World Naval News Archives

28 February 2015

Canadian pre-owned submarine fleet finally ready for operations

Sri Lanka concerned by China loans, rules out submarine visits

Navy to buy 3 boats from Hornbeck Offshore Services

27 February 2015

US Navy flies new plane over disputed South China Sea

Navy ship named for Gabby Giffords hits water in Ala.

India's Submarine Fleet Faces Further Delays

26 February 2015

Admiral Says China Outnumbers U.S. in Attack Submarines

Navy aviator Jesse Brown flew his dream into history

25 February 2015

US Seeking Submarine-Launched Stealthy Anti-Ship Missile

Sounding out the submarine threat [IDX15D2]

'Be Cool' Italian Navy Recruitment Campaign Prompts Outrage

Delivery of first Scorpene submarine delayed: Government to Rajya Sabha

24 February 2015

Navy to shutter two special ops Rescue Hawk squadrons

What Being a Navy SEAL Sniper Taught Me About Good Business

23 February 2015

Minor Collision Between INS Sindhughosh Submarine and Fishing Trawler

Abbott derides Sweden's suitability for submarine-building tender

22 February 2015

John P. Craven, scientist who directed top-secret Navy projects, dies at 90

21 February 2015

Three-Way Race for Lucrative Australian Submarine Contract

Navy Records Released for the 'American Sniper'

Nuclear submarine sailor joins Pensacola Naval Hospital

20 February 2015

US Navy: 4 LCSs to Operate Out of Singapore by 2018

Three-Way Race for Lucrative Australian Submarine Contract

19 February 2015

Watch Out, China: India Is Building 6 Nuclear Attack Submarines

The Australian Submarine Corporation's hands are tied

18 February 2015

India approves construction of 7 stealth frigates, 6 nuclear-powered submarines

North Korea Flight Tests New Submarine-Launched Ballistic Missile

17 February 2015

Abbott's plunge into submarine market is a risk we can't afford (UK)

Ex-Navy air boss: F-35s 'essential' for carrier air wings

Submarine build argument “emotive”, says AUS defence chief

16 February 2015

Navy Funds A Small Robot Army To Study The Arctic

Tender doublespeak adds risk to submarine decision

14 February 2015

Australia's Ongoing Submarine Debate

Silent but Deadly: Korea's Scary Submarine Arms Race

13 February 2015

Looking for a Few Good Women — for Navy Submarines Here

12 February 2015

Australia's submarine-building capacity trashed by officials overseas: Xenophon

French Navy Plans Around Ship Sale to Egypt

11 February 2015

Here's video of the US Navy testing a 'game-changing' new missile

Navy christens ship named for Marine legend Chesty Puller

Tony Abbott: open tender means navy risks buying 'Vladimir Putin submarines'

10 February 2015

Analysts: Navy brass view F-35C's stealth as overrated

NASA releases details of Titan submarine concept

09 February 2015

The Navy Just Sank Its High-Speed Future

'Fat Leonard' Scandal Jams Up Dozens of US Navy Flag Moves

Tony Abbott pledges open tender for submarines to win over SA Liberals

08 February 2015

Sea Dragon Down: Docs Show Navy Fears More Chopper Crashes

Australian Government Promises Submarine Fleet Tender

07 February 2015

Russia Sends Nuclear Submarine Troops on Arctic Exercise

New Navy satellite spreads wings, unfurls antennas in orbit

To Hide a Submarine, Coat it in Ultra-Thin Bubble Wrap

06 February 2015

Navy Considering Railgun for Third Zumwalt Destroyer

The Navy's Hidden Crisis

Illinois' Namesake Submarine Prepares to Set Sail

05 February 2015

Cadets earn medals for rescue after Army-Navy game

US Navy's firefighting robot finally appears (with a trusty sidekick)

Active shooter drill at the Submarine Base

04 February 2015

Navy plans to add 5600 sailors in 2016

Defense Department Employee Arrested in Navy Bribery Scheme

03 February 2015

South Korea Establishes Submarine Command

USS Illinois submarine set to be christened this year

02 February 2015

US nuke-powered submarine visits S. Korea for annual drill

No, the Russian Navy Isn't Going to Collapse

Navy Takes Lead in Taiwan Military Reshuffle

01 February 2015

Submarine Force will begin integration of enlisted women

Lawyer: Lax rules preceded submarine shower videos