonesia eyes regular navy exercises with US in South China Sea

Nuclear Navy boss seen as a top CNO candidate

Germany Approves Fifth 'Special' Submarine for Israel

12 April 2015

Japan Unlikely To Join Indian Sub Tender

Iran to launch new submarine soon: Navy commander

Corps, Navy to strengthen bonds after years of land warfare

11 April 2015

The Rapid Expansion of China's Navy in Five Charts

Officer and victim in SC shooting are Coast Guard vets

Why the Australia-Japan Submarine Deal Needs to Go Through

10 April 2015

Navy Prepares Amphibs for F-35B's First Deployment in 2018

09 April 2015

Without Funding Boost, Navy Shipbuilding Plan Runs Aground

Iran Sends Navy Vessels to Waters Off Yemen, Raising Stakes

The US Navy is taking cyber warfare to the enemy

08 April 2015

MARSOC gunnery sergeant to receive Navy Cross

Russian nuclear submarine fire 'put out' in Arctic dock

07 April 2015

BREAKING: Russian Nuclear Sub 'On Fire In Dry Dock'

India Launches First Indigenously Built Attack Submarine

Submarine devices to be built by team in Jacksonville

China reportedly completes 3 advanced nuclear attack subs

06 April 2015

New US Navy Fleet Goal: 308 Ships

Scorpene Submarine, Built at Mumbai Docks, Launched Into Water

The most valuable lesson I learned as a US Navy SEAL

05 April 2015

Taiwan Is Building Attack Submarines

Joint exercises put US Navy at Russia's doorstep

04 April 2015

Flurry of Contracts Spark US Navy Shipbuilding

US hopes Japan navy will be more active in Pacific

Nuclear sub crew sings vessel's praises

03 April 2015

Navy to Conduct First Aerial Refueling of X-47B Carrier Drone

NAVAIR Details Changes in Navy V-22 Osprey Variant

Navy Continues Advocating Cruiser Modernization Plan Despite Previous Rejections in Congress

02 April 2015

The Russian Navy is on the verge of collapse

US Navy alarmed at Beijing's 'Great Wall of sand' in South China Sea

Washington's regional ambitions centre stage in Australian submarine tender

Pakistan close to buying eight Chinese submarines: FT

01 April 2015

Iranian aircraft buzzed Navy helicopter in Persian Gulf

Navy Cmdr. rejects Iranian warships departing Gulf of Aden