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31 January 2015

Confederate Submarine Hull Revealed: First Submarine to Ever Sink Enemy Ship

Oops: How a Navy ship ran aground during the 2014 Winter Olympics

Taxi Driver to Sue U.S. Navy SEAL in Gaslamp Fight

30 January 2015

The End of the Submarine as We Know it?

Navy Builds a New Class of Sea-Basing Ships

Navy investigating pilot's campus fly-by

29 January 2015

Enlisted women next for sub force

India asks Japan if it's interested in Rs 50000 crore submarine project

New Navy command established in Suffolk

28 January 2015

Malaysia Eyes Submarine Base Expansion Near South China Sea

27 January 2015

PT PAL cuts steel on first Philippine Navy sealift vessel

Indonesian Navy to Pull Out of AirAsia Recovery Mission

Here's how a retired submarine captain would save IBM

26 January 2015

US Navy's Disruptive Weapon "Railgun" To Be Publicly Displayed

US helping India to keep an eye out for Chinese submarines

Humboldt talks about Navy Captain's accomplishments

US Navy Looking To Arm Its Logistics Ships With Missiles And Commandos

25 January 2015

Navy Wants To Place More Sonar-Pinging Buoys Off Coasts Of California

Will Russia's Sub-Building Boom Matter?

24 January 2015

Navy working to free grounded container ship off Japan

Navy reveals new recruiting ad

Why Australia Should Build Its Own Submarines

23 January 2015

Head of Gitmo Bay Navy base fired amid probe

Black Sea Director Kevin Macdonald Chats About Submarines

The hunt for Red October gets easier. How submarine warfare is changing.

22 January 2015

Navy opens submarine billets to female enlisted

Last mission for storied class of warships

Navy container ship carrying troops runs aground

Australia Faces Pressure on Submarine Decision

21 January 2015

Veterans want Navy Cross for chaplain

Afghan Who Saved American Navy SEAL Awaits Help From US

Swedes, Dutch partner for future submarine work

20 January 2015

Australia's New Submarines: To Be The World's Best Non-Nuclear Subs?

HHI signs submarine deal in India

Russia offers Kilo submarine to Thailand

Report: Navy should put sailors in exosuits

19 January 2015

'Fat' Leonard pleads guilty to Navy bribes

Submarine witness speaks of second spot

17 January 2015

Navy designates new Marinette-built ships as 'frigates'

Navy on Pace to Integrate Women on Submarines Despite Criminal Probe

16 January 2015

Extreme Submarine, 1915

Navy: China has not attacked US aircraft carrier

15 January 2015

'American Sniper' And Bradley Cooper's Sensational Portrayal Of Navy SEAL

14 January 2015

First female officer reports to submarine USS Minnesota

Navy Decides to Buy V-22 Ospreys for Carrier Delivery

NZ navy barred from boarding boats in fishing stand-off

13 January 2015

27 Incredible Photos Of Life On A US Navy Submarine

Battle Fleet Is Dying, Navy Desperately Needs Replacement Funds

Magazine May Have Published Image of Secret Russian Submarine

11 January 2015

Sweden admits second secret submarine hunt

10 January 2015

New Virginia-class sub to be named for Rickover

09 January 2015

Learn How to Climb a Rope like a Navy SEAL with This Video

Russia's stealth 'black hole' submarine prepares for 4000km trip, deep water ...

UK MoD forced to ask US for help in tracking 'Russian submarine'

08 January 2015

What Critics of the Navy's Strategy Get Wrong

Why is there a submarine in Central City?

Kauffman to deploy Thursday, the last frigate cruise

Explore the Ocean Deep in a Personal Submarine

06 January 2015

U.S. Navy Buys $81 Million Lithium-Iron Battery

Australia yet to decide on submarine fleet plan: Ministry

Norfolk-based submarine USS Boise earns Battle E

05 January 2015

Chinese submarine dives into Indian Ocean to hunt for gold

Amid Criticism, US Navy Confident in New Arresting Gear System for Next Carrier

Navy needs entries for USS Colorado submarine's logo contest

04 January 2015

Navy considers hundreds more sonobuoys off Pacific Coast

02 January 2015

US Navy joins AirAsia recovery efforts: why the US military is helping

Young men put to the test at Navy SEAL-like training camp

Poland to Search for Its Famous WWII Submarine

01 January 2015

Taiwan Announces Plans For New Submarines Week After Ship Launch

Navy Preps for Next Generation Communications Satellite Launch

The Philippine Navy's Submarine Quest