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31 March 2015

German army expands its submarine fleet

As China Expands Its Navy, the US Grows Wary

Israel's fourth submarine, ISS Tanin, to start operations within weeks

30 March 2015

Take a Sneak Peak at Israel's Secret Submarine Fleet

Will India Lease Another Russian Nuclear Submarine?

Dolphins, sea lions train for Navy deployment to overseas trouble spots

29 March 2015

German firm TKMS eyes Indian Navy's Rs 50000 crore submarine project

28 March 2015

US Navy rescues 2 Saudi pilots who ejected from F-15 aircraft

Russia ready to lease a second nuclear submarine to India

27 March 2015

Pentagon's Anti-Submarine 'Ghost Ship' Passes Critical Testing Phase

Jail for thief who tried to sell secret nuclear submarine documents

26 March 2015

Japan unveils Izumo, its
largest warship since World War II

Navy Jets With Extra Fuel Can't Be Launched Off New U.S. Carrier

Russia to Upgrade 10 Nuclear Submarines by 2020

With Yemen in turmoil, Egypt sends warships to secure Gulf of Aden

25 March 2015

China jails two for selling photos of aircraft carrier to foreign spies

India navy plane crashes off Goa

Submarine plan resurfaces with backing from Prawit

Australia Defends Planned Submarine Purchase

24 March 2015

Japan firms to be a surprise
no-show at Australian sub event

Navy planning to get its own V-22 Osprey fleet

Navy Adds Super Hornets and F-35s to Congressional Wish List

23 March 2015

Former US Navy Seabee celebrates 90 years

Navy Conducting Alternative Carrier Study

Indian-built submarine in advanced construction phase

22 March 2015

Navy Launches New Aircraft Carrier Study to Find Cost Savings

New initiative places gunnies at key Navy logistics centers

21 March 2015

As anger still simmers, Navy christening the USS John P. Murtha

US Navy will fire fighter jets into the air with electromagnets

Trawler 'may have snagged submarine'

20 March 2015

The Secret Norwegian Submarine Base Being Rented by the Russians

New Navy ship could position Marines off African coast

Russian Navy Carries Out Mock Attack on Nuclear Submarine

19 March 2015

Russian nuclear submarine joins Arctic exercises

Russia's new 4th generation Lada submarine to nullify USA's naval power

Navy's Next Generational Nuclear Submarine Fund Has No Money

18 March 2015

A Navy SEAL is asked, 'What's your Best, Unlikeliest Ally?' Answer: 'Your Fear'

U.S. Navy Urges Southeast Asian Patrols of South China Sea

Russian Submarine Spotted Near Latvia; Baltic State To Increase Border Security

17 March 2015

Britain continues funding for design of new submarines

16 March 2015

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